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C20 Training Hard

Sun Bing, who had already walked past, didn't care about Sun Ce's shouts. He clearly remembered how Sun Ce treated him in the past. It was already good enough that he didn't kill Sun Ce now.

Returning to the cliff that belonged solely to Sun Bing, Sun Bing frowned slightly. Since he had decided to participate in the Outer Sect Competition, he needed to make a good plan. If he couldn't get into the top three, it would be meaningless.

Although Sun Bing was already at the fourth level of the Body Quenching Stage, the Sun family had a huge influence. It could be considered one of the top three families in a town of 100,000 people. There were more than a hundred outer circle disciples in the Sun family. Plus, there were some people who were related to the Sun family, so the number of outer circle disciples would be even greater.

There was a fierce competition between them. In the Outer Sect Competition, if someone managed to get into the top three for the first time, he would be able to get the attention of the Sun family. This meant that the Sun family had recognized his potential.

If he could still get into the top three among so many people, it meant that he was a truly powerful person. Therefore, he was qualified to enter the inner circle of the Sun family, and from then on, he would be able to break away from the identity of an outer circle disciple. Furthermore, the inner circle of the Sun family was where the elites of the Sun family were located, and they had more resources.

Because of this, the gap between the inner circle and outer circle disciples of Sun family was huge. For example, the three men who robbed Sun Bing could only be considered to be in the lower middle level of the outer circle disciples. They could only guarantee that they wouldn't be eliminated, and that they wouldn't be able to defeat anyone else. Therefore, they could only search for a sense of existence from Sun Bing.

The top three disciples of Outer Sect Competition were very strong in the past, and they had received a reward once. Therefore, their strength was enough to defeat ordinary disciples. This was enough to make Sun Bing pay attention to them.

Apart from the top three disciples, he also needed to be careful of the top ten disciples. Normally, those who reached this ranking would cultivate diligently, hoping to win the next year. If their luck was good enough, they might even be able to get into the top three.

These information echoed in Sun Bing's mind, and he couldn't help but frown. I'm still not strong enough."

This was not because Sun Bing had underestimated him. After all, he had only cultivated for a short month. However, this did not mean that Sun Bing did not have a chance. This was because he still had a thirty-year-old red fruit. This was a huge opportunity. At least this gave Sun Bing a chance to improve.

If the top ten people found out about this, they would definitely scold Sun Bing for wasting it in their hearts, because if they got the red fruit, they could guarantee that they would get into the top three.

However, this was luck. Even Sun Bing couldn't help but feel lucky. He had gone to Hengduan Mountains to gain some experience, and not only had he obtained such a great fortune, he had also gotten the footwork manual.

Now was not the time to conclude. After confirming that there was no one around, Sun Bing slowly took out the red fruit. Although it had been a night, the red fruit was still red and tender. It was as if it had just been plucked from a branch, and a sweet fragrance drifted over.

This was the unique effect of the treasures from heaven and earth. The legendary treasures from heaven and earth were even more magical. It could even cause the land within a thousand miles to be barren or turn into a world of ice and snow. All in all, the treasures from heaven and earth was very powerful.

However, no matter how good the red fruit was, the final result was already determined. Sun Bing would not have any pity for it. If he did not eat it for a week and made it disappear from the world, it would be a pity.

He immediately swallowed it into his stomach. Immediately, a large amount of medicinal power filled his entire body. It was completely different from the Body Quenching Pill. The medicinal strength of the red fruit was even stronger and gentler, making him feel as if he was in a hot spring.

His entire body was filled with a comfortable feeling, and he didn't feel any pain at all. If he could choose, he was even willing to continue maintaining this state.

"Not good, I'm going to break through" Suddenly, Sun Bing, who was enjoying himself, frowned slightly. Breaking through now was not a good thing. He had just broken through to the fourth level of the Body Quenching Stage two days ago. No matter how solid his foundation was, he couldn't do this.

Instantly, he forcefully suppressed the feeling of breaking through. He could only feel the warm current in his body gradually settling down, as if it was completely hidden. Finally, it disappeared without a trace.

At this time, Sun Bing relaxed slightly. There was still a month's time. As long as he didn't break through right now... That wouldn't be a problem. The medicinal power was immersed in his body. When he needed to break through, the medicinal power would completely burst out.

The most important thing was that this red fruit had completely replenished the strength he had expended earlier. At this moment, every action he made became vigorous and vigorous. He could even break through to the Body Quenching Stage fifth layer at any time. This made him even more confident.

He was cultivating in the deep mountains. If it wasn't for the sunrise and sunset every day, he wouldn't even feel the passing of time.

On the cliff, Sun Bing's body swayed. The current him was like the difference between heaven and earth and the him from a month ago. Even without the footwork technique, he could still run four to five meters with one step. After the 36 movements were completed, he immediately stood on the spot.

He quietly felt the changes in his body. Sun Bing sighed and said, "I am completely familiar with the 36 movements. If I can reach my limit, I can walk five meters with one step. Even during normal times, I can walk out three meters with one step. Floating Light is indeed powerful. If I can open all the meridians in my body, I can definitely reach the Floating Light. This way, I will be able to walk 100 meters in an instant."

At this moment, Sun Bing looked like a Body Quenching Stage fifth layer. During the past month, although he had used all his strength to suppress the energy, the energy that came from his body had allowed him to break through to the peak of Body Quenching Stage fifth layer.

Therefore, Sun Bing's combat strength had improved, at least his endurance had increased. What surprised Sun Bing the most was that the Sword Controlling Spell that he had just mastered had also advanced to the Small Completion. This had greatly increased his combat strength.

Even if it was the same type of martial arts technique, its power would be completely different when used by different people. Just like the Floating Light, Lee Lih had mastered it for a long time, but he could only do it slightly faster than ordinary people. But Sun Bing had just obtained the Floating Light for a month, and he was already able to do it 15 meters per step.

This was the difference between different people's comprehension of the martial arts technique. From the initial stage to the higher stage, then to the advanced stage, and finally to the perfection. Every time a person advanced a realm, it meant that their understanding of the martial arts technique would be deeper, and the power it released would be stronger.

The Sword Controlling Spell was only at the basic stage, but it was already so powerful. Now that he had practiced the Sword Controlling Spell to a higher level, how powerful would his power be?

"If I return to a month ago, when I'm surrounded by Lu Jian's group again, he won't even need to dodge. He can kill a person with a single sword strike, and the battle will end very soon." Sun Bing couldn't help but guess.

However, there wasn't enough time for him to verify it. As for his combat strength, he could only estimate it. Although Sun Bing admitted that he was a genius, there were many geniuses in Divine Continent.

Even Sun Long was considered a little genius. He was only fifteen years old, even younger than Sun Bing, and had already reached the eighth level of Body Quenching Stage. Plus, he was also a direct descendant of the family, so he had already been nurtured as the successor of the family.

But at this moment, Sun Bing didn't care anymore. After all, this was the limit he had achieved in a month. He would not damage his foundation for the current competition. If he forcefully improved, it would be the same as destroying his future.

Therefore, Sun Bing had decided to participate in the competition in his current condition. Regardless of whether he could succeed or not, he would do his best.

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