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C23 A Rising Star

Although everyone was shocked by Sun Bing's strength, the huge Outer Sect Competition was still a major event for the Sun family. It was impossible to stop all of a sudden because of Sun Bing. Therefore, Elder Sun Li cleared his throat and said, "It seems like the disciples of the Sun Family have been working very hard during this year, but the outcome still has to be determined."

This attracted the attention of many disciples once again, and they turned their heads to look at the stone platform. However, even so, there were still many people who had different emotions flashing in their eyes. They thought to themselves. Looks like there will be a rising star this year.

To be honest, the disciples who went on stage next were all a little nervous. After all, their abilities were average. In the past, they were a little proud of themselves, but now, they were simply making a fool of themselves.

Even if some of the disciples had performed well, they still had their own unique skills. In the beginning, they were still able to attract attention, but at this moment, it was completely useless. At this moment, all the disciples were not in high spirits.

At this moment, Sun Bing's name rang out once again. All of a sudden, everyone's attention was attracted. Even Qin Ming, who ranked first last year, slowly opened his eyes and began investigating.

Sun Bing once again stood on the stone platform and quietly looked at his opponent. However, his opponent this time was not very famous. He had just reached the Body Quenching Stage fifth layer. To Sun Bing, he wasn't a match at all.

Before Sun Bing even attacked, he had already admitted defeat. This man hadn't even made it into the top ten in the previous years. He wasn't a match for Sun Bing at all. Therefore, he might as well admit defeat and avoid losing face.

This made the disciples who wanted to collect information about Sun Bing disappointed. After all, the unknown could always attract people. Although Qin Ming and the others were in the top three in the previous years, after a long time, people no longer felt that they were rare and strange. Only new things could arouse their interest.

Sun Bing perfectly matched this point. Many people here had not seen Sun Bing for a whole ten years. This made him seem especially mysterious. Since they couldn't watch, they began discussing below the platform.

"I didn't think that there would be a rising star this year. Sun Bing was really patient. I have never heard of him in so many years. Who do you think will be the top three this year? "

"I think it's still the same three people from last year. Although Sun Bing could be considered a rising star, his foundation was still lacking. I think he might be able to get into the top three next year. " One of them shook his head and commented.

However, the other person clearly did not agree with his words. He immediately retorted, "I don't think so. Since Sun Bing had stood out this year, he must be confident. He hasn't shown his true strength yet. How can you predict the final victor?"

" Although Sun Bing hasn't revealed his true strength, do you know how terrifying Qin Ming is? He has already reached the sixth level of Body Quenching Stage last year. Today, he has definitely broken through to the seventh level of Body Quenching Stage. The gap between them is huge. Sun Bing is only a Body Quenching Stage fifth layer. Even if his combat strength is very strong, he is not worth mentioning."

This statement was very reasonable. When the man thought of the gap in their strength, he had no idea how to refute it. Thus, he couldn't help but stop what he was saying.

No matter what the disciples below the stage discussed, it would not affect the final result of the competition. While they were discussing closely, there were already many rounds of competition on the stone platform.

Sun Bing suddenly realized that some of the disciples had given up after these few rounds of competition. Some of them had been defeated. Now, only the last ten disciples had not been defeated. These ten people were the top ten disciples of the outer circle this year. Sun Bing did not even put in much effort before he was already in the top ten of the outer circle.

Although Sun Bing did not know the records of the previous years, from the discussions of the audience, he knew that the top ten of this year's outer sect had a huge change compared to last year. The competition was fierce.

However, this was exactly what the elders wanted to see, because this meant that the family would not decline. They changed their solemn faces, and there was a stiff and kind expression on their faces.

"Very good. All of you are the young experts of Sun family. Only competition can make the family prosper even more. Each of you will get five bottles of Body Quenching Pill in the top ten this year. This can be considered a small reward. Now is the time to determine the top three."

When Elder Sun Li said this, his eyes swept across the crowd. He had been staring at Sun Bing for the longest time. His eyes were filled with complicated emotions, especially a strong sense of relief.

Sun Bing had no idea what Elder Sun Li's eyes meant. He only knew that Elder Sun Li seemed to value him a lot. Immediately, he stopped thinking about it. He was quite satisfied with the generous reward. Five bottles of Body Quenching Pill were considered a fortune. According to the reward, he could eat one every two days for a month.

"The battle for the top three will begin now. "Elder Sun Li announced faintly. His voice instantly attracted everyone's attention. After all, the battle for the top ten is already very exciting.

Under everyone's gaze, Sun Bing slowly walked up to the platform. At this moment, Elder Sun Li looked at the name list in his hand and said in a low voice, "Sun Bing versus Sun Yu."

"This should be an intense competition. This year's Outer Sect Competition is very exciting. There are actually two newcomers with potential in one go."

"That's right. I know Sun Yu. Both his parents died and he became an orphan, but he was adopted by the Sun family. He is usually very quiet, but he has a tough personality. He has already reached the sixth level of Body Quenching Stage at the age of fifteen."

When Sun Bing heard these words, he looked curiously at his opponent. Although his opponent was thin and weak, there was a fierce look on his face. At this moment, he was fiercely staring at Sun Bing. If an ordinary person were to encounter such a momentum, they would definitely be afraid.

However, Sun Bing was a person who had returned from the Hengduan Mountains after experiencing intense battles. Not to mention the fact that there was no killing intent within the ferociousness, even if an executioner with dense killing intent appeared in front of him, it wouldn't be able to shake his determination.

"My name is Sun Bing." After all, the two of them were from the same family. They communicated their names politely before the decisive battle.

"My name is Sun Yu." Although the person in front of Sun Bing was usually quiet, he knew how to be polite.

After they exchanged names, they basically knew each other. Before the crowd below the stage could react, Sun Yu immediately took a step forward and rushed towards Sun Bing at lightning speed.

While Sun Yu was running, he clenched his five fingers into a fist, trying to attack Sun Bing's head. However, in the end, he might have thought that this wasn't a life and death battle, so he withdrew the force in his hand.

Faced with Sun Yu's action, Sun Bing had a good impression of him. Some of the despicable people might do anything for the sake of victory. He never thought that Sun Yu was also a man with a cold face and a kind heart. However, this wasn't the time for him to be distracted. After all, he was still on the stone platform.

Sun Bing tapped the ground with the tip of his foot. His body easily dodged Sun Yu's attack as if it was weightless. At the same time, he couldn't help but nod his head. He could do it so easily because he had cultivated the footwork manual, and Sun Yu's foundation was clearly quite solid. His rise today really did not depend on luck.

But the more it was like this, the more Sun Bing knew in his heart that he could not deliberately make mistakes in the face of such an opponent. This was disrespecting Sun Yu. Immediately, Sun Bing's expression turned serious. He didn't use any extra strength. He just relied on the basic Swords Arts to fight Sun Yu.

Even if Sun Bing did not use his true ability, the basic Swords Arts was already quite extraordinary. Especially after being tempered by the 'Sword Training Technique', it had another profound mystery. Ordinary people simply couldn't withstand his attack.

Sun Yu was actually unable to block Sun Bing's attack for a moment, and his face turned slightly red. He immediately knew that he wasn't a match for Sun Bing, but he wasn't willing to give up just like that. He immediately threw out a punch.

"Boulder Fist!" Sun Bing raised his brows. This was the Low-grade Yellow grade martial arts technique of the first level of the Cultivation Hall - Boulder Fist. Although Sun Bing didn't learn it, he had casually flipped through it.

A crisp sound was heard from Sun Yu's body.

"Not bad." Elder Sun Li, who was watching the battle from the side, had a satisfied expression on his face. Only those who had cultivated the Boulder Fist skill to the Small Completion could make a sound when they swung their fists. However, how should Sun Bing deal with such a situation? This made Elder Sun Li quite curious.

Immediately, everyone turned their eyes to Sun Bing. Could it be that they were going to determine the winner in an instant?

However, in an instant, a trace of shock appeared in everyone's eyes. Sun Bing's Swords Arts changed and blocked Sun Yu's punch at a strange angle. After that, he broke through the layers of defense and arrived at his chest. If Sun Yu continued to attack, his sword would surely pierce through his heart.

"What exactly happened? I felt like the outcome of the battle was decided in the blink of an eye."

"Yeah, I couldn't react in time at all."

The people in the audience were puzzled. What happened in the blink of an eye made it impossible for them to react in time. They only felt a flash of white light, and then Sun Bing's sword had already reached Sun Yu's chest. Only a few experts among them had noticed something, because Sun Bing's speed was too fast. No one would be able to notice it.

"What? Overrun Sword Arts?" The disciples didn't know, but as the elder of the family, how could Sun Li not know about it? Even though Elder Sun Li had always been calm, he couldn't help but feel shocked.

Ever since the Swords Arts was taken back to the Sun family, no one had succeeded in cultivating it for decades. Recently, they had been thinking about whether or not they should remove the Swords Arts from the Cultivation Hall.

But now, he saw a disciple using this Swords Arts. How could he not be shocked?

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