Sword Emperor/C25 The Top Three Are Confirmed
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Sword Emperor/C25 The Top Three Are Confirmed
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C25 The Top Three Are Confirmed

After Elder Sun Li finished speaking, the entire scene fell silent. This wasn't because the crowd didn't agree with Elder Sun Li's result, but because this battle had made all the disciples acknowledge Sun Bing's combat strength.

After witnessing such a great battle, they were too surprised and didn't know how to express it. After a long time, a wave of exclamations sounded out. The silence in the Martial Arts Practice Field had turned into a hubbub of voices.

"I'm not dreaming, am I? Sun Bing has really advanced to the top three."

"Since I can remember, this has never happened before. In the history of Sun family, only the top ten geniuses managed to break through to the top three. No newcomer had ever broken through to the top three. This has simply broken history."

"I never thought that his Swords Arts would be so strong. I want to practice my sword. I only need half of Sun Bing's sword technique. "

Elder Sun Li looked at the ordinary disciples below the stage and smiled. His heart was filled with deep shock.

As an elder, Sun Li knew more than the other disciples. Especially when he saw the flash of the Sword Qi, his heart was filled with excitement. He was sighing in his heart that a peerless genius had actually appeared in the Sun family.

Others might not know what a Sword Qi was, but Elder Sun Li knew that only those who were familiar with swords could have a Sword Qi. Even some of the elders in the family who practiced swords were unable to give out a Sword Qi. This comparison highlighted Sun Bing's talent.

At this moment, Sun Bing was really a little tired. Fan Jin was the strongest opponent Sun Bing had ever faced.

There were many factors that allowed Sun Bing to win this time. The main factor was that he had broken through to the Body Quenching Stage fifth layer. His Sword Controlling Spell had already reached the Small Completion, so its power was naturally stronger.

If it wasn't for the convenience provided by the Floating Light, he would have lost today. However, up until now, the truth had told Sun Bing that he had succeeded.

If the original Sun Bing could only be regarded as an insignificant piece of trash that was overlooked, then today's battle would be a stage for him to showcase his skills and amaze the world with a single feat.

Sun Bing slowly moved his body and felt the emptiness in his body. He could not help but smile bitterly. Today was his peak combat strength. Speaking of which, this wasn't bad. He was able to fight a seventh level of Body Quenching Stage warrior, and even break through the barrier between the Mid and Late Body Quenching Stage.

If it was a rogue cultivators, even if they were eighth level of Body Quenching Stage warriors, Sun Bing was confident that he could defeat them. The main reason why he was able to defeat them was because of the Sword Qi. A Fourth Level Body Quenching Stage warrior could only send out one Sword Qi, but Sun Bing could now send out three, and it was even more powerful.

The next battle was another one, and there was no need for Sun Bing to worry about it. He took this opportunity to quickly recover his exhausted strength. Moreover, he could also take the opportunity to observe the next battle and absorb some combat experience.

Next was the competition between Wang Hong and the fourth place. The two of them could be considered fated enemies. Last year, it was Wang Hong who defeated him. This year, he came to take revenge. If he could succeed, he would be able to enter the top three. However, even if he didn't succeed, no one would dare to laugh at him.

However, compared to this man, Wang Hong was under a lot of pressure. He had to win this battle, or else he would lose face. Therefore, on the stone platform, the two of them didn't say much, but the battle had become heated.

And now, Sun Bing, who was recovering, suddenly felt a sound coming from beside him. He opened his eyes and could not help but be a little surprised. Because the person who came to his side was last year's number one - Qin Ming.

"Why aren't you watching the battle?" Sun Bing couldn't help but feel puzzled. Logically speaking, shouldn't Qin Ming carefully observe Wang Hong's weakness so that he could defeat him in the battle later?

Qin Ming smiled faintly. "He is just a loser to me. I don't need to care about him at all. On the contrary, I think more highly of you. " As he spoke, his eyes emitted a thick battle intent.

After that, Qin Ming patted Sun Bing's shoulder, turned around, and left. The only sound left in the air was his voice, "I hope you can recover as soon as possible. I want to defeat an opponent who is at his peak. I don't want to hear any rumors about me taking advantage of the situation."

"He should be a martial arts maniac." Sun Bing couldn't help but sigh. In his senses, Qin Ming did not use any underhanded tricks. Especially the thick battle intent in his eyes that could not be faked.

Sun Bing felt that his body was no longer so weak, so he took out the Body Quenching Pill from his bosom and swallowed it. Under such circumstances, the effect of the Body Quenching Pill was pretty good. It slowly strengthened his body, and at the same time, restored his physical strength. It was simply too amazing.

Of course, only Sun Bing could do such a thing. To others, eating three Body Quenching Pill a month was too difficult. Every time they ate it, they had to be careful. How could they waste a treasure to use Body Quenching Pill to recover their body?

Putting aside Sun Bing who was recovering, the situation on the high platform clearly attracted everyone's attention. Especially the pugilistic arts that Wang Hong used. It was much easier than Sun Bing's Swords Arts. Many disciples knew the pugilistic arts, so they could naturally benefit from it.

As for learning the Swords Arts, there might be some people who could do it, but there were very few people who could persist through it. Sun Bing had practiced for a whole ten years before he could achieve this. Any condition could not be missed.

Wang Hong was able to become one of the top three last year, so he naturally had some powerful moves. His pugilistic arts had already reached the Great Completion. His combat strength was pretty strong. Unfortunately, his opponent seemed to have obtained some kind of fortuitous encounter, and his cultivation base was on par with his. If it wasn't for his opponent's martial arts technique, he wouldn't have been so familiar with it. There's really a chance something might happen.

However, he still struggled for a long time before finally defeating his opponent. Although he succeeded, there was no joy on his face. Because in his mind, Sun Bing's fierce Swords Arts still appeared.

At this moment, Qin Ming, Sun Bing, and Wang Hong had become the top three of the Outer Sect Competition.

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