Sword Emperor/C24 Defeat Sun Yu
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Sword Emperor/C24 Defeat Sun Yu
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C24 Defeat Sun Yu

If the audience were only watching from below the stage, they wouldn't be able to understand it. At this moment, only Sun Yu knew how terrifying that sword strike was. He believed that he had put in a lot of effort in his cultivation. He was considered a powerful expert amongst the outer circle disciples.

However, even Sun Yu didn't have time to react to that sword strike just now. He looked at the tip of the sword, and felt as if he was suffocating. All that was left in his eyes was that dazzling sword light. When he came back to his senses, he found that his chest was in slight pain.

He looked down and saw that although the wooden sword did not touch his body, the sword wind had already pierced his clothes. Even a small wound had appeared on his body. This was caused by Sun Bing showing mercy.

If Sun Bing regarded him as an enemy, then he was already dead. At this moment, he could not help but feel bitter in his heart. Could it be that all these years of hard work were useless to him?

"Are you alright?" The corner of Sun Bing's mouth curled into a smile. This man was someone he could befriend, so he asked in a low voice.

"I'm fine. Your Swords Arts is really terrifying. I failed today." Sun Yu said, "I'm convinced, but I will definitely work harder. I will challenge you again in the future."

Looking at Sun Yu's back, Sun Bing's expression was indifferent. However, he had already confirmed Sun Yu's determination. He could be friends with Sun Yu. After all, after so many years, he basically didn't have any friends.

At this moment, Elder Sun Li's facial expression had already recovered. After all, this was only a Low-grade Yellow grade cultivation technique. He could consider giving Sun Bing some more rewards later. He hoped that he could exchange this cultivation technique with Sun Bing.

The remaining time was for the other participants to compete. However, the competition between the top ten participants was much more interesting than the previous matches. This was because they all knew the rewards for the top three, especially the top three from previous years. This year, they needed to ensure their positions.

They would not show mercy. Although they would not kill people, it was still possible for them to be injured. Most importantly, the gap between these people was not as big as they had imagined.

Even ordinary disciples could understand the competition, and they could even comment on it. If the martial arts technique that the disciples on the stage learned was similar to the martial arts technique that they had learned, they would be able to learn some knowledge from it, which would increase their strength.

For example, although Sun Bing's battle just now was exciting, ordinary people could only watch it. They had no idea what it contained. In comparison, they preferred watching such a battle.

The result of the five battles was soon determined. As expected, Qin Ming, Fan Jin, and Wang Hong's positions were quite stable. Even though there were a lot of new disciples this year, none of them could threaten their positions. They had easily made it into the top five.

As for the remaining two, one was Sun Bing, and the other was the fourth ranked disciple of the Outer Sect Competition last year. Besides Sun Bing, there were no other dark horses. Even if the top ten were replaced, they wouldn't be able to match the top ten of the previous years.

In fact, if Sun Bing did not participate in the Outer Sect Competition this year, then Sun Yu, who had just been eliminated, might actually replace him as a dark horse. After all, his combat strength had already been recognized by Sun Bing. He had even used the Swords Arts in the Sword Controlling Spell. Unfortunately, reality was cruel. He had encountered a powerful opponent like Sun Bing.

As the top five were announced, the atmosphere in the training field started to rise. Even the ordinary disciples knew that the next event would be the highlight of the Outer Sect Competition. The following competition not only meant that the top three would be announced, but it also showed whether the top three from last year would be able to enter the inner sect.

If there was still a chance for the contestants to keep their trump cards in the previous matches, there was no need to hide their strength in the following matches because the top three and the top five were completely different. Everyone could only remember the top three. This was a different treatment, not to mention that the top three had an enviable reward.

Because there were five of them, if they were split into groups of two, there would be someone missing an opponent. Facing such a situation, of course, according to the rules of previous years, the first place would automatically advance, and the first place would only need to wait quietly by the side.

This rule meant that the first place would receive preferential treatment. It meant that the family recognized his efforts from the previous years. Therefore, as long as he could enter this segment in the second year, he could basically be ranked in the top three. Moreover, the strength of the first place in the past years was also worthy of this rule. They basically would not regress.

The process of drawing lots was quite simple. After all, Elder Sun Li was the Law Enforcement Elder. Naturally, there wouldn't be any cases of cheating. Therefore, it didn't take long for everyone to draw the lots. Sun Bing's opponent was Fan Jin, who was ranked fourth last year.

Looking at the results of previous years, it seemed like he was definitely the strongest among the four of them. Compared to Qin Ming, he was only slightly weaker. Last year, Fan Jin was already at the peak of the sixth level of Body Quenching Stage, so what would happen to him this year?

In any case, judging from his strength, he would definitely be stronger than last year. This could be seen from the previous competition. He had easily defeated his opponent without much effort.

"Looks like Sun Bing has no hope of getting into the top three this year. If he were to get into the fourth place last year, he might be able to get into the top three. Now, he was fighting the strongest of the four, Fan Jin. The gap between them was just too great."

" That's right. It seems like the top three of Outer Sect Competition are the same as before. I have never seen a rising star who could break through to the top three. It's already considered pretty good that Sun Bing can make it to the top five this year."

" After all, the top three and the top five are not on the same level. The rewards for the top three were too shocking. Sun Bing's failure is only natural."

At this moment, no matter how much they believed in Sun Bing, their hearts were completely shaken. After all, Fan Jin had shown his true strength last year. Although Sun Bing seemed to be very powerful, he didn't have any convincing achievements in the end.

Sun Bing turned a blind eye to the reactions of these people. His mood wasn't affected at all. After all, these people were just a bunch of outsiders to him.

Therefore, Sun Bing slowly walked towards the stone platform. The surrounding disciples' eyes were filled with sympathy, as if they were sympathizing with Sun Bing's results this year.

Unfortunately, Sun Bing did not believe those facts that had already been confirmed by others. After ten years of training, Sun Bing firmly believed in the sharp sword in his hand.

"I am Fan Jin. You are not bad. You should let go of this opportunity. Once we enter the inner circle, the Outer Sect will be under your control. " Fan Jin was a young man, so he naturally couldn't help but be arrogant. It could even be said that in the entire Outer Sect, only the number one Qin Ming could suppress him.

"If a person wants to become a powerful expert, he shouldn't avoid the difficulties in front of him." Sun Bing retorted indifferently. He did not accept charity. Everything he wanted could be obtained by relying on the sharp sword in his hand.

"Alright. I hope you can still be so stubborn later." Fan Jin couldn't help but laugh in anger. In his opinion, Sun Bing didn't know his limit.

Immediately, his body started glowing. His body moved violently. The strong wind on his palms was piercingly cold, and it was aimed at Sun Bing's body. This was the Low-grade Yellow grade martial arts technique - Great Monument Palm.

"seventh level of Body Quenching Stage."

Someone exclaimed from below the stage. Everyone knew that although they were both Body Quenching Stage warriors, one of them was a Mid Body Quenching Stage warrior, and the other was a Late Body Quenching Stage warrior.

Besides that, no matter how strong a Mid Body Quenching Stage warrior was, he could only store some Genuine Qi in some of the meridians in his body. He couldn't let the Genuine Qi circulate around his body. As for a Late Body Quenching Stage warrior, he needed to open up a certain number of meridians every time he made a breakthrough. The combat strength of these two warriors was not on the same level.

Currently, Fan Jin's palms were filled with Genuine Qi. Even a sixth level of Body Quenching Stage warrior would not be able to withstand this attack. Furthermore, Sun Bing was merely a Body Quenching Stage fifth layer in everyone's eyes. Not to mention the ordinary disciples, even Elder Sun Li's eyes had narrowed. He was ready to rescue Sun Bing at any time.

He had high hopes for Sun Bing's future, not to mention that Sun Bing had grown up in the Sun family. It could be said that he knew Sun Bing very well. As long as Sun Bing's cultivation base improved, he would be able to entrust him with a heavy responsibility. The only regret was that Sun Bing's cultivation base was a little low when he participated in this competition. If Sun Bing waited another year... Sun Bing would definitely succeed amongst the outer circle disciples.

Facing such a situation, Sun Bing took a slight step back. He raised the wooden sword up and narrowed his eyes. He found the weakness between Fan Jin's two palms and stabbed it towards his neck.

At the same time, he had some lingering fear in his heart. When faced with such an attack, there was even a faint gust of wind blowing behind him, making it impossible for him to escape. Fortunately, he had cultivated the footwork manual. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to break through such an encirclement.

Fan Jin naturally wouldn't risk his life to fight Sun Bing. He immediately retracted his palms and let out a soft sigh. Just like that, he switched from a frontal attack to a side attack. Sun Bing's right side was wrapped by a thick palm wind.

"Sweeping the Ground!"

Facing such an enemy, even Sun Bing needed to take it seriously. Besides, the enemy's cultivation base was higher than his, so he naturally needed to pay more attention to it.

The Sword Controlling Spell that Sun Bing used displayed an extremely powerful force. It actually brought out a sword light from the dense palm wind, causing the pressure on his side to disappear. He even had the strength to counterattack.

Fan Jin immediately withdrew his hand and retreated. He stared at Sun Bing and couldn't help but sigh. "The Swords Arts is really good. Could this be your trump card?"

Although Sun Bing won with his weapon, Fan Jin didn't mention anything about it. This was because everyone knew that the martial arts technique was a very profound skill. The easiest skill to practice was the pugilistic arts. Palm Arts, leg technique. As for learning weapons, it required a considerable amount of patience. No matter which weapon it was, it would require a lifetime of practice. Ordinary people really didn't have the perseverance to learn.

Sun Bing did not answer. At this moment, he also felt that Fan Jin was not easy to deal with. He sighed in his heart." As expected, the top outer circle disciples weren't easy to deal with. Whether it was in terms of combat experience or strength, he was pretty strong."

Sun Bing couldn't wait for Fan Jin to attack. He took the initiative to attack first. Relying on his speed that was one step faster, he quickly rushed towards Fan Jin. For a moment, the figures on the stone platform were intersecting with one another. The battle was intense, making the disciples below the platform unable to see their movements clearly.

All the disciples couldn't help but be dumbfounded. According to their imagination, Sun Bing shouldn't be able to withstand two rounds of attacks. After all, the gap between their cultivation realms was too big. Anyone who could defeat an opponent who was one realm higher than them would be considered a genius, but Sun Bing was currently fighting an opponent who was two realms higher than him.

Unknowingly, the two of them had been fighting each other for a period of time. Their movement speed had even slowed down slightly. Although Fan Jin's strength had already reached the seventh level of Body Quenching Stage, his Genuine Qi was not endless.

Sun Bing was able to see the weakness of his opponent's attack with a single glance. Furthermore, his Swords Arts realm was extremely high, and he possessed a profound footwork technique. He had used up Fan Jin's strength at the smallest price possible.

However, it was already a very dangerous thing for him to fight someone who had surpassed his realm. Therefore, his mind had always been tense. At this moment, a trace of exhaustion flashed through his sharp eyes. At this moment, both of them were somewhat tired.

"If your strength is only this much, then the winner of this competition will be me." Suddenly, Fan Jin roared furiously. Both of his palms had turned into a palm. Through the strong palm wind, Sun Bing found that the palm had turned green.

This was the Great Monument Palm that Fan Jin had cultivated to the Great Completion. Its power was more than twice as dangerous as the previous palm. Sun Bing had a keen sense of danger. If he couldn't resist it, he might even die.

Elder Sun Li was already standing not far away. He had already made up his mind. If Sun Bing couldn't defend against this attack, he would definitely attack.

Today, Sun Bing had brought too many surprises to Elder Sun Li. He had been in the family for so many years, but he had never seen such a genius. He naturally needed to treat Sun Bing well.

Since Fan Jin had already revealed his trump card, Sun Bing wouldn't have the chance to use it if he kept hiding his trump card. Although his body was densely covered with palm wind, his wooden sword didn't waver at all as it passed through the middle, shooting out a Sword Qi in front of Fan Jin's disbelieving eyes.

"Fatal Blow!"

After a month, Sun Bing felt that the power of this move was several times stronger than before. The Sword Qi was frightening, and it made Fan Jin's hair stand on end. He kept telling himself, if I am hit, I will die!

Luckily, Sun Bing had shown mercy. The Sword Qi rubbed Fan Jin's neck at a close distance and shot into the wall not far away, leaving a black hole.

But even so, Fan Jin still had lingering fears in his heart. It was too dangerous just now. He even felt that he was about to die. Fan Jin had never experienced such a feeling before.

Fan Jin subconsciously touched his neck. He felt that his hand was a little sticky. He looked down and found red blood on his hand. This completely frightened Fan Jin.

Even if the Sword Qi did not hit Fan Jin just now, the sword wind still pierced through his skin. Although he was injured, for some reason, Fan Jin felt very happy in his heart. He felt very fortunate.

"The winner of this competition is Sun Bing."

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