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Sword Emperor/C28 The Number One Genius in the Outer Sect
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C28 The Number One Genius in the Outer Sect

Qin Ming had a lot of combat experience. When faced with an attack that was almost impossible to defend against, his expression turned ruthless. He didn't care about the other parts of his body. A green light flickered on his fist. His huge fist looked like a hard rock.

He had already instilled all the Genuine Qi in his fist. In this way, the defensive power of his fist had been greatly enhanced. He actually wanted to use this method to forcefully block Sun Bing's attack.

An ear-piercing sound was heard. Although he had already blocked this attack, Qin Ming's right hand could be seen trembling slightly. There were even traces of blood flowing out. The difference between the two of them was obvious.

However, seventh level of Body Quenching Stage still had an advantage in the end. After such a long period of battle, more than half of the Genuine Qi in Sun Bing's body had been consumed. However, judging from Qin Ming's appearance, his Genuine Qi was still quite strong. If this continued, the situation would be unfavorable to Sun Bing.

Obviously, Sun Bing had also realized the situation. Immediately, he furrowed his brows slightly, realizing that they couldn't delay any longer. They had to end this battle as soon as possible. Therefore, he didn't give Qin Ming any time to rest and continued to attack.

Because the next few attacks would decide the outcome of the battle, he didn't hold anything back. Every sword strike was infused with Genuine Qi, and there were even three Sword Qi that were sent out. They were aimed at Qin Ming's head, chest, and lower body respectively.

In addition to the secondary sword technique attack, he could not dodge at all. He could only retreat continuously. Sun Bing's attack was even fiercer, but suddenly, Qin Ming tripped and fell to the edge of the stone platform.

"Sun Bing wins."

Elder Sun Li, who had been nervous the whole time, finally heaved a sigh of relief. He didn't even dare to breathe just now. He stared at the intense battlefield, afraid that a genius of Sun family would fall if Sun Bing lost.

Therefore, when he saw Qin Ming fall off the stone platform, he immediately announced the result in a loud voice, in order to prevent any conflicts that might happen next.

Qin Ming was clearly a little stunned when he saw Qin Ming fall off the stone platform. But soon, a trace of determination flashed across his eyes. Even the way he looked at Sun Bing changed.

Sun Bing didn't have any other thoughts about this. Instead, he spoke straightforwardly. "You are very strong. This time, I have used some tricks. Otherwise, the result might not be the same."

"No, there is no such thing as trickery in a battle. I admit that I lost. I am open and aboveboard. Besides, your realm is lower than mine. I really couldn't resist that move just now, I even felt the feeling of death from it. If you were at the same realm as me, You would definitely be stronger." Qin Ming's analysis of this battle was rather objective.

However, the battle intent in his eyes did not weaken in the slightest. "I have already regarded you as a target to surpass. We can drink together when we have time." After saying that, he turned around and left in a carefree manner.

"Sun Bing has won this battle. Sun Bing can rest for a while now. After he has recovered his strength, he can fight Wang Hong to fight for the first place in the Outer Sect." Elder Sun Li immediately announced. He now attached great importance to Sun Bing.

At this moment, Wang Hong who was standing in the corner felt very sad. He thought that he had made great progress. However, after he saw the battle just now, he realized in despair that he could not defeat any one of them.

He immediately said weakly, "Elder, there is no need to compete anymore. I'm convinced of Sun Bing's ability. I forfeit. "

After he finished speaking, not only the disciples below the stage, even the elders were dumbfounded. For so many years, they had never met anyone who forfeited in the top three contests. This was truly inconceivable.

However, on second thought, something that had never happened before had happened in Outer Sect Competition. For example, a rising star had entered the top three and two geniuses were competing against each other. It wasn't surprising for Wang Hong to admit defeat now.

However, before Elder Sun Li could make the announcement, he saw Sun Xiao standing up and waving his hand, saying, "The future belongs to all young people. Today, I really saw a wonderful competition. All of you must work hard in the future.

Sun Bing could be said to be the number one genius in the outer circle. I can see that he has always been very diligent in his cultivation. Otherwise, he wouldn't have such a superb Swords Arts. Therefore, in order to reward him for winning the first place in the Outer Sect Competition, I will reward him with ten bottles of Body Quenching Pill. He will be able to enter the second level of the Cultivation Hall and choose a secret manual. "

After he finished speaking, the disciples below the stage started discussing amongst themselves.

"I didn't expect him to be able to enter the second floor of the Cultivation Hall to choose a skill. In the past, the champion could only enter the first level. The rewards this year are truly bountiful."

" Yeah. He was able to obtain a total of thirteen bottles of Body Quenching Pill. This is truly enviable. "

" Sun Bing is indeed worthy of being called the number one genius in the outer circle. He will be able to enter the inner circle next year and become the number one genius of the Sun family. I'm going to start my sword practice now, and follow Sun Bing's footsteps."

As the patriarch, Sun Xiao had a lot of things to do. Therefore, after saying these words, he turned around and left. Although he had only appeared for a short period of time, all the disciples had a very deep impression of him. In particular, the reward he announced had aroused the disciples' competitive spirit. It could be said that this had ignited their enthusiasm for cultivation.

Sun Bing calmly watched Sun Xiao's back as he left. He had not seen Sun Xiao for ten years. He did not expect Sun Xiao to forget about him. He did not have any good impression of his step-father. When he had the ability to protect himself, it would be time for him to leave the Sun family.

Sun Xiao and the other higher ups had left. Initially, Sun Long had planned to leave immediately, but when he turned around and heard the words "number one genius of the outer circle," he couldn't help but show some displeasure in his eyes. However, this was what Sun Xiao had said, and it was impossible for it to be changed.

However, when Sun Xiao said that Sun Bing would enter the inner circle and become the number one genius of Sun family, this provoked Sun Long. For so many years, he had always regarded himself as the number one genius of the Sun family. But now, this thing that belonged to him was considered someone else's. In Sun Long's heart, he had already sentenced Sun Bing to death.

However, in order to protect his image, he couldn't be angry. He could only forcefully suppress the dissatisfaction in his heart. He turned around and walked outside. However, Sun Bing could tell from his intense breathing that Sun Long must be very angry right now.

Countless thoughts were running through Sun Bing's mind. Unknowingly, he had already won the first place in the Outer Sect. So, his next target was Sun Long. When he thought about how Sun Long had persecuted him, he couldn't help but feel angry. Although Sun Long had only said one sentence, Sun Bing had suffered for ten years.

However, this bitter battle had made him realize his problem. That was, his cultivation time was still a little short. Even though his strength was astonishing, his realm was low. If it was a protracted battle, the one who would die would definitely be him.

If Qin Ming was smarter today, Sun Bing would definitely not be able to last more than the time it takes for an incense stick to burn if he didn't engage in a direct battle from the beginning. However, Qin Ming had his pride. Even though he knew the method to win, he didn't do it. This made Sun Bing have a good impression of him.

Sun Bing felt the powerlessness in his body. Immediately, he slowly walked towards his residence. However, his current treatment was completely different from before. Countless disciples of the Outer Sect were gathered on both sides of him, and he was the core of all of them.

Sun Bing didn't like these people, but he couldn't be too distant from them. He immediately said: "Fellow junior brothers, I'm a little tired today. I'll go and rest for a while. I'll ask all of you for guidance in the future."

Since Sun Bing had already said so, it would be rude if the others continued to pester him. Immediately, a path was made in the crowd. However, the disciples on both sides were looking at him with admiration.

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