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Sword Emperor/C21 The Outer Circle Competition
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C21 The Outer Circle Competition

"It's time for me to take the test." After Sun Bing had adjusted his condition to the perfect state, he let out a soft sigh. Although the treasured sword could conceal its sharpness when placed in the sheath, it would still rust after not using it for a long time.

Sun Bing was like a sword that had been placed in the sheath for a whole ten years. If it was any other sword that had not been used for ten years, not only would it rust, it might even rot. Even the hilt of sword was covered with spider webs, but these ten years of training had made him even more conspicuous.

As the saying goes, ten years of hard work to sharpen a sharp sword, the sword blade flickered with cold light. However, its sharpness had not been tested yet.

Even though Sun Bing's ability to cultivate had already been known by others, it was still a small number of people. Not to mention that some of them were already dead. It could be said that today was the first time Sun Bing had openly appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

It was also the best time for him to wash away the bad reputation that he had carried for ten years. From today onwards, when others talked about Sun Bing again, they would no longer say that he was a useless person.

A dull gong sounded from the foot of the mountain. The sound of the gong was melodious. The entire Falling Cloud Town could hear it clearly. This was the power and influence of the Sun family, one of the Three Clans. This was the Sun family informing them that the competition was going to start again. Not only that, the inheritance of their family hadn't been cut off. Except for the other two major families... No organization could fight against them.

Immediately, Sun Bing held the wooden sword in his hand and rushed down the mountain. His figure was blurry, and in the next second, he was nowhere to be seen. The Floating Light was too powerful.

The Martial Arts Practice Field of Sun family had a majestic aura. The ground was black, and it was paved with black steel. It looked inconspicuous, but it was able to withstand a full-powered attack from a ninth level of Body Quenching Stage. There were also many tools for training placed on both sides of the mountain. The Sun family was indeed worthy of being called one of the three major organizations.

At this moment, over a hundred disciples had already gathered. From time to time, a few figures would rush over. When Sun Bing arrived, he saw a dense crowd of people. Immediately, he found a corner with fewer people.

This was the first time that Sun Bing had participated in such a grand event. After all, he wasn't qualified to participate in such an event in the past. He wasn't even a cultivator. He looked at the surrounding disciples who had gathered together. Sun Bing couldn't help but laugh. He had never thought that he wouldn't even have a true friend after being in this world for ten years.

However, he looked at the wooden sword in his hand and thought, he must have treated the sword as his friend.

Immediately, he quietly observed the disciples around him. It could be said that many of them weren't seriously preparing to participate in the competition. All they needed to do was ensure that they wouldn't be eliminated. Some of them didn't even participate in the competition. After all, as relatives of the Sun family, they had the status to be raised by the Sun family.

"Who do you think will be the top three this year? Could it be the same three people from last year? There should be a dark horse appearing, right? "

" How is that possible? The yearly rewards are so generous. If the three of them are still surpassed by others, it would be better to give me the resources and let me take over his position. "

"This has happened before. Last year, Wang Hong entered the third place just like that. I admire him. He was originally a rogue cultivators, but after coming to Sun family, he suddenly became stronger. He has become even stronger than us who grew up here."

Listening to these people's comments, Sun Bing gradually understood the information about the top three last year. The first place was Qin Ming. The second place was Fan Jin, and the third place was Wang Hong. None of them had the surname Sun.

The people with the surname Sun were usually servants or Guest Warrior who had officially joined the Sun family. They didn't have to worry about being chased out of the Sun family. They didn't have a sense of crisis, which was why their strength had been improving at a slow rate. It was truly a tragedy.

However, at this moment, an old man walked out from the tall platform in front of Martial Arts Practice Field. He was the Law Enforcement Elder, Sun Li. His face was full of dignity. As soon as he stood on the platform, the entire scene became silent.

After all, the Law Enforcing Elder had a lot of power in the family. It was very simple for him to kill an outer sect disciple. Even if he killed a relative, no one would say anything.

Sun Li's eyes swept across the scene, then he said in a flat tone, "Today is the annual Outer Sect Competition of Sun family. I hope that all of you disciples will work hard in your cultivation. As long as you show enough potential, you will be nurtured."

After he finished speaking, he took out a bamboo tube from his side, which contained a lot of bamboo sticks. He continued, "According to the drawing of lots, your opponents will be decided. Each time ten people come up, they will be divided into five groups to fight. The loser will wait at the side until the top three are decided."

Sun Li waved his hand. The ten people at the front drew lots honestly. After that, they ran to the stone platform at the front of Martial Arts Practice Field to compete. This was an excellent opportunity for Sun Bing.

After all, he basically had no friends, so he had no idea what kind of opponent he was going to meet. As the saying goes: Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will win a hundred battles. If he could understand his opponent's information, then his chances of victory would be much higher. Immediately, his expression became serious as he carefully watched the battle.

However, before Sun Bing could even take a look, his brows wrinkled slightly. Although the people on the stone platform were fighting in name, in Sun Bing's eyes, they were more like child's play. Even if they fought, it would only be a collision of weapons.

They were very timid. Just like the group of thieves Sun Bing encountered a month ago. They couldn't even be compared to Lu Jian. Could this be the outer circle disciples of Sun family? That was a little disappointing.

Sun Bing looked at Sun Li again. Although his face was expressionless, Sun Bing could still see a trace of emotion in his eyes.

"This man will definitely be eliminated this year. If he wasn't a relative, he would have been eliminated a long time ago."

"Let's not talk about him anymore. Wang Hong has appeared. I wonder how his current strength is."

Upon hearing these words, Sun Bing immediately shifted his gaze. He saw a young man with a solemn expression standing on another stone platform. That young man wasn't nervous at all. Instead, his gaze was fixed on the opposite side. On the other hand, his opponent seemed to be in a bad shape.

Wang Hong rushed forward and threw a punch. The opponent tried to block it in a hurry, but it was useless. He had already lost.

"Interesting." Sun Bing was also a little happy. As expected, the top three in last year's competition were very strong. Wang Hong did not reveal his true strength. He did not even use the martial arts technique when he attacked just now. He must be hiding his true strength.

Furthermore, Sun Bing couldn't see his cultivation base clearly. He was obviously an expert. According to Sun Bing's speculation, he was at least at the seventh level of Body Quenching Stage. This kind of expert was enough for Sun Bing to take him seriously.

The more he stayed in the training field, the more Sun Bing felt that his choice was correct. After all, not only could he observe the information of his next opponent, he could also see the martial arts technique used by some people, even if they were all Low-grade Yellow grade martial arts technique. After observing for a long time, he finally knew how to counter these attacks.

In the following period of time, Sun Bing had fulfilled his wish. As he wished, he saw the first and second place last year. They had defeated their respective opponents with almost no effort. There was even one person who didn't even need to fight, and his opponent had just admitted defeat.

Through this information, Sun Bing understood that there was still a huge gap between the combat strength of the outer circle disciples. After that, he analyzed how he would fight them if he met such an opponent.

Unknowingly, a long time had passed, and Sun Bing was completely absorbed in disassembling the moves. Suddenly, a low shout came from beside his ear, "Sun Bing."

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