Sword Emperor/C31 Cultivation Technique Hall's Second Floor
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Sword Emperor/C31 Cultivation Technique Hall's Second Floor
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C31 Cultivation Technique Hall's Second Floor

In the afternoon, the Luoyun Inn was bustling with activity. Guests kept coming in, showing the liveliness of the number one inn in the Falling Cloud Town. When Sun Bing and Sun Bing arrived, the main hall was already crowded with people. From time to time, they could hear the discussions.

Before Sun Bing could do anything, Qin Ming shouted, "Waiter, arrange a private room for me. Give me a few more dishes and two jars of wine."

"Okay." After receiving the money, Waiter was very enthusiastic. He took the two to a private room.

Sun Bing looked around and saw that the private room was much more prosperous than the main hall. The furniture was made of lightning wood. There were even exquisite porcelain on both sides of the room. With the level 1 Curtain Cloth separating the main hall, the atmosphere was quite good.

The dishes were served very quickly. They looked quite good. Three plates of meat dishes and two plates of vegetable dishes. Qin Ming immediately raised his glass. "Brother Sun, thank you very much for today's matter. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know how to settle this matter." After he finished speaking, he emptied his cup, expressing his respect for Sun Bing.

"These are all small matters. Speaking of which, it was because of what happened yesterday that you suffered." Sun Bing also raised his glass.

This made Qin Ming laugh. "Brother Sun, this has nothing to do with you. Yesterday, I was convinced that I lost, but they deliberately caused trouble. I didn't think that I would implicate you today. " After he finished speaking, he let out a long sigh.

Sun Bing was quite puzzled by Qin Ming's behavior. After all, after the competition just now, he had already understood that Sun Fann's strength wasn't that great. He immediately asked, "According to what I saw, although that man's cultivation base is quite high, his strength is incomparably weak. Why didn't you attack him?"

This question made Qin Ming silent for a while. After drinking a few mouthfuls of wine, he said, "Before I answer this question, I have to tell you about the difference between the inner sect and the Outer Sect. The Outer Sect is an ordinary disciple of the Sun family. If a great war really breaks out, they will be the ones who can be sacrificed."

"Half of the outer sect disciples are rogue cultivators, and the other half are servants or relatives of the Sun family. No one cares about them. Giving them monthly salary is just a way to take care of them. Outer Sect Competition is the way to select disciples with potential. "

As for the benefits of the inner sect disciples, they were much better than the Outer Sect. In fact, no inner sect disciple was willing to receive the monthly salary of the Outer Sect, because most of the inner sect disciples were from the Sun family, while the rest were disciples who entered through the Outer Sect Competition. "

Although Sun Bing had stayed in the Sun family for ten years, he had no friends, and he didn't stay in the courtyard of the Sun family often. Therefore, he didn't know much about this information. Immediately, he listened carefully to Qin Ming's explanation.

"We, the disciples of the Outer Sect, don't have the bloodline of the Sun family. Although we can get some benefits, our treatment will be slightly worse. Our highest position is the Guest Warrior of the Sun family. It's impossible for us to have too much power.

That's why the disciples of the Sun family look down on us. We are never part of the Sun family, so we have to be patient no matter what." Qin Ming let out a long sigh as he spoke.

Now that Sun Bing knew about the whole matter, he had never thought that there would be such a difference. He had never heard of such a thing before.

The only person Sun Bing was familiar with was Sun Yanran. As the daughter of the patriarch, it was impossible for her to meet those arrogant disciples. Even if they were arrogant in front of others, they would not show it in front of her, so she knew nothing about it.

The information about Qin Ming today was very useful to Sun Bing. He immediately raised his glass. "Thank you for introducing me to this situation."

At the same time, he couldn't help but sigh in his mind. He had never thought that these disciples with other surnames would be so humble. At most, they were just Guest Warrior from the Sun family. He recalled his identity. He was only Guest Warrior's son. What would happen to him in the end?

He suddenly felt that his decision to leave this place in the future was right. The Sun family was not a place he could stay!

Next, Qin Ming and Sun Bing chatted happily. After all, Sun Bing had helped him a lot. They had a certain friendship now.

After lunch, Sun Bing went to Cultivation Hall alone. This was Sun Bing's second time coming to Cultivation Hall. The first time he came here was two months ago. He found Elder Sun Wei guarding Cultivation Hall.

Sun Wei frowned when he saw Sun Bing. He seemed to have some impression of Sun Bing. He asked, "You are the one who chose Overrun Sword Arts. You haven't mastered it yet? I wanted to ask you the last time you came back. It was such a pity. What are you doing here this time? "

Elder Sun Wei had good intentions. He had been guarding the Cultivation Hall all year round, so he had very little information about it. Furthermore, Sun Bing had just become famous yesterday, so it was normal that Sun Wei didn't know about it.

Sun Bing didn't mind this kind of caring nagging. When he heard Elder Sun Wei's question, he took out his command. "I have obtained the first place in Outer Sect Competition. I can enter the second floor of Cultivation Hall."

Elder Sun Wei couldn't help but nod his head when he saw this, and let them pass. Before they got close to the second level, he reminded them in a low voice, "You must make a good choice this time. Don't be careless."

Sun Bing smiled and agreed. He then slowly entered the Cultivation Hall. At this moment, the place was still the same as the last time he had seen it. The secret manuals were neatly arranged, making it look very attractive. However, these were only the most common low level Yellow grade secret manuals.

Sun Bing looked at the stairs not far away, and his eyes were filled with anticipation. Immediately, he slowly stepped onto the second floor of Cultivation Hall. This wasn't a place that ordinary people could enter. The inner circle disciples of the family needed to make a contribution in order to be allowed to enter.

As for Sun Bing being able to enter, it was purely a coincidence. It was because Sun Xiao wanted to win over the hearts of the people that he had promised to double the reward. Although there was a difference of one grade between a lower grade and a medium grade, the meaning behind it was completely different.

As soon as Sun Bing came up, he saw the stairs not far away. It led to the third floor, and there must be even better cultivation techniques and secret manuals there. However, Sun Bing was not qualified to go there. A trace of regret flashed across his eyes, and only then did Sun Bing look around.

The second time in Cultivation Hall was much smaller than the first floor, and the cultivation techniques and secret manuals on the shelves were placed very carefully. Every book was stored in a wooden box, and outside the box was the introduction of cultivation techniques. It was impossible for him to read these books as freely as he did on the first floor.

This was mainly to prevent the cultivation technique from being leaked. After all, although some people could not cultivate these cultivation techniques, after they came in, they could memorize all the content and then make use of the time to copy it. This way, they would not be able to completely copy the content, but they would also reveal their secrets.

Low-grade Yellow grade secret manuals weren't important. However, the secret manuals above the medium grade were the foundation of their family. Even if the disciples here came in to learn them, they would only memorize the content and leave.

Sun Bing was sure that although Elder Sun Wei was guarding the entrance, there were definitely people observing the Cultivation Hall. Firstly, it was to prevent those disciples from reading many secret manuals at once. Secondly, it was to organize and protect the secret manuals.

Although Sun Bing did not know where that person was, once an accident happened, that person would definitely appear immediately.

However, time was precious. Sun Bing immediately threw these unrealistic thoughts out of his mind. He quickly checked the cultivation technique. There were less than twenty to thirty level 1 martial arts technique cultivation techniques in the first level. There were only about ten of them in this level 1.

Although the number of techniques had decreased, the power of the technique must have increased. After all, these were all Yellow grade medium grade secret manuals. Sun Bing immediately started checking the description of the techniques placed outside.

Mystic Trace leg technique Those who practice it can create a strong wind as they walk. It can even be used as a footwork manual. If someone practices it to the Great Completion, they can create afterimages so that the enemy won't be able to guard against them.

This leg technique might be pretty good for an ordinary person. Not only was it extremely powerful, it could also be used as a footwork technique. It could be said to be quite a good deal.

But to Sun Bing, it was of little value. In terms of footwork technique, it was simply impossible for it to compare to a Floating Light. He immediately looked at the next book.

Barbaric Ox Strength. [The practitioner who cultivates this technique has a clear body of qi and blood and is extremely powerful.] Each of their punches is equivalent to a barbaric bull, and their attacks are extremely powerful. Furthermore, this technique has a certain body-tempering effect, allowing their defense to become even stronger.

Regarding this, Sun Bing still shook his head. He was a swordsman, not a body-refiner. Barbaric Bull Force was not even of little value to him. He immediately looked at the other books.

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