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C14 Crisis

However, before Sun Bing could retrieve the red fruit, a faint hissing sound of a snake could be heard from the surrounding trees. He couldn't help but look up and saw a dozen multi-colored snake crawling out from the seemingly calm trees.

Sun Bing couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. No wonder there were few people in the vicinity. It turned out that everyone who came here might not be able to return. Over time, no one dared to come to this place.

There were more than a dozen multi-colored snake here. Even if it was a Cultivator of the Qi-cultivation Realm, if he didn't have a superb observation skill, he might still die here. If it was those rogue cultivators from the Falling Cloud Town, they wouldn't be able to break through the defensive line of the multi-colored snake.

"It's really your bad luck to meet me." Sun Bing couldn't help but sneer.

It could be said that with so many snakes gathered together, they are invincible, the only pity was that they met their nemesis today. Sun Bing's insight was already extraordinary. It could be said that as long as these snakes attacked him, he would be able to find their flaws.

Furthermore, after ten years of hard work in the sword, he had become even more proficient in the Swords Arts. As for these multi-colored snake, although they were at the Second Grade Demonic Beast, which was equivalent to the Mid Body Quenching Stage, they were only poisonous, but their defensive strength was not strong. As long as they attacked, they would definitely die.

However, the snake's sense of smell was very sensitive. They could clearly feel a strong sense of danger from Sun Bing's body. At this moment, both sides were in a stalemate, and there was no sound at all.

If this continued, the one who would not be able to hold on would definitely be Sun Bing. After all, the forest at night was even more dangerous. At that time, Sun Bing could not see, and this did not affect the multi-colored snake at all.

Sun Bing's eyes sparkled. During this period of time, he had already checked his surroundings clearly. There were a total of 18 multi-colored snake here. Excluding the one that had died, there were still 17 left.

But currently, there were only 11 snakes in the open. There were also 6 snakes that were still in hiding. Moreover, the places they hid were quite fatal. If there really was someone who naively thought that all the snakes had already appeared, then he wouldn't even know how he died.

Fortunately, Sun Bing knew this knowledge very well. He knew that Demonic Beast was actually quite cunning. Low level Demonic Beast didn't have as many emotions as humans. All of their thoughts revolved around hunting enemies, so their combat techniques were used to perfection.

However, Sun Bing would not make such a huge mistake. Immediately, a sword light flashed in his hand, and a bright red blood stain appeared on the tree trunk not far away. A headless snake corpse fell to the ground.

Since Sun Bing had already found out the location of all the multi-colored snake, he didn't stop. Immediately, the wooden sword in his hand started attacking. More and more multi-colored snake fell from the trees or grass, turning into headless corpses.

The scene was simply shocking. Not long after that, only the corpses of a dozen or so snakes could be seen on the ground. Only now could Sun Bing confirm that he was completely safe.

This made him heave a sigh of relief. After all, he had been highly focused just now, and his mind was completely tensed. Actually, he was quite tired. If he didn't end the battle earlier, he wouldn't have been able to hold on at all.

Sun Bing walked straight towards the red fruit. He approached the red fruit and smelled a faint fragrance lingering around him. This smell was very charming.

Although this group of multi-colored snake was very dangerous, Sun Bing couldn't help but sigh. Without the protection of this group of snakes, the red fruit wouldn't have been able to grow for thirty years. Usually, the older the treasures from heaven and earth, the more powerful its effects would be.

However, the rogue cultivators simply couldn't wait that long. They would directly take off the red fruit, without the slightest bit of will to protect the resources. Therefore, the older treasures from heaven and earth was actually quite precious. The red fruit that grew in the Falling Cloud Town for one or two years was very common. However, there were almost no red fruit that had grown for more than ten years. As for the red fruit that had grown for thirty years, it had not appeared for at least three years.

It had to be said that Sun Bing's luck was very good. He put the red fruit into his bag with satisfaction. A trace of a smile appeared on his serious face. He slowly walked out of the mountain range. After all, although the fight just now had only lasted for a short period of time, he had consumed a lot of his energy.

The journey back had long been explored by the group of rogue cultivators. There was almost no value or danger, so Sun Bing could not help but relax his vigilance. He held the red fruit in his hand, thinking about how to consume it.

After all, if there were no preservation measures, then it would be best for him to consume the red fruit within seven days. If not, the treasures from heaven and earth might even wither, and the loss outweighed the gain.

Just as he was thinking about how he could break through to the Body Tempering fifth layer, a rogue cultivators appeared in front of him. To be honest, this didn't arouse Sun Bing's vigilance. After all, he was now very close to the outer perimeter of the Hengduan Mountains, so it was normal for him to encounter other people.

However, when that person saw Sun Bing, his eyes revealed a look of pleasant surprise. He even shouted, "I found him. He's right here."

In an instant, Sun Bing felt that something was wrong. Without any hesitation, his figure flashed past. At the same time, the wooden sword that was not inferior to the Fine Iron Sharp Sword had already pierced through that person's chest. He was like cutting tofu. That person had already lost all signs of life.

However, that loud shout just now had alarmed the others. Sun Bing swept his surroundings and found at least eight people rushing over. One of them was Lu Jian, whom he had just met yesterday.

Lu Jian was quite excited to see Sun Bing. His face was filled with a ferocious smile. "If you stay in Sun family all the time, he said. I can't do anything to you. But you actually left the Falling Cloud Town. In the Hengduan Mountains, it's my world. If you know what's good for you, hurry up and hand over the Body Quenching Pill. Also, promise me that you will pay tribute to me every month from now on. Only then will I spare your life."

Sun Bing had never thought that Lu Jian, whom he had met yesterday, would be able to track him down. However, Sun Bing wasn't frightened at all. There was even a rare trace of excitement in his heart.

This was because since he was able to cultivate, he had basically killed all his opponents with a single strike. Even though he had fought Sun Yong the other day, he still had to show mercy. Today, he encountered a rare crisis, and he couldn't suppress the excitement in his heart.

Although Sun Bing wanted to face the challenge, he still wouldn't use his own life as a joke. There were a total of eight enemies. Each of them had a realm higher than Sun Bing. Although he possessed power that far exceeded those of the same realm, he could not possibly fight so many people in a short period of time. He immediately turned around and ran.

Lu Jian was quite furious when he saw Sun Bing running away. In the past, he had extorted the disciples of Three Clans. Ever since he had experienced the wonderful effects of the Body Quenching Pill, he had fallen deeply in love with it. He discovered that his cultivation speed was as fast as a snail.

Therefore, ever since then, he had been thinking of ways to rob others. Today, he'd already taken control of three family outer court disciples who had no backbone. Every month, he had a total of three bottles of Body Quenching Pill for cultivation. This was the reason why his cultivation base was high in the rogue cultivators.

Furthermore, Lu Jian also discovered that this Body Quenching Pill was an extremely good gift. As a result, his power gradually increased. Although this was nothing in front of the Three Clans, it was still a huge power to the rogue cultivators.

The more Lu Jian thought about it, the more he felt that his Body Quenching Pill wasn't enough, and the more he wanted to rob those outer circle disciples. Right now, he had completely lost his mind because of the Body Quenching Pill. He didn't care about his means at all.

As for Sun Bing, since he had been targeted yesterday, Lu Jian had also carefully investigated his information. However, the information he obtained was very little, because most of the people still didn't know that Sun Bing could cultivate. Therefore, the information he got was that Sun Bing was a cripple.

To Lu Jian, this kind of disciple was simply a treasure. If Sun Bing was under his control, he would be able to obtain an extra bottle of Body Quenching Pill every month. Therefore, he couldn't let Sun Bing escape for no reason.

Lu Jian immediately shouted, "Quickly chase after him! After the matter was settled, I will give each of you one Pill. I will keep my word. "

To a rogue cultivators, a single Body Quenching Pill was equivalent to a month of hard work. Its value was very high. Immediately, the remaining seven or eight people were full of energy, and their movements became even faster.

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