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C17 Wealth

Now was the time to reap the fruits of his victory. Sun Bing gazed deeply at Lee Lih's back, which was gradually disappearing into the distance. His eyes were filled with sympathy, then he turned around and walked towards the direction he came from.

Because the distance wasn't far. So he arrived at this place very quickly. After all, it had only been a short period of time. Even though this place was located in the outer region of the Hengduan Mountains, no one had discovered it yet. Immediately, Sun Bing started searching carefully.

First, the three Fine Iron Sharp Sword were kept by Sun Bing. Then, under his expectant gaze, they slowly disappeared in front of the tiny sword case. Although the sword case hadn't changed much, only turning black and heavier, Sun Bing's face was filled with confidence.

The only pity was that the sword case didn't devour the saber. This made Sun Bing feel quite regretful, so he could only give it up.

Up until now, they had no value on them. After all, they were weak. Even if they received the Body Quenching Pill, they would either consume it as soon as possible or resell it. A weapon was their biggest asset, and they didn't have any other treasures on them.

Immediately, Sun Bing walked towards Lu Jian's corpse. As a leader, his value far exceeded that of ordinary people.

The final result surprised Sun Bing. Although he only had one bottle of Pill, there were twelve Body Quenching Pill in it. This was not a small number.

After confirming that there was no more extra value, Sun Bing immediately turned around and left. After all, this was the outer region of Hengduan Mountains, and there were often people passing by. Furthermore, even though he could still walk, he no longer had any combat strength left.

Most of the people who could come here only cared about benefits. Even if the disciples of the other two major families were here, they wouldn't mind killing someone. Therefore, it was inappropriate for them to stay here for a long time.

Coincidentally, that place was deserted, and it could also prevent Lee Lih from escaping. It was a good place to go. Sun Bing immediately headed to that place. As for the corpses on the ground, there were plenty of Demonic Beast in Hengduan Mountains. They would deal with them when the time came.

Not long after that, Sun Bing arrived at the place. He carefully inspected his surroundings, and after confirming that there was no danger, he slowly sat down. Although he had no strength in his body, this was the best time to cultivate.

Because he was exhausted, not only could he recover from his cultivation, but he could also perfectly fuse the energy he had obtained into his body. Immediately, Sun Bing took out a Body Quenching Pill.

"It's true that one can't make a fortune without wealth."

Sun Bing immediately consumed the Pill. Along with the eruption of the medicinal strength, his strength slowly recovered.

About an hour later, Sun Bing's eyes snapped open, and they shone with a bright light. He was certain that he was now much stronger than before. When he felt the vigorous energy in his body, a smile appeared on his serious face.

Although the two battles today were extremely dangerous, and he might even die if he wasn't careful, he had obtained quite a lot. The first battle with the multi-colored snake had allowed him to obtain precious red fruit. Later on, he had also obtained so many Body Quenching Pill.

Furthermore, even if he didn't talk about these things, those two battles had already allowed him to fully control the strength of his body. Every time he attacked, he would use 100% of his strength. This wouldn't be a waste at all. Moreover, his foundation was solid, which also laid the foundation for his next advancement.

In the battle, he had also gained a lot of experience. This included the experience of dealing with enemies. His control over human nature and even his understanding of the Swords Arts had become deeper. At the same time, he also felt his own inadequacies. Now... The moves in his hands were still a bit lacking. Most importantly, Sun Bing felt that he lacked footwork technique.

If he could have the footwork technique, he wouldn't be so passive today. If he wanted to chase after the enemy, he wouldn't need to spend so much time. Unfortunately, Sun Bing had no way to obtain the footwork technique.

There might be footwork manual in the Cultivation Hall of Sun family, but Sun Bing didn't see it. Even if there was a secret manual in the Cultivation Hall, he was not qualified to go in and read it. As for those rogue cultivators, having an incomplete secret manual was already considered not bad. How could he casually choose them?

This caused Sun Bing to involuntarily let out a long sigh. The road in the future was still very long. Sun Bing firmly believed that he would obtain all of these things.

Sun Bing felt that he had completely recovered. He looked towards the depths of the forest. Although he was certain that Lee Lih would definitely die, he felt that it was better to see it with his own eyes. Sun Bing did not want to meet him in the future. If his luck wasn't good, then he would be finished.

Immediately, he waved the wooden sword in his hand and felt his own strength. After that, he held the sword and walked towards the depths of the forest. In this environment, even he himself couldn't help but be cautious.

To be honest, Sun Bing was very curious about how he went in for the first time. Along the way, he did not encounter any danger at all, as if he went in naturally. However, he encountered the multi-colored snake halfway, and then bumped into the colored spiders on his way back.

Because he was on guard, he could see some differences. For example, there were some poisonous creatures on some trees, but they had no intention of attacking. It was as if they wanted to let him in.

This made Sun Bing shiver. Were these poisonous creatures so smart now? This was totally a trap. First, they let the prey enter without feeling any danger, then they surrounded it. This way, the prey in the center wouldn't be able to escape even if it wanted to. Sun Bing could not help but feel his scalp go numb.

Immediately, for the sake of his own safety, he swept away the obstacles as he walked. Even though those multi-colored snake and colored spiders were extremely poisonous, their defense was still too low. Sun Bing waved his sword, and all of them died.

Unknowingly, Sun Bing had already arrived at the location of the red fruit. A smile immediately appeared on his face. Because not far away, he saw a figure lying on the ground. This was obviously the Lee Lih who had escaped.

It was just as Sun Bing had guessed. Even though Lee Lih was an experienced hunter, under the siege of the multi-colored snake, he simply had no ability to fight back. After all, he was good at long-range attacks and not group attacks.

Sun Bing slowly walked over. He saw Lee Lih's eyes were tightly closed, and Lee Lih's face was pitch black. Obviously, Lee Lih was poisoned. At this moment, even if Lee Lih had the antidote, he still had no chance of surviving.

This made Sun Bing sigh with emotion. "The path of cultivation really contains countless dangers and tribulations. If a person is unable to cross one of the barriers, it means death. This is not a game, because once he dies, there will be no more chances."

Sun Bing had confirmed that his opponent was dead, which meant that he had achieved his goal. He even wanted to turn around and leave, but suddenly, he saw that his opponent's chest was bulging, as if there was something in it.

This aroused Sun Bing's interest. However, when he looked at his opponent's dark face, he still felt some lingering fear. Although Sun Bing was not afraid of Demonic Beast like multi-colored snake and colored spiders, their toxicity was something that even Qi Refining Stage warriors would be afraid of.

Sun Bing carefully stretched out his wooden sword. After ten years of polishing, the wooden sword wasn't any weaker than an ordinary Fine Iron Sharp Sword. The level 1's clothes were cut open like tofu, revealing the true appearance inside.

It wasn't the deadly poison Sun Bing had imagined. Instead, there was a brown beast skin wrapped around something.

This scene caused a smile to appear on Sun Bing's face. It seemed like he had another income today. Although he was a little excited, he did not act impulsively. In the forest surrounded by deadly poison, he had to remain absolutely calm.

Sun Bing used the wooden sword to slowly move the beast skin. When he found that there were no poisonous creatures, he let out a sigh of relief. He slowly walked over and picked up the beast skin. Without any hesitation, he opened it. Immediately, his face revealed a pleasantly surprised smile.

He had never been so happy before when he broke through to the Body Tempering level 4. There was a small bottle wrapped in the beast skin, and it contained the Body Quenching Pill. However, there were only three Body Quenching Pill here, and it was still better than nothing.

What made Sun Bing ecstatic was another reward. This was a secret manual called the Floating Light. Obviously, this was the legendary movement technique.

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