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Because as long as Sun Bing persisted, even if he wasn't a Qi Refining yet, his speed would still be faster than ordinary people. In this way, he would be able to seize the initiative during the battle, which would greatly increase his combat strength.

This also meant that no one else could catch up to him. Even if he wasn't as powerful as his enemy, he could still escape.

Along the way, Sun Bing quietly experienced his footsteps. He had a deeper understanding of this Floating Light. Those seemingly strange movements actually made him feel somewhat harmonious.

Especially when Sun Bing was running, there was a kind of force that surged out from within his body. This made his body become lighter, and his speed also changed. However, when Sun Bing carefully examined his body, he didn't find anything unusual, as if the force that had just emerged didn't exist at all.

"If a Profound Level's footwork technique is already so profound, then what about an Earth or Heaven Grade footwork technique?" Regarding this, Sun Bing could not help but exclaim. At the same time, he could not help but become even more curious about those legendary secret manuals.

It took Sun Bing half a day to arrive from Falling Cloud Town to Hengduan Mountains. But when he returned, he had the help of the Floating Light. He had saved a third of his time. Most importantly, he had yet to be discovered. In other people's eyes, Sun Bing was the same as them. They were just running normally.

Sun Bing originally thought that even if he succeeded in his cultivation, he wouldn't be able to use this footwork technique often. He was afraid of attracting other people's attention, but now that the secrecy of this footwork technique was so high, he would be able to use it openly in the future.

Even if the speed of Sun Bing's return had significantly increased, when he returned to Falling Cloud Town... The sky had already turned completely dark. If he returned to the Sun family at this time... It was a little late, and he might be questioned further. Immediately, he didn't intend to return to the Sun family. He ate something casually. Then, he returned to the cliff that belonged solely to him.

It was still quiet here, and no one had come here before. However, Sun Bing still carefully inspected the place before taking out his belongings. Currently, he should be considered one of the richest men in the Falling Cloud Town.

Just this' Floating Light 'alone was enough to make people drool. Even the Three Clans didn't have such a high grade footwork technique. He had to be careful with such a precious item.

After Sun Bing continued to study the secret manual in front of him, he was a little tired. After all, he had consumed a lot of energy in today's consecutive battles. He had to rest well.

Sun Bing sat cross-legged under the roof of the shed he had built. He placed the wooden sword on his legs and fell asleep.

The next morning, Sun Bing woke up. He touched the wooden sword. He felt that his connection with it had deepened. He could not help but smile. During the past ten years, the wooden sword had never left his body. Now, there was finally a certain feedback, and a weak connection was established.

After completing the basic Swords Arts drill, he did not sweat at all. On the contrary, he stood on the cliff with a confused look in his eyes. He muttered to himself, "Today should be the day I get my monthly salary."

He did not expect that time would pass so quickly. Unknowingly, a month had passed. However, for him, during this month, a huge change had occurred. This was because he had changed from a cripple who couldn't cultivate to a Body Quenching Stage Fourth Level cultivator.

Although Sun Bing had already made a fortune yesterday, he didn't need to care about a bottle of Body Quenching Pill. No one would dislike cultivation resources. One bottle of Body Quenching Pill per month was actually not enough. Sun Bing immediately set off.

Sun Bing walked from the back of the mountain to the accounting room. After a familiar journey, he was filled with emotions. Especially when he saw Steward Qin not far away, the corner of his mouth revealed a trace of a smile. This time, his mood was completely different from the past when he came to collect monthly salary.

He skillfully lined up at the end of the line and heard the densely-packed discussions around him. To be honest, Sun Bing did not hate such voices at all. He was even quietly listening to them.

Because there were a lot of people here. He could basically get any information he wanted. Over the years, he learned about Divine Land through books. But it was mostly because of these disciples that he knew about the major and minor matters of the Falling Cloud Town.

Apart from those highly confidential matters, these people knew everything else. They were truly admirable.

Suddenly, Sun Bing heard the news that caught his attention. "How have you been recently? Has your cultivation base improved? The Outer Sect Competition is going to be held next month. I wonder who will be eliminated this time. "

" Yeah, time flies. Anyway, it has nothing to do with us. We just need to ensure that we won't be eliminated. What's the point of thinking so much? " Another person immediately replied.

"You can't say that. If your friend is strong enough to pass through the Outer Sect Competition, you can benefit from it." The man immediately retorted.

However, at this moment, Sun Bing had completely ignored the conversation between the two of them. He was lost in his thoughts. He never thought that this year's Outer Sect Competition was going to start again.

As the name suggested, the Outer Sect Competition was a trial for the disciples of the Outer Sect of the Sun family. Actually, although the disciples of the Outer Sect sounded nice, it wasn't really a big deal. In fact, their status in the Sun family was quite low. It could even be said that they were cannon fodder raised by the Sun family.

I will provide you with a secret manual to learn. We will also give you the Body Quenching Pill every month. That is to increase your strength. Otherwise, you will die the moment the battle starts. You won't be able to play the role of cannon fodder at all.

However, the Outer Sect Competition was quite popular among the disciples of the Outer Sect. After all, they didn't have much time to fight. Besides, they could also receive the protection of the Sun family. Therefore, they had to choose the best of the best. The Outer Sect Competition would be held once a year.

Among them, the top three would receive rich rewards. Because... Only by doing so would they be able to nurture experts. From now on, they still had a chance to enter the Sun family. As for the last three... They would have to face elimination. Although the Sun family was a big family, they didn't care about these things. However, the Sun family wouldn't allow you to stay here. This was the meaning of the Outer Sect Competition.

As for Sun Bing, he was the adopted son of the patriarch after all, so it was impossible for them to get rid of him. Otherwise, some people would say that the Sun family was ungrateful. Therefore, even if he had never participated in the Outer Sect Competition before, his treatment still existed. However, he was often exploited in the past.

The path of cultivation was one word, "struggle." The Sun Bing of the past was only a mortal. He simply did not have the qualifications to participate in such a competition. But now, it was completely different. He now had a chance to compete. Even after Sun Bing obtained an unexpected fortune, he couldn't help but be interested in the rewards for the top three.

"It seems like it's time to fight the Outer Sect Competition." Sun Bing thought to himself. After all, the Outer Sect Competition would be here in a month's time. It had only taken him a month to go from a mortal to a Body Quenching Stage Peak of Level Four. He didn't know that such a huge change would happen in a month.

Just as Sun Bing was thinking about how to deal with the Outer Sect Competition, more than half of the team had disappeared. Only one person was left, and it was Sun Bing's turn. Sun Bing raised his head and saw a disciple in front of him. The disciple's face was filled with anger. Because on the counter... It was only five taels of silver, and there was no Body Quenching Pill.

It was obvious that this disciple's monthly salary had also been stripped by more than half, but the reality was very cruel. He was just an ordinary disciple. No one helped him stand up for him at all. Although Sun Bing had seen the situation, this person had nothing to do with him. He was also watching coldly from the sidelines.

After this disciple disappeared, it was Sun Bing's turn. Steward Qin had changed his style of doing things just now. His face was full of smiles. He even gave Sun Bing a lot more monthly salary. Obviously, he was trying to please Sun Bing.

Regarding Steward Qin's completely different approach, Sun Bing just smiled. This was the change in strength. In this world, the only way to become stronger was to become stronger.

Sun Bing took his monthly salary, turned around, and walked towards his residence. What surprised him was that he met a familiar person. It was Sun Ce, who had robbed him for ten years. He had never thought that Sun Ce would still dare to come here when the other two were already dead.

However, Sun Bing didn't have the time to talk to Sun Ce. He waved the wooden sword around and Sun Ce felt pain all over his body. He had never thought that he would be seriously injured. He could only stare at Sun Bing's back in fear.

Sun Bing didn't care about Sun Ce anymore. If it wasn't for the strict rule of Sun family that prohibited disciples from killing each other, Sun Ce would have died by now.

Although Sun Bing didn't kill Sun Ce, Sun Ce wouldn't have a good life in the future, because all the meridians in his hand had been broken. This meant that he could no longer cultivate. Even if he was alive, he would be in despair.

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