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C29 Sun Yanran

The next morning, Sun Bing, who was sitting cross-legged in his room, let out a long breath. The spiritual essence in his mouth turned into a white mist, and it didn't dissipate for a long time.

Yesterday, when Sun Bing returned to his room, he swallowed two Body Quenching Pill to cultivate because he was really weak. This way, the medicinal effect would be stronger, and the strengthening of his body would be even more intense.

It was only until this morning that he finished absorbing the medicinal strength of the Body Quenching Pill. He stretched his body, and could clearly feel the majestic energy contained within his body. Especially the Genuine Qi within his body, it had already transformed from a wisp to a large patch.

If Sun Bing was at his peak, he would be able to release at least ten Sword Qi. Next, as long as Sun Bing continued to cultivate diligently, opening all the meridians in his body, he would be able to break through to the seventh level of Body Quenching Stage and step into the Late Body Quenching Stage.

Of course, it was still too early to say all of this. He had just broken through yesterday, so he needed to consolidate his cultivation. Otherwise, his foundation would be unstable, and it would be detrimental to his future.

Since he had regained consciousness, he could not continue to be dispirited. He immediately took out the wooden sword on his leg, pushed open the door, and walked out, preparing for today's morning exercise.

Besides yesterday, this was the second time Sun Bing came to the Martial Arts Practice Field of his family. However, the Martial Arts Practice Field in the early morning was completely different from yesterday's. There were many disciples here, and each of them occupied a small area to practice the martial arts technique.

What surprised Sun Bing the most was that there were about a dozen disciples in the best section of the training ground. They were actually in the Qi Refining Qingfeng Swords Arts.

Sun Bing had thought that this group of disciples was just talking, but he never thought that they would actually gather together and start practicing their sword skills. Although their Swords Arts was still quite young, it was a spectacular scene when a dozen of them used the same sword skill.

"The number one genius of the outer circle, Sun Bing, is here." Suddenly, someone shouted. Everyone in the Martial Arts Practice Field stopped what they were doing and stared at Sun Bing.

Even though Sun Bing had a calm expression on his face, he still couldn't stand it. The strongest one among them was the sword training team. Almost everyone's eyes sparkled. They even immediately ran forward to ask, "Senior Brother Sun Bing, how do you think our sword practice is going? Do we have a future? Can we be as strong as you?"

This series of questions made Sun Bing somewhat irritated. He secretly hated him for not coming to Martial Arts Practice Field. But now that he had come, he could only say, "The Swords Arts is a profound and profound knowledge. All of you must carry a sword with you and use your heart to feel the Swords Arts. Only then will you be able to improve.

Actually, all of you have done well. As long as you continue to persist like this, your combat strength will definitely improve tremendously in less than a year. Of course, you must practice your sword every day and never slack off. "

When these disciples heard Sun Bing's praise, they said excitedly," Senior Brother Sun Bing, don't worry. We will definitely use you as an example. We will definitely persist. "

What Sun Bing said was actually true. As long as they could endure the loneliness and continue to practice their sword for a year, they would definitely be able to obtain a qualitative improvement. However, how many people could do it?

This required firm willpower. If these people really had enough willpower, they would have achieved something a long time ago. How could they be like this? Therefore, he could only remind them that this was the secret of the Swords Arts. However, whether they believed him or not, he couldn't care less.

Because there were too many people in the Martial Arts Practice Field. Here, Sun Bing couldn't use his martial arts at all. He could only bring them to practice the Swords Arts once before turning around and leaving. When he left, he could still hear the exclamations coming from behind.

"Look, the number one genius of the outer circle is really extraordinary. Although he had only used the basic Swords Arts just now, he was still able to unleash the sword wind. He didn't touch anyone, but we all felt pain. "

" That's right. I don't care. I also want to practice my sword. Next year, I'll be able to reach the top three like him."

When Sun Bing heard these rumors, he just laughed it off. Even if he was the number one genius in the outer sect, so what? Right now, Sun Bing only believed in his own strength. Even if he was called the number one genius of the Shen State, he still didn't have the strength.

However, Sun Bing still underestimated the influence of this title. When he walked out of the gate of the Sun family, he could hear pedestrians discussing on the way. "This time, the Outer Sect Competition of the Sun family is really amazing. A genius had appeared in the Sun family. He is reputed as the number one genius of the outer circle by the patriarch of the Sun family."

After all, the Sun family was one of the three major powers in the Falling Cloud Town. Every outstanding young man is likely to be the higher ups of the family in the future. Their power and influence would have a huge impact on the family. Therefore, everyone had to pay attention to them. Furthermore, the Sun family also needed to establish their own reputation, which meant that there were many geniuses in the Sun family. They didn't show any signs of weakness.

When Sun Bing heard these compliments, he felt a little strange in his heart. However, he was not an unruly person, and he had already achieved such an achievement. He attached more importance to strength. He passed through the crowd and immediately arrived at the back mountain.

There was still no one who had come here before. This place was rather quiet. Sun Bing didn't need to worry about the disciples of the Sun family coming here to seek advice, so he made up his mind. In the future, if he needed practice, he would still be on this cliff.

Just now, he was being pestered by so many people. To be honest, he was really a bit embarrassed. After all, time was precious. If he guided others for a minute, he would waste a minute. Sun Bing did not want to operate his own image like Sun Long did. His ambition was not in the Sun family. Those relationships weren't as important as strength.

While Sun Bing was practicing with his sword, a beautiful white figure slowly walked over from the foot of the mountain. When she realized that there was no familiar figure in the forest, she could not help but feel a little disappointed. However, she soon seemed to have noticed something and continued her journey up the mountain.

Suddenly, Sun Bing, who was dancing with his sword, suddenly stopped what he was doing. He immediately turned around. He could sense that someone was rushing towards the mountain. However, just as he turned around, he noticed the cold shadow on the mountain road.

Her skin was as white as snow, and her eyes were like clear water. When she looked around, a kind of elegant and elegant temperament came from her body, making people feel intimidated, ashamed, and not dare to blaspheme. However, her cold and aloof behavior was filled with a charming feeling, which caused one's soul to wander.

This was precisely Sun Yanran. Even Sun Bing did not expect Sun Yanran to be able to find the mountain. Sun Yanran was wearing white clothes today. Along with the breeze on the cliff, her skirt could not help but flutter. She was actually like a goddess in the sky.

This was the first time Sun Bing looked at Sun Yanran openly and openly. In the past, he felt inferior, but now he finally had the strength. The suppressed affection in his heart could not help but overflow. Even with his temperament, he could not help but be shaken.

"Congratulations on getting the first place in Outer Sect." Sun Yanran said slowly. Her voice was cold and filled with concern. Her voice was very pleasant to listen to, and a trace of reminiscence flashed across Sun Yanran's eyes.

It had been a full ten years and that child from before had also become a handsome young man. He was somewhat attractive.

She remembered that youth. He was very stubborn. No matter how serious his injuries were, he would not tell her. He even stopped her from helping him take revenge. Every day, regardless of the wind or rain, he would raise his sword to practice. Even she could not help but be moved by his perseverance.

In fact, all of this was seen by her. She did not think that so many years had passed. The once weak young man had become a cultivator, and his strength had far exceeded her expectations. She had an inexplicable feeling in her heart.

When Sun Bing heard such encouragement, he had an uncontrollable wild joy. This was more exciting than the other disciples praising him a hundred times. His gaze became even more enthusiastic. He recalled Sun Yanran's care for him during these ten years and immediately decided that he would work hard to cultivate.

Sun Bing's gaze was too invasive. Although Sun Yanran had a cold personality, her fair face couldn't help but turn red. She quickly turned around and slowly walked down the mountain. "Sun Long seems to have developed killing intent towards you."

Facing such a situation, Sun Bing could not help but feel a little disappointed. But soon he saw Sun Yanran walking to a corner. She turned around and said softly, "You can do it." She waved her hand after she finished speaking. There was a small pendant tied to her wrist.

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