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C16 All of Them

Sun Bing looked at Lu Jian, who was getting closer and closer. He couldn't help but frown. Although Lu Jian had suffered a small loss in the collision yesterday, it did not mean that Sun Bing had completely understood him. Sun Bing should know that Lu Jian was two realms higher than him.

Furthermore, Lu Jian had many rogue cultivators subordinates, so he was definitely not simple. At least, his combat strength was definitely not the same as what he had shown yesterday. Immediately, Sun Bing increased the speed of his attack.

Especially when Sun Bing saw that the archer was approaching him, his eyes narrowed. Finally, they got closer. This time, he wanted to see how they would deal with him.

Without wasting any time, the sword in his hand perfectly expressed Sun Bing's thoughts. With a crisp sound, the wooden sword was blocked by a short sword.

This was actually Lee Lih's defense. He held a bow in one hand and a short sword in the other, complementing each other.

Sun Bing raised his eyebrows. "Indeed, those who can survive in Hengduan Mountains all have their own unique skills. I really can't underestimate them."

Little did he know, Lee Lih was even more shocked in his heart. He couldn't remember how long it had been since he was threatened like this. Ever since he became a cultivator, he had relied on his archery skills and powerful attacks to obtain benefits.

It could even be said that he was basically safe. So his life was still alright, not only would he not be injured, he could also eat and drink well. He even had some spare money to buy some cultivation resources.

Furthermore, he and Lu Jian did not have a subordinate relationship. Both of them had a cooperative relationship. This could be considered a powerful alliance. Every time he attacked, he would receive a reward that satisfied him, making him stronger.

With the help of some people, Lee Lih's sneak attack became smoother. For a period of time, every time he attacked, he would succeed. In fact, after he had a team, his life was even more relaxed and profitable than when he was alone. This made him think that he would become stronger in the future, and break through to the Qi Refining Stage.

However, he didn't expect that he would encounter a tough opponent today. If it wasn't for his quick reflexes, he would have died a long time ago. This dagger was used to protect himself in emergencies. Up until now, he had not used it more than three times.

This made Lee Lih's scalp tingle. He did not care and immediately ran away. He knew his weakness very well. At the same time, he revealed a fierce expression. He couldn't let those who could threaten him live. Today, he had to get rid of Sun Bing.

Although Sun Bing wanted to chase after him, he found that Lee Lih was getting further and further away from him. Besides that, there were also two strong gusts of wind behind him. It was obvious that another enemy was attacking him. He could feel his fierce attacks.

"The fifth move of the Sword Controlling Spell, World Movement."

This skill was specially used to deal with the attacks behind him. Sun Bing tapped the tip of his foot lightly, and his entire body rose into the air. Then, under the shocked gaze of his opponent, he turned his body sideways and made a sharp turn, as if the heaven and earth were reversed. That sword light was even more dazzling.

Then, the two enemies actually laid on the ground, not knowing whether they were dead or alive. He could only see blood flowing out of their necks.

"The Overrun Sword Arts is truly extraordinary. It can actually be so powerful. I want to know what will happen if I gather all of them?" Sun Bing couldn't help but praise in his heart.

Although he could use the basic Swords Arts to solve the previous situation, it was inevitable that he would be injured. If he was injured in this environment, he would be finished.

Within a short period of time, there were already four corpses lying on the ground. As for the remaining few people, their expressions at this moment also carried a bit of fear.

After all, not everyone could view life and death as nothing. They only wanted to eat their fill and then continue their training. All of this was enough. In the past, the people they encountered were not strong, so they could easily win if they fought together. But today... They met very strong people. If they continued, they might die as well. This made them hesitate.

However, Sun Bing wouldn't give them any time to hesitate. Besides, this was a perfect opportunity for him to fight. When his opponents were distracted, he immediately moved forward. Sword light flashed, and the remaining three people lay on the ground. They were all dead.

At this moment, only Lee Lih and Lu Jian were left. Although their numbers had decreased a lot, Sun Bing did not show any joy on his face. Instead, he became even more serious. Because these two people gave him even more threats than the previous seven people.

Through the battle just now, he could see that these two people were very powerful. If other people entered the mountain to try their luck Then they preferred to have the opportunity in their own hands. They were more powerful, and similarly, they were more confident.

"Sun Bing, you have successfully infuriated me. Now, I will give you two choices. First, you will join me and become my subordinate. Then, you'll hand over the Body Quenching Pill every month. Second, you'll die. " Lu Jian finally arrived. Because he had underestimated Sun Bing from the beginning. This had caused all his subordinates to die.

"You are dreaming. Since you are already here, Then don't go back." Sun Bing said coldly. Lu Jian had already made his move. This meant that Lu Jian was his enemy, and he would never show any mercy. Sun Bing immediately attacked. He thrust his sword at Lu Jian.

"You are really bold." Lu Jian couldn't help but shout angrily. He immediately waved his fist, and the skin on his fist turned dark green. His fist was like a steel plate, blocking the attack of the wooden sword.

Sun Bing was shocked, "It's actually an external force."

Different from Qi Cultivation, external skills were body refining skills. When a cultivator was at the Body Quenching Stage, they would be able to start cultivating body refining skills, and from there, their body would become stronger. When the first Qi sense was extracted, it meant that one had already entered the Qi Refining Stage.

"I never thought that your knowledge would be so good." Lu Jian said with a cold smile, "I got a body refining secret manual. Every day, I soak my body in medicinal wine, and with the help of the Body Quenching Pill's training, I have now become as strong as iron and copper. I did not use this skill yesterday. Today, you are dead for sure. It is too late for you to surrender now."

Sun Bing frowned. He didn't expect to make a mistake. However, no matter what, the only thing he could do now was to fight.

The blade of the sword sliced through Lu Jian's skin. Just as Lu Jian had said, his body was very strong. Ordinary weapons could not do anything to him. For a moment, Sun Bing was at a loss as to what to do. According to his understanding, a Body Quenching Stage was naturally stronger than a Qi Refining warrior.

After all, Qi Refining warriors only had a little bit of Qi sense, and they couldn't unleash its full power. There was no way they could break through the defense of Body Quenching Stage warriors.

"You better surrender obediently. Hand over your savings now, and I'll let you die a better death." Sun Bing's attack couldn't do anything to Lu Jian. He couldn't help but feel proud of himself.

However, what responded to him was still the cold blade of the sword, which made him very angry.

In the process of attacking, Sun Bing found that Lu Jian still had a weakness in the end. For example, his eyes were his biggest weakness. Every time Sun Bing's blade swept past his eyes, he would immediately defend.

Sun Bing felt somewhat helpless. Even if he attacked so fiercely, he still could not do anything to Lu Jian. This caused Sun Bing to frown. The battle just now had exhausted him. It was impossible for him to fight a protracted battle.

He immediately shouted, "Fatal Blow!"

The seemingly ordinary looking wooden sword actually had a foot long Sword Qi on it. Under Lu Jian's shocked gaze, the Sword Qi directly stabbed into his chest.

Thus, the defense that Lu Jian had always been proud of was pierced through like tofu. His blood gushed out like a hot spring. He could no longer see. He had already closed his eyes.

At this moment, Sun Bing felt very uncomfortable. His face couldn't help but turn pale. He looked like he would collapse at any moment. At this moment, an arrow shot from the forest not far away. This made Sun Bing's eyes light up. I finally found you. Sun Bing thought to himself.

Immediately, Sun Bing ran towards the distance like a shooting star. His actions were to confuse Lee Lih. Sun Bing was worried that there was such an archer hiding behind him. If he was unlucky, he wouldn't even know how he died.

Lee Lih also noticed that he had been discovered. He ran away like a rabbit, and his speed was getting faster and faster. Sun Bing looked in the direction he was going. He couldn't help but smile, because that was where Sun Bing had just come from.

Although the multi-colored snake had been killed by Sun Bing, the danger didn't decrease at all, because when he returned, he also found the colored spiders. The toxicity of the colored spiders was no less than that of the multi-colored snake.

Therefore, Sun Bing didn't continue to check the situation there. He could only cautiously return the way he came. Lee Lih had actually dared to rush over there. He was definitely going to die.

Only now did Sun Bing finally relax completely. The continuous battles had made him feel a little tired. At the beginning, he needed to observe the multi-colored snake with his sharp senses. In the later battles, he fought with his enemies in a battle of wits and courage. No matter which battle it was, if he were to relax a little, he would definitely be dead. Fortunately, the final victor was still Sun Bing.

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