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C32 Sword Drawing Arts

The following secret manuals still made Sun Bing a little dissatisfied. Many of them were cultivation techniques, which were useless to Sun Bing. Therefore, he did not choose any of them. He was a little puzzled. Could it be that the Cultivation Hall didn't have any Swords Arts secret manuals?

Suddenly, Sun Bing's eyes lit up. Because this was the Swords Arts secret manual that he had been looking forward to for a long time, he immediately and carefully checked the general information.

The Tornado Slash was the second part of the Qingfeng Swords Arts . It could further increase one's understanding of lightness, and it would increase the destructive power. If Sun Bing could comprehend the Great Completion, then the combination of these two skills would be comparable to a Yellow grade top grade skill.

Sun Bing was dumbfounded. He had never thought that there would be such a choice. Although this was a good news for the other disciples. Because as long as they chose this cultivation technique, the final result would be that they would obtain a cultivation technique comparable to a Yellow grade top grade.

However, this was unfair to Sun Bing. His first skill was the Overrun Sword Arts. Even if he obtained this secret technique, it was only an ordinary Yellow grade medium grade Swords Arts. In fact, he might not even be able to use this secret manual.

Suddenly, Sun Bing saw the last small wooden box. This was the last secret manual for the second stage of Cultivation Hall. If this secret manual was not enough to satisfy Sun Bing, then the reward this time was basically nothing.

It seemed like it had been a long time since someone opened this small wooden chest. Although the wooden chest was often wiped clean, he could still see a trace of dust. Sun Bing's heart couldn't help but quieten down. It was not easy for him to come to the second stage of Cultivation Hall, but he actually could not find the secret manual he wanted?

But the matter had already reached this point, there was no way he could save it. Sun Bing immediately slowly came to the front of the small wooden box, and the sealed introduction appeared in front of him.

The Sword Drawing Arts belonged to a non-grade. It was a secret manual that could be used in any realm. Once the sword was unsheathed, the person died. It had very little power, but it was also very powerful. All of this was related to a martial artist's spirit and proficiency.

Easy to learn and hard to master. Please choose carefully!

Three consecutive exclamation marks were enough to make any disciple who wanted to choose the Swords Arts shrink back. But at this moment, Sun Bing's eyes were shining brightly. This feeling was like he had encountered something that he had always wanted. He never thought that there would be such a secret manual in Cultivation Hall.

Up until now, Sun Bing had always relied on the Swords Arts to defeat his opponent. Even if his opponent was very strong, but they're still no match for him. However, just the Sword Controlling Spell alone was not enough. If he had fought for a long time, it would be easy for others to find out the truth. At that time, Sun Bing would have failed.

At this moment, he had never thought that he would encounter the Sword Drawing Arts. This cultivation technique wasn't complicated. It only had one move, and that was to draw the sword out of its sheath and kill someone. If he could reach the pinnacle level, then he would have already killed someone before he could draw the sword out.

"I want this secret manual." Sun Bing immediately confirmed his goal. It could be said that this technique increased the power of a swordsman to the limit. With Sun Bing's current realm, there was no Swords Arts that could compare with the Sword Drawing Arts. Even the Sword Controlling Spell was slightly weaker.

From a certain point of view, Sun Bing had actually learned the Sword Drawing Arts. Because the first sword strike he launched was a type of Sword Drawing Arts, the power of his attack was so great.

Now that he had encountered this secret technique, its compatibility with him had almost reached 100%, and it could bring him even greater power.

Because he couldn't bring the secret manual to the second floor anymore. So he slowly opened the wooden box. It seemed that no one had opened it for a long time.

Because there was only one move of the Sword Drawing Arts, the secret manual wasn't thick. It was only a thin level 1, but it was emitting a decaying aura. Although the paper had a history of history, it was enough to prove that. Very few people read this secret manual.

However, Sun Bing didn't care about any of this. He immediately memorized the secret manual in front of him. At the same time, he was wondering why so many disciples of the Sun family didn't practice these powerful secret manuals, but chose those useless secret manuals instead. This was truly a waste of heaven's gifts.

Not long after, Sun Bing had memorized all the contents in his heart. He slowly put down the secret manual, turned around and left. Before he left, he glanced at the stairs that led inside. That was the true top secret place of the family. He did not know what kind of secret manual it contained.

"You came out so quickly? How did your harvest go?" When Elder Sun Wei saw Sun Bing, he immediately asked. At the same time, he was quite puzzled. An ordinary disciple would have to stay in Cultivation Hall for at least a day for the second time. He would only come out after he had confirmed that he had committed the crime. However, the time Sun Bing needed was too short.

"I will remember it very soon. That will be very easy. That won't waste too much time." Sun Bing replied immediately. At the same time, he had a smile on his face. He was happy that he had obtained a good secret manual.

Elder Sun Wei's face immediately darkened. "It's one thing for you to choose the Overrun Sword Arts for the first time. You wasted a chance. I thought you would be smarter this time, but I didn't expect you to be so ambitious. You actually chose the Sword Drawing Arts.

Although this martial arts technique is very powerful, it is very difficult to perfect it. There was once a genius in Sun family who studied it. Its power is not bad, but that person spent too much time on it. He could only cultivate it to the same level as an ordinary martial arts technique."

Sun Bing really didn't know how to respond to such a kind reminder. He could only explain, "Elder, don't worry. I know everything you have said, but I have enough confidence. Don't worry."

However, Sun Bing's attitude made Elder Sun Wei even angrier. In his mind, it didn't matter if you were wrong for the first time. That was just the pride of a young man. Others could understand you. However, you still chose to walk an unusual path for the second time. Aren't you delaying your future?

Since things had already come to this point, Sun Bing could not go back and choose again. Therefore, Elder Sun Wei could only sigh and wave his hand. "Forget it. You can leave now. If there's anything you don't understand about the martial arts technique, ask me again. I can only help you this much."

Sun Bing could only leave with a bitter smile on his face. He believed that Elder Sun Wei wouldn't like him, but he still firmly believed that his choice was right.

After Sun Bing left, another two young disciples of Cultivation Hall came. Their faces were filled with excitement, and they even blushed a little. They chatted as they walked.

"I met Senior Brother Sun Bing this morning, and he even brought us to practice the Swords Arts. So, I have decided to use my sword as my main weapon. Now, I have to choose the Overrun Sword Arts as soon as possible. Its power is just too strong. Senior Brother Sun Bing was able to succeed with this Swords Arts skill. We have to seize this opportunity. "

Elder Sun Wei, who was standing aside, heard these words clearly. Immediately, his face was filled with surprise. He immediately stopped the two Outer Sect disciples and asked in a low voice, "What Swords Arts are you guys going to choose?"

"Of course it's the Overrun Sword Arts. It's very powerful." One of the disciples said excitedly.

"Didn't they say that those who practiced this Swords Arts skill had hurt themselves? Why did you choose this sword skill?" Elder Sun Wei continued to ask.

Another disciple immediately replied, "Elder, yesterday the number one disciple of Outer Sect Competition, Senior Brother Sun Bing, told us about it. We only need to practice the basic Swords Arts, when we are able to master the basic Swords Arts. Then we will be able to practice the Overrun Sword Arts. All the disciples of the Outer Sect know about this. Can you let us in? "

In an instant, a young figure flashed across Elder Sun Wei's eyes. He even recalled the tone he used to advise Sun Bing not to choose this sword technique two months ago. He could not help but sigh softly, "I never thought that such a Sword Dao genius would appear in Sun family. I am indeed old now. Even my eyes couldn't see clearly anymore."

He sighed and couldn't help but laugh out loud. Then, he thought of the Sword Drawing Arts that Sun Bing had just chosen, and his face turned red. "The future belongs to these young people. I can't participate. I hope he can make this secret manual shine."

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