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C2 Sword Case

The pure moonlight illuminated the land, covering the peaceful little town with a layer of silvery light.

At this moment, Sun Bing had also arrived at his own residence at a slow pace. This place was fairly secluded, even in the entire Sun family. If it was not for the silvery moon, he might not be able to find his way back home.

Moving his body that was covered in piercing pain, Sun Bing carefully sat down and took out a bottle of liniment. He skillfully applied it on himself, and not long after, the small and shabby house was filled with a pungent smell of the liniment, which was extremely unpleasant.

Due to the fact that the pain that his body felt was too severe, it was difficult for Sun Bing to fall asleep immediately. Thus, he couldn't help but let out a long sigh. This day of every month would always be his most torturous day, but the night was still dark, there was nothing else he could do.

Later, after carefully checking that there were no outsiders around, Sun Bing carefully took out an item from a hidden compartment under the bed.

The item looked just like a box, but it was only the size of a thumb. It was pitch black, as though it was hiding countless secrets in it. Looking at the small box before his eyes, Sun Bing was dumbfounded for a moment.

Sun Bing had a secret that no one knew about - he wasn't someone from this world but an orphan on the earth. During one of his vacations, he had obtained this tiny box and this was when the accident began.

And that was how he transmigrated and went over to another world where martial arts ruled and only the strong could do whatever they wanted. It was also a world without any laws or regulations where one could merely rely on their own strength to speak.

When Sun Bing first arrived in this world, he felt quite excited. Fantasizing about how he would be like a protagonist in novels, cultivating to get stronger, wielding a three-foot-long Azure Alp sword while adventuring around, or perhaps searching for a female soulmate to accompany him in the martial arts world.

However, the fantasies about his future were struck by reality, because he was born weak and could not withstand the pain of cultivation. If he forced himself to cultivate, it would only cause his body to collapse, which meant that he could only admire those superior cultivators for the rest of his life.

Even so, it would still be fine. After all, he had never experienced the feeling of cultivation before, so it was not too bad for him to remain as an ordinary person.

Furthermore, his father was an elder guest of the Sun family, he was strong. Thus, as long as Sun Bing did not search for troubles, he could still remain as a Young Master of a wealthy family within the Falling Cloud Town, and live peacefully for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, not long later he had received the news regarding the passing of his father during the clan war. Just like that, Sun Bing became an orphan. In the end, for the sake of Sun Bing's father's contribution, the Patriarch had decided to take in Sun Bing as his foster son, and that was how he barely managed to live in the great Sun family.

Even so, Sun Bing's life was rather miserable. Because, other than the first day of adoption, he had never visited Sun Bing once after that. Such an indifferent attitude had also affected others to look down on Sun Bing.

Putting aside his identity as the adopted son, after all, Sun Bing was just the son of a guest officer, and was completely unrelated to the bloodline of the Sun family. In short, he was just an outsider. If only his father was still alive, with his power, no one would dare to say a thing about him.

It was said that people could be easily forgotten once they had left. His father had already passed away in a war, which also meant that no one could be his backbone any longer. Adding to the fact that Sun Bing did not have the aptitude to cultivate, gradually, the direct line of descent began to look down on him, then slowly followed by the collateral relatives. In the end, it had come to a point where even the clan's servants could beat him up just to vent their anger.

To this day, it could be said that Sun Bing was at the lowest level of Sun family.

After ten whole years of suffering, Sun Bing's will had become incomparably determined, especially his desire to become stronger, stronger than anyone else. However, because he was unable to cultivate, he had sunk down to become a cripple.

Through all these years of learning, Sun Bing had more or less understood that the land under his feet was called the Divine Continent. It was boundless and consisted of countless strong warriors, even an ordinary person could have a lifespan of 150 years without being affected by any illness and natural disasters.

Cultivators, on the other hand, were even more transcendent. As long as you were able to cultivate, your status would always be a level higher than others. The cultivation stage was divided into:

Body Tempering Realm, Qi Refining Realm, Qi Extraction Realm, Transcendence Realm.

As for the higher realm, even Sun Bing himself did not know about them. It was not only because he had not seen it before, even the strongest person within the entire Falling Cloud Town had only just broken through the Qi Refining Realm, and reached the Transcendence Realm.

However, even for those who were at the first level of the Body Tempering Realm, they were far stronger than an ordinary person. For example, Sun Yang, who would beat Sun Bing up every month, was at the third level of the Body Tempering Realm. Not to mention one Sun Bing, even if ten of them were to fight Sun Yang altogether, they would still stand no chance against him. This was also the reason why he had to endure it.

Despite all the humiliations, Sun Bing did not give up. After all these years, in order to become stronger, he had been training the sword arts every single day. Even if he had to take a break every time between every set of his training, after ten years had passed, there was no improvement. He was still a good-for-nothing that everyone could bully.

Just by thinking of the word 'good-for-nothing', Sun Bing couldn't help but put on a bitter smile, "Could it be that I'll really remain like this for the rest of my life? If that's the case, then why did you allow me to transmigrate to this world?"

The moment Sun Bing finished his last sentence, a hint of sinister look flashed past his eyes. Other people were at least geniuses who had fallen, but he was a good-for-nothing from the beginning till the end. He never had enjoyed a day's worth of good treatment and been suffering since he came to this world.

Just as he had finished speaking, the moonlight shone onto the black box. Under Sun Bing's astonished gaze, the black box that had always remained the same was emitting a faint glow. As the radiance grew brighter and brighter, Sun Bing immediately lost his consciousness.

After a long time, he then slowly opened his eyes. Originally, he thought that there was nothing that could sway his mind after ten years of endurance, yet at this moment, his eyes were now filled with surprise and excitement. This was because he had received a telepathy message just now in his mind.

This small box was actually a sword case, it had preserved all the treasured swords of China since the Primordial Era. Although they had already been awakened for a long time, this was the first time they had been revealed. Thus, Sun Bing could only find out about them now.

Still, Sun Bing did not care about any of this. What made him even more excited was that in his mind, there was another cultivation technique called "Sword Refining Art".

This cultivation technique was named after a duration it took to refine a sword. It required ten full years of training, day after day, utilizing the sword art while combining it with a unique brandishing method to successfully cultivate it.

After that, one would be able to absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth and start to temper himself. Most importantly, there would be no restrictions to cultivation, meaning even if Sun Bing's body was abnormally weak, he would still be able to cultivate this technique and start his path of cultivation.

In these ten years, Sun Bing had cultivated the basic Swords Arts day after day. Even if he knew that he did not have any chances of improvement, it still did not stop him from practicing regardless of whether it was a stormy or windy day. All he needed was an opportunity.

Now that he had finally understood, with ten years worth of accumulation he would definitely be able to surprise everyone.

The "Sword Refining Art" was like a bright candle in the dark, illuminating Sun Bing's life when he was at his lowest. Without any hesitations, Sun Bing immediately ran into the small courtyard for his training.

The Body Tempering Realm of the Divine Continent was divided into one to nine levels and was the foundation of thousands of cultivation techniques. After all, the body was the key to all the sword arts. Only by having a strong body, one could advance to a higher realm.

The first three realms were the basics, which were to train one's body by cultivating basic techniques. This would enable the cultivator to see the profound mysteries of the body and to perfectly control the strength of one's own body.

As for the fourth to the sixth level, the Qi drawn into the body would further nurture the body. By doing so, the body would utilize its temperature to strengthen itself and made one stronger.

The seventh to ninth level required one to control the Genuine Qi. They needed to control the Genuine Qi to circulate their energy through the eight extraordinary meridians and pass through the Dantian to reach the realm of internal and external integration. This was to prepare oneself for the Qi Refining Realm.

In the serenade of black, Sun Bing stood up with the wooden sword in his hands and slowly started his training of the sword art. However, this time his spirit was completely different from before. Even though the sword art was the same, an ordinary person could still see the huge difference.

In the morning, he had only trained according to his own understanding of sword arts. Although he was proficient with his techniques, he was still too distracted to integrate all of his energy into his sword. At most, his sword art was only for show and it did not have any combat capability.

But at this moment, looking from afar, Sun Bing was like a firefly in the night sky, attracting everyone's attention. It was just an ordinary and basic sword art, the speed at which he practiced was ten times slower than before, but after every move, his spirit would risen.

This was because he had already practiced the specific sword art for the past ten years, and it was just like a dull sword without a sharp edge. While this "Sword Refining Art" was like a sharpening ston. By following the technique in the manual and starting to practice it, each of his movements was like polishing his skill and gradually sharpening his sword.

Despite his speed was any slower, not long later, after he had completed the set of sword art, Sun Bing slightly closed his eyes and stood there blankly. But at this moment, it was as if his body had broken through a membrane. He reached the first level of the Body Tempering Realm just in a glimpse of an eye.

The former Sun Bing could only be considered to be an ordinary mortal, at most, he had slightly more willpower than others but was still unable to achieve anything in life. Then, after cultivating the "Sword Refining Art", he had become a sharp blade, glimmering with a cold light, as if he was announcing to the world that he had finally succeeded after ten years of training with a sword.

These were the accumulation of his ten years of hard work and there was even some energy left. However, due to the fact that he was worried that his foundation would be unstable, Sun Bing still needed to familiarize himself with his current body. Once it had stabilized, he would definitely be able to achieve a higher level.

Although he was currently only at the first level of the Body Tempering Realm, Sun Bing's heart was still filled with excitement. Only after feeling the immense power within his body did he finally understand how ignorant he was in the beginning. It turned out that having power was such a wonderful thing.

Despite that he was at the first level of the Body Tempering Realm, he wouldn't need to worry when being attacked by ten of his former self. Furthermore, this was only the first step of cultivation. Sun Bing couldn't help but tightly grip the wooden sword in his hands.

A hint of excitement flashed past his eyes. "In the future, I must gain an even more powerful strength, therefore, no one could ever bully me again. Since I already have the qualifications to become stronger, then I must grab my destiny firmly in my hands."

As for those people who had humiliated him before, the moment he thought about that, he could not help but revealed a cold smirk on his face.

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