Sword Emperor/C26 The Battle of Focus
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Sword Emperor/C26 The Battle of Focus
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C26 The Battle of Focus

Although the top three would be valued by the family, since ancient times, the ranking had to be determined in the martial arts competition. Only then could people be convinced, not to mention that different ranks determined different rewards.

Because Wang Hong had just experienced a great battle, his physical strength had basically been depleted, so he naturally could not participate. He could only sit by the side and rest, watching the decisive battle between Sun Bing and Qin Ming. He could find some flaws in them. This way, when he went on stage later, he would have a way to deal with them.

Qin Ming didn't wait for Elder Sun Li's announcement. He strode towards the tall platform and announced, "You can recover with all your strength. I won't launch a sneak attack on you. I only hope that the battle between you and me will be more interesting later."

After saying that, he looked at Sun Bing with burning eyes. His eyes were filled with intense battle intent. He just waited on the stone platform.

His sudden voice caused the entire Martial Arts Practice Field to fall into a strange silence. Immediately, numerous stunned gazes were fixed on Qin Ming who was standing on the platform. In the past, all the contestants wanted to defeat their opponent before their opponent fully recovered. This was a huge advantage.

They didn't expect Qin Ming to give up this advantage. This was too shocking. At the same time, they began to whisper to each other.

"Qin Ming is the strongest amongst the outer circle disciples. He is really domineering. He is simply the model of our generation. I want to learn from him. As for Sun Bing, it's already considered not bad that he can get second place."

However, the successive battles had already brought Sun Bing quite a bit of popularity. At this moment, there were still people who refuted him. "No matter how powerful Qin Ming is, Sun Bing still has a chance. His attack is far stronger than ordinary people. If he catches a flaw, Qin Ming will also lose."

However, there were more than a hundred disciples in Martial Arts Practice Field. Although everyone had their own favorite candidates, most of them were still optimistic about Qin Ming. After all, he had won the first place last year. Furthermore, his strength was obvious to all. Furthermore, Sun Bing had just consumed too much of his energy.

A long time had passed. The Body Quenching Pill that Sun Bing had swallowed had been completely absorbed. He couldn't help but clench his fist. Immediately, that majestic energy once again appeared in his body. It was obvious that he had already fully recovered, and had even made some progress.

He slowly opened his eyes. He didn't care about the ordinary disciples around him. He immediately saw Qin Ming sitting cross-legged on the stone platform. At this moment, Qin Ming's eyes were slightly closed, as if he was adjusting his condition. However, after Qin Ming felt Sun Bing's gaze, he immediately looked at Sun Bing.

The two opponents had finally met. In an instant, the atmosphere became silent, and only the two of them could be seen in each other's eyes.

Looking at Qin Ming's passionate eyes, Sun Bing's first reaction was that he was a very powerful opponent. Sure enough, there was no shortage of geniuses in this world, and there would never be a lack of hardworking geniuses. Sun Bing wasn't sure whether Qin Ming was a genius or not, but anyone who could have such eyes must be very hardworking.

Sun Bing quickly walked towards the stone platform. Every step he took was to prepare his attack. When he finally reached the stone platform, he had already gotten rid of all the distracting thoughts in his mind, and his battle intent had reached its peak.

If Fan Jin could be said to be a worthy opponent, then Qin Ming could be said to be his whetstone. Experts would encounter many whetstones in their lives. This was only Sun Bing's first hurdle. He would not allow him to fail. This time, he had to be the first.

Because only by obtaining this honor would he be able to advance further and obtain more resources. He was even closer to that beautiful figure. All of this wouldn't allow Sun Bing to fail.

Furthermore, he had already made up his mind. After becoming a cultivator, he wouldn't allow himself to fail. When the sword met an opponent, it could only be unsheathed. If it wasn't unsheathed one day, it would mean that the sword was broken.

Facing Sun Bing who wanted to win so badly, Qin Ming still had a solemn expression on his face. In the past year, he had been regarded as a huge mountain amongst the outer circle disciples. Although he was only an outer circle disciple of Sun family, his deterrent force was already quite strong. Some people even compared him to the number one genius of the Sun family, Sun Long.

However, at this moment, he had truly experienced the feeling of danger from Sun Bing. Most importantly, he was also a young man, and his cultivation realm was lower than his. The hot blood in his heart immediately surged, "I never thought that the Outer Sect would have a disciple like you. Fighting you is really my luck. I will use you as my whetstone. "

"I never thought that there would be such a powerful young man like you. Furthermore, I firmly believe that you are my whetstone. You are able to make my sword become even sharper. " Sun Bing said faintly. He even used his left hand to gently stroke the wooden sword in his hand. He quietly felt the connection between him and the sword. His usually calm heart could not help but feel excited.

Elder Sun Li could not help but nod. He had been shocked too many times today, but not only was he not angry, but he was actually quite happy. As a member of the older generation in his family, he didn't have many selfish motives. He only wanted the Sun family to prosper more and more.

Qin Ming had already received Elder Sun Li's attention last year. This made him very satisfied. Not only Qin Ming's temperament, but even Qin Ming's hard work was seen by Elder Sun Li. As for Sun Bing, he was a little shocked. He could even imagine what would happen after these two geniuses joined the Sun family. In addition to Sun Long, it might not be impossible for the Sun family to become the number one family in Falling Cloud Town in a few years.

Immediately, his face turned serious. He even stood beside the stone platform. If anything were to happen, he would be able to save them at the first possible moment. In his eyes, both of them were extremely important. He couldn't relax at all.

"The patriarch is here."

"Hello, patriarch."

Suddenly, there was a commotion among the disciples below the stone platform. They didn't expect the patriarch to come and watch the Outer Sect Competition. This was a very rare thing. Therefore, all the disciples couldn't help but feel excited.

Even Sun Bing couldn't help but turn his head slightly. He saw a group of people walking over from not far away. A tall man was in the center. He looked to be in his thirties, and his face was full of determination. He walked like a tiger. He exuded a powerful aura. He was the current patriarch of Sun family, Sun Xiao. He was a man with incredible power and influence in the Falling Cloud Town.

He was Sun Bing's foster father. However, when Sun Bing thought about what Sun Xiao had done in the past ten years, he couldn't help but feel sad. In the past ten years, the two of them hadn't met more than three times. They were like strangers.

However, the woman beside Sun Xiao attracted Sun Bing's attention. She was still cold and expressionless. But even so, it still couldn't change her peerless appearance. Many disciples were already captivated by her. She was precisely Sun Yanran.

Sun Bing looked at her expressionlessly in the crowd. However, in his heart, he secretly told himself, the distance between us is getting closer and closer. I believe that I will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with you very soon.

He looked around and was surprised to find that almost all the higher ups of the family had come to watch the insignificant Outer Sect Competition. Sun Long, who was reputed to be the number one genius of the Sun family, followed closely behind them. From time to time, he would raise his head and look at Sun Yanran, his eyes were full of greed.

"Hello, patriarch." Elder Sun Li could not help cupping his hands. His words were not very respectful. After all, he was a big shot in the family, but at least he needed to be polite.

"I heard that many geniuses have been born in our family during this trip to the Outer Sect Competition, so I came here to take a look. If the winner is talented, the reward will be doubled. " Sun Xiao waved his hand, displaying the might of the patriarch.

"This time, the Outer Sect Competition is very exciting. Even when I was young, I don't think I could make it into the top three. Especially Sun Bing, he had actually comprehended the Sword Qi. His future is limitless." Sun Li immediately said.

After he finished speaking, Sun Bing became known by everyone. Especially Sun Xiao, who had a puzzled look in his eyes. He looked at Sun Bing deeply and said, "Since you said so, then I will wait and see."

Sun Yanran, who was beside him, was slightly moved when she heard the news. Her eyes were filled with surprise, expectation, and gratification. All in all, she had mixed feelings.

The two of them exchanged glances. This situation was clearly noticed by Sun Long. Sun Long immediately became furious. But now that the patriarch was here, even if he wanted to say something, he had no right to interrupt. After all, he was just a genius, and he didn't have the right to speak.

Elder Sun Li immediately attracted the attention of the crowd and said. "Then I will ask the patriarch to observe the combat strength of the Sun family's younger generation. I believe they won't let you down. The competition begins now."

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