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C22 Shock

This voice was like a huge bell, waking Sun Bing up from his trance. She raised her head and saw Elder Sun Li's serious face, as well as the faint anticipation in his eyes.

Even the surrounding disciples were surprised. After all, they were all from the Sun family. Even if they didn't know Sun Bing, they knew that he was the trash of the family, a cripple who couldn't cultivate at all. Why did he suddenly run into the Clan Competition today?

In this moment of public attention, even though Sun Bing had a calm personality, he was still somewhat excited in his heart. He slowly walked towards the stone platform from the back of the crowd.

"What? Sun Bing was actually able to participate in the Clan Competition! The sun has risen from the west today, or am I suffering from an ear disease?"

" Isn't he reputed to be trash in the family? How could he possibly come here? Could it be that someone with the same name and surname as him has come? "

" Isn't this trash supposed to be kicked out of the Sun family a long time ago? Why is he still staying in the Sun family? He is really thick-skinned. "

" Look, your weapon is actually a wooden sword. What kind of lethality can this have? Looks like after so many years, not only has he become weaker, he has also become even more foolish. "

As Sun Bing walked, the crowd burst into laughter. They even mocked him loudly. However, none of this was enough to shake his mind. At this moment, he only looked at the stone platform not far away.

A short distance actually made Sun Bing feel like a long time had passed. He walked slowly for a long time and finally arrived in front of the stone platform. In his heart, he said to himself, "From today onwards, you will completely say goodbye to yourself in the past."

Even though Elder Sun Li thought highly of Sun Bing, he did not give him any preferential treatment. Instead, he directly placed the bamboo tube in front of Sun Bing. Sun Bing took out a bamboo stick and saw the big "Three" written on it.

He immediately walked over to the stone platform that was almost half the height of a man. He tapped the tip of his foot lightly and jumped onto the stone platform as if he was weightless.

However, this action did not attract the attention of the audience. They even sighed a little. "Trash, get lost."

But before this person could finish his words, he was immediately stopped: "Stop shouting. Look at Sun Bing's opponent. He was in the top ten last year. Although he wasn't as strong as the top three, it was still easy for him to teach Sun Bing a lesson. This time, we will have a good show to watch. Trash should have the appearance of trash."

When Sun Bing heard this, he started to size up his opponent. His opponent's face was somewhat mature, and he looked to be about 18 or 19 years old. He held a steel knife in his hand, and at this moment, he looked at Sun Bing with disdain.

When he walked onto the stage, he even said bluntly, "Hurry up and get off the stage. Otherwise, I'm afraid that if I attack too heavily later, your life or death will be unknown. Trash should know their own limitations. Don't casually participate in such a dangerous competition. "

Sun Bing was not the least bit unhappy with this statement. Because he could feel that his opponent was not as strong as him. Although his strength had reached the sixth level of Body Quenching Stage, his combat strength couldn't be judged by common sense.

That person was Sun Bing's first opponent in the public. This was very memorable. Sun Bing looked at him and said, "My name is Sun Bing. What's your name?"

However, his opponent did not appreciate Sun Bing's attitude. Instead, he mocked him. "Don't try to stall for time. No matter how long you delay, you won't be able to win. You'd better admit defeat obediently. This will not only save you time, but also prevent you from getting injured. "

Sun Bing let out a soft sigh and didn't say anything else.

However, his opponent seemed to have suffered some kind of humiliation. His face was filled with anger. He raised the steel knife in his hand and swung it at Sun Bing's head. If this attack hit, Sun Bing's head would definitely be injured.

However, even at this point, Sun Bing still stood there quietly. He seemed to have been frightened by the incoming blade and didn't know how to fight back.

Immediately, the group of people who were clamoring below burst into laughter. "This place is not a place for useless people to come. I didn't think that he would be scared silly after just the first strike! "

Before they could finish speaking, they suddenly stopped. But at that moment, no one paid attention to that laughter. Instead, they were all dumbstruck, because in front of the crowd, the cold steel blade was actually blocked by the wooden sword. The black wooden sword was particularly eye-catching under the silver white blade.

The fact was that no one could refute it. Even if they wanted to find Sun Bing's mistake, they couldn't find it. Because this strike was completely blocked by Sun Bing.

Everyone could even clearly see that the man on the stone platform had used all his strength, but Sun Bing was still as calm as before. He held his sword with one hand and easily blocked this strike.

It seemed like the person on the platform wasn't one of the top ten experts from last year, but a mortal who had just embarked on the path of cultivation. Anyone with discerning eyes could tell that the two of them weren't on the same level at all.

This infuriated that person. After all, ever since he got into the top ten outer sect disciples last year, it had made him recognize his identity, and even when he walked outside, he would receive many preferential treatment. And today, if he couldn't even defeat a publicly acknowledged useless person, then, how could he still have his dignity?

Immediately, he slowly took two steps back, and the way he looked at Sun Bing changed from arrogance to hatred. With a furious roar, the steel blade began to emit a faint light. It was obvious that this was his strongest attack.

After all, he was a sixth level of Body Quenching Stage, and he had yet to open the meridians in his body. Therefore, there were too few Genuine Qi in his body. And now, he was transferring all the Genuine Qi in his body into the steel blade. Furthermore, this strike was his most powerful attack, and it could definitely be considered his ultimate life-saving skill.

Faced with such an attack, even Sun Bing's face revealed a trace of surprise. Sure enough, no one's ultimate skill could be underestimated. Although this attack could threaten Sun Bing, his enemies were still too inexperienced.

Immediately, Sun Bing's figure flashed, not revealing his footwork technique. He dodged the attack with his normal speed, then he waved the wooden sword and pointed it at his opponent's neck.

All of this happened in the time it took for a spark to fly off of a piece of flint. When the two of them appeared in front of everyone's eyes once again, they discovered that the expert they had placed high hopes on was actually being pointed at by the wooden sword. There were even traces of blood on his neck. If he still refused to surrender, he might die in the end.

"Sun Bing wins." The elder's indifferent voice broke the silent atmosphere. Under everyone's surprised gazes, Sun Bing slowly walked down from the stone platform.

"This is impossible. I can't even defeat trash." The man on the stone platform obviously couldn't accept the fact that he had failed. He even had some mental disorders. This made Elder Sun Li a little disappointed. Elder Sun Li waved his hand and sent him off the platform.

The crowd was boiling with excitement. Everyone looked at Sun Bing with great surprise. The fact that this man could be ranked in the top ten last year proved that he was quite strong.

He was at least stronger than 90% of the people below the platform. However, such a person was actually defeated by Sun Bing in a few moves. What did this mean? Could it be that Sun Bing was stronger? The situation instantly reversed.

"I knew Brother Sun Bing was hiding his strength and biding his time. Sure enough, it was as I expected."

"That's right. I had high hopes for Brother Sun Bing from the beginning."

Sun Bing didn't care about these people who weren't firm. He returned to the back of the crowd and quietly waited for his second battle. However, he now had the right to be respected by anyone.

Even the eyes of the top three from last year sparkled when they looked at Sun Bing. At the same time, they asked themselves in their hearts: If they encountered the top ten, would they be able to end the battle as swiftly as Sun Bing?

After thinking about the result, they immediately admired Sun Bing. Their gazes towards Sun Bing couldn't help but become even more serious. This meant that they had already acknowledged Sun Bing's strength.

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