Sword Emperor/C12 A Small Conflict
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Sword Emperor/C12 A Small Conflict
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C12 A Small Conflict

Although the Falling Cloud Town was just an inconspicuous small town in Divine Continent, it had raised a hundred thousand people. It could be considered the strongest force within a hundred miles.

Usually, Sun Bing would only buy some food at the entrance of the town, but today, it was completely different. He glanced at the dry food he had eaten before and walked straight into the town.

In these ten years, this was the first time Sun Bing visited the town he lived in. In the past years, Sun Bing would go back and forth between Sun family and the back mountain at most every day. Even if he was hungry, he would only buy some dry food at the entrance of the town.

He almost didn't need to enter the Falling Cloud Town. In Sun Bing's memory, he had only entered the Falling Cloud Town two or three times in his life. Even though he had entered the Falling Cloud Town, he was in a hurry. He didn't even have the chance to look at the Falling Cloud Town, because at that time, his heart was filled with the desire to become stronger.

There were many pedestrians in the town, but most of them were just ordinary people. They relied on the protection of Falling Cloud Town and lived nearby. They used their labor to exchange for some money to live.

After all, no matter which world they lived in, ordinary people were the true cornerstone. Although it sounded like their lives were tough, it was much better than the villages in the wilderness. There was no security at all in that kind of place.

One must not think that Divine Continent was a good place. There was no perfect law on this land. Coupled with the fact that humans were powerful individually, most of the things that could restrain humans were their conscience and morals.

Of course, there are some powerful people who are in charge of a region. People here must abide by the laws set by this powerful person. Otherwise, they will definitely be hunted down. And those mountain villages in the wilderness simply have no strength to resist the danger, possibly provoking some powerful people. He would kill all the people in the village, so the villagers living in Falling Cloud Town were quite lucky.

Besides the mortals, most of the people on the streets were rogue cultivators. They carried weapons with them, and they were vigilant of everything happening around them. These people usually did not have sects. They relied on luck to obtain some secret manuals to cultivate, and their combat strength was quite low.

Because they could not casually fight in Falling Cloud Town. If it was outside the town, once there was a conflict of interest, they would not give in at all. It could be said that they would do anything for money.

Sun Bing didn't care about what was happening around him. He completely ignored the gazes of the people around him. He walked straight into the biggest restaurant in Falling Cloud Town - Luoyun Inn. There were plenty of dishes here. There were even fine wine. Of course, the prerequisite was that you needed to have enough money.

As soon as he entered, Sun Bing couldn't help but frown, because there was a group of people looking at him. He even heard some people whispering.

"He is a disciple of Sun family. I think he should be very rich. I think we can rob him."

"That's right. I heard that in the Three Clans, they will give their disciples a bottle of Body Quenching Pill every month. A bottle of Pill is equivalent to us working hard to earn money for a month. If they can rob him, we will definitely be rich."

Sun Bing couldn't help but sigh. This group of rogue cultivators actually dared to rob the people of the Three Clans.

However, it was precisely because the rogue cultivators didn't have any secret manuals, resources, and even a life of poverty and danger. Therefore, no matter how much suffering Sun Bing suffered over the years, he still didn't leave the Sun family, because there was a shortcut for him to become stronger here.

"Waiter, bring me two good dishes and a pot of wine."

Sun Bing didn't care about the whispers of these people. In any case, as long as they didn't provoke him, he wouldn't attack them for no reason. Besides, he was very happy today because he couldn't let these people ruin his mood.

"Please take a seat." The clerk was very smart. He knew that he could not offend anyone who came to this inn, so he was very enthusiastic. He skillfully sent Sun Bing to a corner near the window on the second floor and then started to prepare food.

From this angle, he could see the Falling Cloud Town outside the window, but the scenery here was completely different from the cliff behind the mountain. He could see the pedestrians on the road here. If these people did not have the opportunity, they would never be able to walk out of the Falling Cloud Town in their entire lives. This was quite sad.

Before Sun Bing could sigh about life, his food had already been served. Two dishes, a soup and a pot of wine. This was already enough for one person. He quietly savored the delicacies on the table. His ten years of tense spirit was somewhat relieved.

"I like this seat. Hurry up and get out of the way." Suddenly, a burst of ridicule broke Sun Bing's good mood. It made him frown.

Sun Bing turned his head and saw a strange man standing not far away. The muscles on his body were ferocious. The first impression this man gave was that he was not someone to be trifled with. Most importantly, Sun Bing couldn't detect this man's cultivation realm. It was obvious that this man's cultivation realm was higher than his.

Sun Bing was sure that this was the first time he had seen this man, but who was this man? Why would he provoke him for no reason?

Before Sun Bing could ask any questions, it was the surrounding voices that answered his question.

"I never thought I would meet Lu Jian today. His cultivation base has already reached the sixth level of Body Quenching Stage, and his Tiger Fist Technique is very familiar. Furthermore, his temper is violent, and he even has the support of a Qi Condensation warrior."

"That's right. Not only is he strong, he also has good eyesight. He only robbed some outer circle disciples, and he has earned a lot of money. Those ordinary disciples won't dare to fight back."

"So that's how it is!" Sun Bing nodded. It was obvious that this person was a rogue cultivators with a background. However, he could rob others, but since he had provoked him, he would definitely resist.

"Get lost!"

Lu Jian was an arrogant man. In his impression, he didn't know Sun Bing at all. Obviously, Sun Bing wasn't on his list, which meant that he could provoke Sun Bing. If Sun Bing took out the Body Quenching Pill directly, it would be fine, but he dared to ask him to get lost. This made Lu Jian very angry.

He immediately clenched his fist. The muscles on his right arm suddenly enlarged and attacked Sun Bing. This made Sun Bing think that this was the Tiger Fist Technique. He felt that this was really interesting.

However, it was obvious that Lu Jian wanted to kill him. If he was hit... Then he can be seriously injured even if he doesn't die.

This action made Sun Bing's face turn cold. He didn't think that Lu Jian would dare to make a move in such a public place. Therefore, he had no qualms about it. The wooden sword was on the table. Sun Bing placed his hand on the hilt of sword. Then, with a flash of sword light, he blocked Lu Jian's fist.

The attack of a swordsman was the most powerful among those in the same realm. Everyone present could clearly see that blood had appeared on Lu Jian's fist. His face had even turned red, but no matter how much strength he used, it was useless.

On the other hand, Sun Bing not only blocked Lu Jian's attack, but he was also very calm. Everyone could see the difference in their strength.

This scene made everyone present suck in a breath of cold air. Sun Bing was only at the Body Tempering level 4, while Lu Jian was already at the level 6. There was a gap of two realms between them. Their greedy eyes instantly disappeared, replaced by fear.

Because it happened in the inn, a slightly plump man walked over and said with a smile: "I didn't expect this to happen today. I will treat you to a meal, I hope you won't be angry"

Then, he turned his head and looked at Lu Jian. His voice couldn't help but turn cold. "Since you have broken the rule that no one is allowed to fight, from now on, you will not be allowed to enter the Luoyun Inn."

Lu Jian's face turned red, and he even forced a smile. "I am just joking, don't you think?" After saying that, he looked at Sun Bing with a threatening expression.

However, Sun Bing would never surrender just like that. If it wasn't for the timely appearance of the shop owner, they would have started the war by now. He just watched coldly from the sidelines.

Sun Bing's attitude had infuriated Lu Jian, but the shop owner was right there. There was nothing he could do to vent his anger. His eyes were fixed on Sun Bing, as if he wanted to kill Sun Bing. After a long while, he left angrily.

Although Sun Bing's mood was disturbed by Lu Jian, he was still hungry. Sun Bing didn't leave immediately. He still quietly enjoyed the food in front of him.

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