Sword Emperor/C15 Killed in the Forest
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Sword Emperor/C15 Killed in the Forest
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C15 Killed in the Forest

Sun Bing, who was running at full speed, did not panic. Instead, his mind was clear and calm. He calmly analyzed the current situation. There were at least eight of them. If he rushed forward now, he would only die.

Moreover, Sun Bing had just consumed a certain amount of energy, so it was inappropriate for him to confront them directly. But if this continued, Sun Bing would eventually run out of energy. He needed to plan properly.

The best way was to kill them all. When he thought of this, Sun Bing's face turned cold, and his eyes revealed killing intent. Although they didn't come here with the intention of killing him, the Body Quenching Pill was equally important to Sun Bing.

Without the supply of the Body Quenching Pill, Sun Bing's cultivation speed would be much slower.

Furthermore, Sun Bing had just obtained a thirty-year-old red fruit and a similarly precious Qi Refining Pill. These two items were the cornerstones of Sun Bing's cultivation. If he was really captured... He would definitely not be able to keep them.

Thinking of the consequences, the killing intent in Sun Bing's eyes became even stronger. For the past ten years, he had always been a useless person. At this moment, he wouldn't allow anyone to stop him from becoming stronger. He immediately changed his direction and ran to the side.

Although there were many of them, Sun Bing had discovered them early on, so they were quite far away. Furthermore, they were scattered in all directions. There were no more than one or two people in each place. They were simply no match for Sun Bing. As long as he could defeat them one by one, he would be able to easily resolve the crisis this time.

In this direction was a skinny middle-aged man. His name was Zhang San. He was an ordinary rogue cultivators in Falling Cloud Town. He was quite ordinary. He had never even seen the appearance of a Body Quenching Pill before.

When he saw Sun Bing running towards him, his eyes revealed a rich surprise. The current Sun Bing was simply a treasure to them. As long as he could stop Sun Bing, his contribution would be the greatest, and he would be able to get even more Pill.

Zhang San had even fantasized that if he could capture Sun Bing by himself, he would be able to find the Body Quenching Pill on Sun Bing's body. That would be a huge fortune. As long as he had that much money, he could even break away from Lu Jian's team.

Zhang San's face was full of ferociousness. He held a cold shining blade in his right hand and showed no mercy. Obviously, he wanted to kill Sun Bing.

Unfortunately, he ran into Sun Bing. Sun Bing's facial expression didn't change. He waved his right hand.

Zhang San felt Sun Bing's wooden sword flash in front of him. Then, a wave of pain came from his palm. His hand seemed to have cracked. Before he could check the wound on his body, there was no longer any thought in his mind.

Although Sun Bing had killed one of his enemies, he still didn't relax. After all, there were still at least seven people left. Besides, although Zhang San's cultivation base was higher than Sun Bing's, his combat strength was still a little weak. Zhang San couldn't even be compared to Sun Yong. Sun Bing really didn't feel any sense of accomplishment.

A gust of wind came from behind him. After that, a black shadow instantly attacked Sun Bing from behind. Sun Bing took a closer look and saw that it was an arrow. The speed of the arrow was quite fast, and the sharp arrowhead flickered with a cold light. It revealed a dense killing intent in the forest and headed towards the back of Sun Bing's head.

What a good archery skill!

Sun Bing felt a chill in his heart. He dodged to the side and avoided the fatal arrow. A gust of cold wind blew past the tip of his nose.

This reminded Sun Bing. Although the cultivation techniques and secret manuals of the rogue cultivators were crude and crude, they had two extremes. The weak were extremely weak, like cannon fodder. Those who could survive must have their own unique skills. This was the foundation of their survival.

Sun Bing was sure that if it wasn't for his precautionary measures, most people wouldn't have been able to block this arrow. Sun Bing was in grave danger just now. He even broke out in a cold sweat on his back.

He had already killed one person and dodged an arrow. The people around him were getting closer and closer to him. He looked around and immediately determined a new target.

Sun Bing's target was the middle-aged man who had just shot the arrow. That man seemed to be a hunter in Falling Cloud Town, so he was quite familiar with the arrow. His archery skills were superb. Since he had already shot the arrow, it meant that he was Sun Bing's enemy.

Although the power of the arrow was quite powerful, it had a fatal flaw, which was that it could not be used in close combat. On the contrary, as a swordsman, Sun Bing's close combat attack was shocking.

Sun Bing rushed over. The archer was very experienced, so he immediately ran in the direction of his teammates. After all, he knew his weakness.

However, Sun Bing had already locked onto his target. If he did not finish off this archer first, he would have to worry about what would happen next. He was afraid that an arrow would come from behind when he was fighting the enemy. It didn't matter if he was injured. But if he was poisoned, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Actually, it wasn't just the archer, the rest of the people quickly changed their direction. The tyrannical rogue cultivators in Hengduan Mountains was not a good person. They had killed a lot of people, so they were very good at grasping the opportunity.

This rogue cultivators, who was proficient in archery, was called Lee Lih. He was a famous hunter nearby. His archery skills were quite famous. Even when he was still an ordinary person, he had once relied on traps to kill the weakest Level 2 Demonic Beast. Due to an unexpected opportunity, he discovered a secret manual left behind by someone else.

This was why he became a cultivator. And that secret manual was also related to archery. After that, his archery skills became even more outstanding. It could even be said that ever since he joined the team, the success rate of the team hunting Demonic Beast increased by a lot. Therefore, he was very powerful. Initially, he thought that Sun Bing would not be able to block that arrow. However, he had miscalculated.

Sun Bing quickly rushed towards Lee Lih. It didn't take long for them to get closer. However, at this moment, someone came to stop Sun Bing. The sword in the man's hand flashed with a cold light as he slashed at Sun Bing.

The shallow Swords Arts made Sun Bing, who was a swordsman, unhappy. The wooden sword in his hand moved like a shadow, not giving the man any time to react. He caught a flaw in his attack, and the incomparably sharp sword light had already passed through his opponent's body.

A red light appeared.

Sun Bing had only used one strike to kill his opponent.

He did not have time to check the result of the battle. That familiar voice came again. Obviously, the archer had already drawn his bow and shot again.

However, how could Sun Bing not be on guard at this moment? He turned around and raised his sword. Then, under everyone's shocked gazes, the wooden sword came into contact with the arrow. He forcefully blocked the arrow.

Lu Jian, who had observed this moment, even felt his heart tremble a little." Could this be the legendary useless person of a big family? How can a useless person be so strong?"

He was well aware of the archer in his team. That archer was very powerful. Every time he shot an arrow, he could hit the target. He could be considered famous in the rogue cultivators of Falling Cloud Town.

The speed of the arrow was very fast. Before the others could react, they were already hit. Even if the others could react, they would not be able to stop the arrow. Even if he was not prepared, he would not be able to do anything.

But today, he saw Sun Bing dodge the arrow twice in a row. He used his sword to block the arrow for the last time. This was beyond Lu Jian's imagination.

But soon, Lu Jian couldn't help but shake his head. In the past, he had come into contact with the outer circle disciples of Three Clans, not to mention that he had three disciples under his control. Every month, they had three bottles of Body Quenching Pill. Although these people's combat strength was stronger than ordinary rogue cultivators, they lacked experience, so they weren't worth worrying about.

"I didn't think that because I was too confident, I would make a mistake that I shouldn't have made due to my carelessness." Lu Jian sighed slightly, but he didn't have the slightest intention of giving up. Since it had already come to this, and there was even a person who had died, it would be a great loss for him if he gave up on killing Sun Bing.

Immediately, he shouted with a fierce expression." All of you, gather together and attack together. If all of you succeed, I will treat all of you to a delicious meal tonight. "

As soon as Lu Jian finished his words, he quickly rushed over. He was now somewhat worried that these people wouldn't be able to deal with Sun Bing. He even planned to attack Sun Bing personally.

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