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C18 Flexibility

Sun Bing didn't expect Lee Lih to have a Flying Body Arts on him. A movement technique secret manual was much more precious than a martial skill or cultivation technique secret manual, and it was even rarer. It could be said to be priceless.

In Sun Bing's limited memory, he seemed to have heard that there was a rogue cultivators in the Falling Cloud Town that had found the Flying Body Arts in the Hengduan Mountains. Even though no one knew the grade of the technique, it still caused a huge commotion. Even the entire Three Clans in the Falling Cloud Town was shocked.

Sun Bing didn't know the final result, but this had already shown how precious the movement technique was.

To be honest, even Sun Bing couldn't help but sigh at his own luck. He never thought that when he was lacking the Flying Body Arts, there would be an enemy who would give him the Flying Body Arts. His luck was really good.

At the same time, he couldn't help but thank Lu Jian in his heart. Although Sun Bing didn't lack the Body Quenching Pill given by Lu Jian at the moment, it could only be considered as adding flowers to the brocade. But the Floating Light could be called a luxurious gift pack.

Sun Bing slowly threw away the beast skin. Just as he was about to flip through the secret manual, he found that underneath it was actually a book about the Starlight Arrow. This made Sun Bing feel quite helpless. Even though it was a secret manual, but it's no use to him. He could only put it aside. Of course, it was quite good for him to exchange it for some resources.

Lee Lih should have obtained an entire inheritance. Archers were long-ranged attacks, so he needed the Flying Skill more. In order to protect himself, Lee Lih did not reveal that he had these secret manuals. He would carry these precious secret manuals with him every day. But in the end, Sun Bing obtained these secret manuals.

The only unlucky person was Lee Lih. If these secret manuals were sold, the money he earned would ensure that he would not have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of his life. Even if he left behind the secret manuals, these things would become family heirlooms. But today, he died, and the secret manuals were taken away by Sun Bing.

However, this place was not safe, so Sun Bing did not continue to search. He looked sympathetically at the corpse on the ground, then turned around and left. No one knew what would happen next.

Because Sun Bing was thinking about the footwork manual in his heart, his speed of return couldn't help but increase. In addition, the poisonous creatures along the way had all been cleaned up by Sun Bing, so there was almost no danger at all.

Not long after, Sun Bing had already left this place. However, because the footwork technique secret manual was too important, if it was discovered by others, it would definitely be snatched away. This made Sun Bing very cautious. He only started to browse after finding a place with no one around.

Floating Light: Low-grade Profound Level footwork manual

This was created by a senior expert who had comprehended the Dao of Heaven and Earth. If a person cultivated it to perfection, when he ran at full speed, his entire body would be like a weak lamp. He would disappear in an instant, and others would only be able to see his afterimage.

Seeing this introduction, Sun Bing could not help but be fascinated. How terrifying was it to disappear in a breath's time? This meant that a person could walk at least a thousand meters in an instant. This also meant that... A second ago, a person was still a thousand meters away, but in the next moment... He was already behind you. If he tried to assassinate you, then he would definitely succeed.

It could be said that this footwork manual was quite shocking, and its grade was extremely high. A Profound Level footwork technique could be considered the most outstanding secret technique in the entire Falling Cloud Town.

The only pity was that although Lee Lih had obtained such a precious secret manual, his comprehension was still lacking. Even if he had a secret manual, he still could not comprehend anything. If not, he would not have died today, and even his ending might have been changed. It might be Sun Bing's death, and after a few years, he would become an expert.

Similarly, this indicated that even if a powerful cultivation technique was given to you, if your comprehension ability wasn't high enough, you wouldn't be able to learn it. In fact, it might even become a disaster for you.

At this moment, Sun Bing did not care about the dead Lee Lih anymore. Instead, he focused on reading the secret technique in front of him. Not to mention mastering it, even if he could learn a little bit, his speed would be much faster.

After Sun Bing had read through the entire book, he had already understood that there were a total of three levels to the Floating Light secret manual. Those who reached the first level of the Floating Light could reach a speed of at least a hundred meters in an instant. The second level was Flickering Shadow. Those who had reached this level could run at least three hundred meters in an instant. As for the highest level, it was the Floating Light. A person could create afterimages.

Although Sun Bing was shocked by this secret manual, he could not help but let out a long sigh. At the same time, he understood why Lee Lih did not use this secret manual even though he had it. It turned out that even the first level of this secret manual required a Late Body Quenching Stage warrior to display its power.

After all, the meridians in your body hadn't been opened yet, and the Genuine Qi couldn't operate according to the meridian map, thus, your speed couldn't be increased. Even if you had learned the footwork technique, you still lacked the circulation of the Genuine Qi, so you still couldn't increase your speed.

Although Sun Bing couldn't cultivate this footwork manual right now, he firmly believed that this day wasn't too far away. After all, in less than a month, he had turned from a useless person to a Body Tempering Peak of Level Four. As for reaching the Late Body Quenching Stage, it was only a matter of time.

Furthermore, because of the encouragement of this secret manual, Sun Bing's motivation to improve was even greater. He believed that once he learned the Floating Light secret scripture, his combat strength would definitely be greatly enhanced.

Although the current Sun Bing could not display the full power of this footwork technique, he could still imitate it slightly. It was just like Lee Lih on the battlefield, even without the use of the Genuine Qi. However, his speed was also much faster than ordinary people. No one should look down on this point. There were too many changes in the battle. Every bit of improvement could affect a person's life.

Sun Bing immediately started studying it once more. The more he read this book, the more he felt the profoundness within it. This was completely different from the Swords Arts he was familiar with. It was a brand new domain, but his harvest was also quite astonishing.

There were actually three things that a person needed to pay attention to while cultivating the footwork technique. The first was the movement itself, the second was the route of one's meridians, and the last was his mental strength. Although Sun Bing couldn't circulate the Genuine Qi, he could still do the other two things.

Especially the movement of the body in the secret manual. This set of footwork technique contained 36 movements, and when it was used, it needed to be rehearsed randomly to achieve the goal of dodging or speeding up.

Ten years of training had made Sun Bing very determined. Even though some of the movements in the secret manual were quite awkward, he still insisted on doing it. He did it over and over again, and his body was actually somewhat familiar with these movements.

The second step was to follow the steps in the secret manual and do these 36 movements during daily walking. This time, it was a little difficult. Even if it was Sun Bing, it would be difficult for him to complete it in a short period of time. He accidentally tripped himself.

Even though Sun Bing did not suffer any injuries after going through so many battles, he actually fell to the ground because of this set of footwork technique. Even the green clothes on his body were somewhat dirty. However, in response, he was already able to skillfully grasp these movements.

Just as Sun Bing wanted to continue persisting, he suddenly realized that it was already late. The Hengduan Mountains at night was the world of Demonic Beast. The truth of the past made him understand that even if he was a Qi Refining Stage expert, he might not be able to come out of the Hengduan Mountains at night.

Immediately, Sun Bing packed up the secret manuals, patted the dust off his body, and began his journey back. Along the way, Sun Bing could see many rogue cultivators heading towards the Falling Cloud Town. Some of them were in high spirits, as if their harvest was pretty good. Some of them were covered in dust, as if they hadn't gained anything.

Some of them had wounds on their bodies, and they moaned in pain. As for those who hadn't come out, they had basically died in the mountains.

In comparison, the condition of the family disciples seemed to be much better than the rogue cultivators. Although they had fought before, their clothes were clean. They even looked at Sun Bing with some disdain in their eyes. Their faces revealed a mocking smile.

Sun Bing naturally knew the reason behind this, but he didn't care about it. On the contrary, he was pleasantly surprised to find that his own speed had slightly increased. This was definitely the credit of the Floating Light. Even though his improvement was quite small, he could still feel it. This made Sun Bing quite excited.

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