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Sword Emperor/C27 Breaking Through at the Last Minute
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C27 Breaking Through at the Last Minute

After Sun Li announced the start of the battle, Qin Ming's facial expression turned cold all of a sudden. It seemed like he wasn't going to hold back any of his strength.

"Sun Bing, I hope you can give me a different surprise. Otherwise, I will be too lonely."

The Genuine Qi circulated in all the meridians in his body. A powerful force filled Qin Ming's body. He smiled, then took two steps forward and ran behind Sun Bing. He wanted to attack the back of Sun Bing's head.

"So fast." Sun Bing couldn't help but exclaim in his heart. Such speed was not something a ordinary cultivator could achieve. Even Sun Bing couldn't help but be caught off guard. It seemed like this Qin Ming was really capable.

His strong palm wind was even stronger than Fan Jin's. It even made his face hurt. This was enough to tell the difference between the two of them. This made Sun Bing secretly sigh in his heart. He was indeed worthy of being the champion of last year's competition. His strength was indeed powerful.

"Sword Essence!"

However, Sun Bing was already mentally prepared. In an instant, he held the wooden sword in his hand and stabbed it from the side. He didn't even turn his head during the whole process. He just took the first attack without any hesitation.

This was the power of the Sword Controlling Spell. Not only was its attack powerful, but its angle was also tricky. It was able to perfectly defend against the surrounding attacks. Even if his back was not his weakness.

Of course, he had to be confident in his sword technique. If he did not have enough control over his sword technique, not only would he not be able to hurt his opponent, but he would also lose the ability to fight.

"Good, you really didn't let me down" Although his first attack was blocked, Qin Ming wasn't disappointed at all. If he couldn't even block this attack, it meant that Sun Bing wasn't worthy to be his opponent.

At this moment, even Sun Xiao who was standing below the stage couldn't help but nod his head. "The outer circle disciples this time are really not bad. They already have such combat strength at such a young age. Especially Qin Ming. I never thought that his combat experience would be so rich. I can focus on training him. "

" It seems like the Law Enforcement Elder's eyesight is still as sharp as before. " Another man couldn't help but laugh out loud. This man had an aged face. He was also an elder of the family. His name was Sun Zhen, and he was the elder brother of the patriarch. Sun Long was his son.

Sun Bing didn't have the time to pay attention to the comments below the stage. If he was distracted during the battle, then he wouldn't be far from death, especially when he was facing such a powerful opponent today.

Another punch landed on his body. Sun Bing immediately used the wooden sword to find a flaw in the attack, then he blocked Qin Ming's attack. At the same time, he secretly sighed in his heart, this is the settling of time. Qin Ming had already learned two secret manuals, and because of all these years of hard work, he had already reached the Great Completion.

On the other hand, Sun Bing didn't have much time to cultivate. He had only cultivated for two months. Even if he had outstanding talent, the only martial arts technique he could use was the Sword Controlling Spell. If it wasn't for the Sword Controlling Spell, he wouldn't have been able to last until now.

"Although Fan Jin's strength isn't that great, what he said isn't wrong. Your Swords Arts is really terrifying. The warm-up had ended. Let's begin the final battle." Qin Ming's attack failed. He stood not far away and said faintly.

Suddenly, a sound of gasping came from below the stage. The intensity of the battle just now was no less than the battle between Sun Bing and Fan Jin. But this was actually a warm-up. This was too terrifying.

The disciples below the stage had already secretly made comparisons in their hearts. If they went on stage, Sun Bing or Qin Ming would be able to kill them in one move. The gap between them was just too great.

Even Sun Xiao couldn't help but feel curious. "Up until now, he is considered quite outstanding. If he's a little stronger, he can be considered a genius." He could not help but investigate carefully.

At this moment, a trace of worry flashed across Sun Yanran's beautiful eyes, especially when she saw the stubborn figure on the stone platform. Even her fists could not help but clench.

In the entire family, she was the only one who understood Sun Bing's obsession with becoming stronger. Every day, he insisted on practicing his sword, and because of this, he did not even care about his body. For so many years, she had taken care of him for a very long time.

As for now, although he had already cultivated, his realm was still somewhat low. And the battle just now had already proved Qin Ming's terrifying power. She never thought that Sun Bing would still persist. This really made her worried.

After Qin Ming finished speaking, the pressure he brought was even stronger. Even his fist couldn't help but become bigger. He slowly swung his fist at Sun Bing.

With every step he took, the stone platform under his feet would crack inch by inch. The force of his fist was even stronger. Many of the disciples below the stage could not even see the battle on the stone platform clearly. Their clothes were blown by the wind. His punch had completely broken through the seventh level of Body Quenching Stage's power.

Sun Bing, who was standing on the stone platform, could truly feel the tremendous pressure brought by this punch. A huge force pushed him towards Qin Ming's fist. If it wasn't for the fact that he had cultivated the footwork manual, he absolutely wouldn't be able to withstand this kind of force at this moment.

But even so, he still couldn't help but find it difficult to breathe. Although this move had a weakness in Sun Bing's eyes, he was unable to break through the fist wind and launch an attack. He was a little sad.

It was at this moment that Elder Sun Li's mind was completely tensed up. His eyes narrowed slightly. If anything unexpected happened, it would be the time for him to strike.

"I won't admit defeat. You are just my whetstone. " Sun Bing thought to himself. When he saw the beautiful figure, the battle intent in his heart became even more vigorous.

At this moment, the wooden sword seemed to have sensed what Sun Bing was thinking. The speed at which he swung his sword was even faster. And under such tremendous pressure, Sun Bing could feel the level 1 film in his body quietly shattering into pieces.

A huge force suddenly surged out of Sun Bing's exhausted body from nowhere. It rushed straight towards the wooden sword. Sun Bing instantly realized that his realm, which he had suppressed for so long, had broken through at this moment. He had gone from the Body Quenching Stage fifth layer to the peak of the sixth level of Body Quenching Stage.

Sun Bing's breakthrough had made the gap between him and Qin Ming even smaller. The wooden sword in his hand was stronger. Even in the face of such a terrifying fist wind, he was no longer as powerless as before. He immediately identified the flaw in the attack and shot the Sword Qi towards Qin Ming's body.

"This is truly a pleasant surprise. Sun Bing had made a breakthrough in the battle. He still had the Sword Qi. This time, two talents really appeared. I can directly recruit them into the inner sect. The reward is indeed doubled." Sun Xiao couldn't help but feel surprised.

In the Falling Cloud Town, Qi Refining Stage was considered an expert. With his talent, breaking through to the Qi Refining Stage was a piece of cake. This was the future of his family.

Seeing Sun Bing's breakthrough, Sun Yanran's tightly clenched hands could not help but relax. Sun Long, who had been paying attention to her, saw this small action clearly. He immediately looked at Sun Bing, who was on the stone platform, and his eyes could not help but reveal a faint killing intent.

The Sword Qi's speed was very fast. Even though Qin Ming had already sensed it and stopped his attack, a wound still appeared on his fist. This was the power of the Sword Qi. It was almost invincible in the Body Quenching Stage.

Sun Bing felt the boundless power in his body. He didn't give up any chance, and instead attacked first. After being instilled by the Genuine Qi, the dark wooden sword started glowing with a faint white light. However, its lethality was even greater.

"Sweeping the Sea!"

He immediately used the skill from the Sword Controlling Spell to attack Qin Ming at lightning speed.

The coverage of this skill was extremely wide. It was supposed to be used to deal with group battles, but Sun Bing's Swords Arts was superb. He forcefully changed it to use it on a single person.

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