Sword Emperor/C13 Vermillion Fruit.
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Sword Emperor/C13 Vermillion Fruit.
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C13 Vermillion Fruit.

The next morning, Sun Bing started his daily training. Although this did not allow him to comprehend some things, his mastery of the sword became deeper, and his speed of attack became even faster. Even if it was just a little bit... To him, this was a huge improvement.

After a whole night of adjustment, Sun Bing had gained a preliminary control over his own strength. The wooden sword in his hand could cut through ten fallen leaves at the same time. Moreover, he used his sword to stab deeper into the cave. All of this represented his progress.

However, Sun Bing's improvement still made him frown. Because he knew that it was impossible for him to keep doing this. If he continued to train, at most, he would be able to deepen his understanding of the Swords Arts.

But now, his foundation of the Swords Arts was already at the perfection. At least, he had no idea how to improve it. As for the Sword Controlling Spell, he had already made some progress. However, there was still one more problem before he could fully master it. Right now, he had no idea how to break through. Furthermore, his cultivation base had just increased yesterday, so he couldn't continue to increase his cultivation base anymore.

It seemed like the current Sun Bing didn't know how to become stronger. After thinking for a while, he said to himself, "I should go out and temper myself."

After all, one had to go through some hardships in order to experience the joy of success. Even if Sun Bing had practiced all the Swords Arts to the perfection, if he didn't have actual combat experience and profound combat skills, everything would be useless.

When he really met his enemy, he would only be able to use half or even a quarter of his full strength. If he were to encounter such a situation and then die, then he would be too wronged.

However, it was actually quite simple for him to increase his enemy's experience. All he needed to do was to leave the Falling Cloud Town. Not far away was the Hengduan Mountains. Not only were there precious treasures from heaven and earth, there were also countless Demonic Beast.

These Demonic Beast were very powerful. Because of the effect of the spiritual energy, they could either take the initiative or passively cultivate until they finally broke through and became Demonic Beast. Their combat strength was not inferior to humans at all.

A First Grade Demonic Beast was equivalent to an early Body Quenching Stage, and a Second Grade Demonic Beast was equivalent to an intermediate Body Quenching Stage. A Third Order Body Quenching Stage was equivalent to a late Body Quenching Stage, and a Fourth Order Demonic Beast was equivalent to a Qi Refining Stage warrior. According to the legends, the Demonic Beast had developed to the end. They can turn into humans. They could be categorized according to the cultivation realms of humans. As for what level they needed to become humans, Sun Bing did not know.

However, the Hengduan Mountains mainly consisted of First to Third Grade Demonic Beast. Fourth Grade Demonic Beast were very rare. Hence, that place was very suitable for Sun Bing at this moment. That place was neither too dangerous nor too comfortable. If his luck was good enough, he would definitely be able to further develop his Sword Dao.

Immediately, Sun Bing held the ink-black wooden sword in his hand. After tidying up his clothes and carrying some luggage, he walked down the mountain.

After passing by the Falling Cloud Town's entrance, he could see pedestrians and rogue cultivators coming and going. Because this group of people didn't have a master, their lives were very difficult. Their main source of income was from selling the treasures from heaven and earth or Demonic Beast of the Hengduan Mountains.

However, they were lacking in strength to begin with. Every time they entered the Hengduan Mountains, it was more like they were risking their lives, and not training. This also created a vicious cycle. The money they earned from risking their lives every month was only enough for their daily needs, so they didn't have any extra resources to use for cultivation.

So if a person's strength could not be increased, he could only live humbly. This was the sorrow of the weak. Compared to them, Sun Bing was much luckier. At the very least, their initial strength was different.

Sun Bing looked at the rogue cultivators with some sadness. He could not help but walk faster.

Although Hengduan Mountains was right next to Falling Cloud Town, Sun Bing had walked for half a day. Looking from afar, he saw trees in the mountain range. From time to time, a few birds flew past the forest, bringing with them a gentle breeze.

These were not ornamental birds. None of the birds that could survive in Hengduan Mountains were gentle. If someone underestimated them, he would definitely pay the price with his life.

At this moment, Sun Bing couldn't help but become cautious. He held a wooden sword tightly in his hand. One should know that in the Hengduan Mountains, even ninth level of Body Quenching Stage warriors were here. They will also face certain danger. Furthermore, not only did they need to be wary of the Demonic Beast, they also needed to pay attention to their own kind. If they were not careful... If they were not careful, they might die without a complete corpse.

Sun Bing kept moving forward, but the outer perimeter of the Hengduan Mountains had already been searched by the rogue cultivators of the Falling Cloud Town. Therefore, there was nothing good here. On the contrary, there were two or three low grade Demonic Beast that appeared frequently. They couldn't even withstand a single strike from Sun Bing's sword.

After Sun Bing left for about two hours, the environment around him had clearly changed. The ground was already covered by dried leaves. He could not see any traces of human movement at all. It seemed like no one had come here. This didn't only represent danger, but also opportunity.

Sun Bing closed his eyes. This was the first time he had taken a risk. He felt excited in his heart. As a swordsman, he had to remain calm at all times. At the same time, he had raised his vigilance to the highest level.

Suddenly, Sun Bing's eyes focused. Because he found that there was something strange in the valley not far away. A plant quietly stood there, but not a single blade of grass grew within a radius of three meters. However, the plant outside of ten feet was lush and verdant.

If it wasn't for Sun Bing getting close to it, he wouldn't have been able to sense the strangeness of his surroundings. At that moment, he couldn't help but take a few steps forward. He saw that this plant was about half the height of a human, and there was a red fruit growing within it. The fruit was about the size of a thumb. In an instant, Sun Bing remembered the name of this spiritual beings.

"I didn't expect that I would have such an opportunity as well." Because that was obviously the legendary red fruit, and it had grown for at least 30 years. This was already considered quite rare in the entire Falling Cloud Town.

The effect of this spiritual fruit was extraordinary. Firstly, it could increase a person's physical fitness. Even if it was an ordinary mortal eating a spiritual fruit, he could immediately break through and become a cultivator. Furthermore, he would be able to break through to the third level of the Body Tempering. Just this advantage alone was enough to make countless people go crazy.

As for the second point, it could increase the Genuine Qi in people's bodies. As for the 30 year red fruit, it could reduce one's cultivation by a year, so it was very precious.

It could be said that the red fruit in front of him was the most suitable spiritual beings for Sun Bing. As long as he could obtain it, he was 100% confident that he would be able to break through to the Body Tempering Peak of Level Four. Furthermore, after adjusting his condition for another two days, he might even be able to break through to the Body Quenching Stage fifth layer.

However, at this moment, he needed more patience. Sun Bing would not be proud of himself. Although this place was somewhat remote, it was not to the extent that he was the first person to discover this red fruit. He could not help but carefully investigate.

Suddenly, Sun Bing's foot seemed to have stepped on something. He lowered his head to take a look. He saw a white skull under the dried leaves. It seemed to have been there for many years.

Sun Bing immediately picked up the wooden sword. Along with the fluttering of the fallen leaves, a shocking scene appeared on the ground. What he saw was at least five corpses piled up together. Even though Sun Bing's spiritual will was quite strong, he still took a deep breath.

"What is the situation here? Why are so many people dying here?" At the same time, Sun Bing felt lucky that he wasn't blinded by the benefits in front of him. If he had been impulsive just now, what would have happened to him now?

At the same time, this made Sun Bing's heart ring an alarm. Currently, he was far from being invincible. No matter what kind of situation he was facing, he needed to remain calm, especially when he was facing an unknown danger.

Along with this sound, Sun Bing, who was squatting on the ground and observing the skeleton, seemed to have sensed danger. His right hand lifted the wooden sword into the air, and without even looking, he stabbed backwards. After that, he immediately dodged, and only then did he clearly see the culprit who attacked him.

A long snake about three inches long had its head separated from its body, and its body was still jumping. This snake's entire body was similar to the surrounding environment. Even though it was already dead, the color of its body had actually changed from green leaves to the color of dried leaves on the ground.

"I didn't expect it to be a multi-colored snake." This snake was only a Second Grade Demonic Beast, but its toxicity was astonishing. Even a Qi Refining Stage cultivator would die if they were bitten by it, so its toxicity was extremely strong.

Furthermore, this snake's ability to hide itself was very powerful. If it wasn't for Sun Bing's amazing Inspection Ability, he might have been poisoned today.

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