Sword Emperor/C33 Sword Drawing Arts
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Sword Emperor/C33 Sword Drawing Arts
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C33 Sword Drawing Arts

On the back mountain of Sun family, next to a cliff.

At this moment, Sun Bing did not start cultivating. He sat cross-legged on the peak of the mountain. One step away from him was the cliff, and he could even touch the white clouds.

Sun Bing lowered his head and looked around. He could see the entire Falling Cloud Town. The pedestrians were like ants. Looking into the distance, he could feel a majestic atmosphere. If he stayed here for a long time, he would be broad-minded.

However, Sun Bing was not interested in enjoying the scenery. Instead, he frowned and quietly thought about the Sword Drawing Arts that he had brought back.

The entire secret manual kept sliding across Sun Bing's mind. Sun Bing comprehended each word, and he understood it. After a long time, he let out a breath.

Sun Bing's right hand instantly clenched the wooden sword on his leg and slashed forward. In an instant, a faint sword wind swept across and cut a piece of white cloud not far away in half.

If ordinary people saw this scene, they would definitely be shocked, because the sword was ten meters away from the white cloud. Moreover, the wooden sword did not release any Sword Qi. He could do this with just the simplest sword wind. If he used this move against others, the power of this move would be very strong.

However, a trace of disappointment flashed in Sun Bing's eyes. He had gotten the Sword Drawing Arts for seven days, and he had to admit that this was really a sword technique that was difficult to master.

In the afternoon when Sun Bing got the Sword Drawing Arts, he had already learned how to make a move. The first time he made a move, he only made a slight breeze. It was even less powerful than the basic Swords Arts. However, Sun Bing was not discouraged. He had been practicing hard.

Today, Sun Bing finally understood some things. Although this move was several times stronger than the first time, he could cut the white clouds from ten meters away. However, this was still far from what Sun Bing had imagined, the Sword Drawing Arts.

According to Sun Bing's imagination, when a sword was unsheathed, the Sword Drawing Arts must be used to hurt people. Just like Sun Bing, his appearance looked ordinary and even ignored, but once he pulled out the sword, he would shock everyone.

However, the reality was cruel. Sun Bing had only improved to his current level. The power of the Sword Drawing Arts was greater than the basic Swords Arts, but it was far from being as powerful as his main Swords Arts, Sword Controlling Spell. If this continued, Sun Bing would definitely give up on this cultivation technique.

However, Sun Bing was unwilling to give up. He tried his best to obtain the number one cultivation technique in Outer Sect, but in the end, he only got a crippled cultivation technique. This was a joke.

Furthermore, Sun Bing could feel that this Sword Drawing Arts had hidden a huge potential. However, the problem was that Sun Bing didn't know how to develop it. It was as if he was searching in a house with doors everywhere, hoping to open the right door.

Unfortunately, up until now, Sun Bing had no clue.

Suddenly, he recalled the feeling of using a sword to attack for the first time. At that time, he had only just started cultivating, but his sword had already displayed a power far beyond that of ordinary people the first time it was unsheathed. He had actually killed Sun Yang, who was at the third level of the Body Quenching Stage, with a single strike.

Without a doubt, this was one of the Sword Drawing Arts. However, Sun Bing had never realized the secret behind it. When he thought about it now, he felt that it was really strange. At that time, he seemed to have a different kind of feeling.

Sun Bing was looking for this feeling. He had a vague feeling that if he could find this feeling, the Sword Drawing Arts would surely rise to another level.

He had even thought of every single movement he made earlier. However, he still didn't find anything unusual. He was now even stronger than before, and his cultivation level was even higher. However, he was unable to use that kind of attack again.

This kind of feeling made Sun Bing feel extremely uncomfortable. This was the first time he had encountered a problem. However, a swordsman needed to have an unyielding spirit to begin with. If he decided to give up after encountering such a small problem, it would be better for him to withdraw from the path of cultivation as soon as possible.

Sun Bing quietly stroked the wooden sword in his hand. Because it was used all year round, its surface was quite smooth, but it was shockingly tough and sharp. In other people's hands, it was just an ordinary wooden sword, but in Sun Bing's hands, it was a deadly weapon.

All of a sudden, Sun Bing seemed to have sensed something from the sword. Both of his eyes lit up, and he immediately ran to the top of the cliff. He stood up straight, and placed the wooden sword by his waist. He held the hilt of sword tightly with his right hand.

He closed his eyes, as if he was experiencing the artistic conception of the previous move. Suddenly, he sensed that the breeze on the cliff had disappeared, and the clouds were getting farther and farther away. A strange atmosphere filled the entire cliff.

Sun Bing was the center of all this. Under this strange atmosphere, Sun Bing shifted all of his attention to the wooden sword in his hand. Gradually, his essence energy completely merged together. He even faintly felt a trace of connection from the wooden sword.

"Now is the time!"

Sun Bing suddenly opened his eyes and stared in front of him. At the same time, his right hand, which had been accumulating power, moved. A white sword light flashed. His movements returned to normal.

The difference was that Sun Bing's forehead was covered in sweat. His face was pale, but he could not suppress the joy in his heart, because he had just used the Sword Drawing Arts.

A ten-meter wide mark appeared on the mountain wall that was originally covered with sword marks. This was the power of the Sword Drawing Arts. Sun Bing looked at the scene in front of him in shock.

Sun Bing kept breathing in the fresh air. His heart was filled with satisfaction. He had never thought that the Sword Drawing Arts would have such a huge power.

Perhaps it was because Sun Bing had been accumulating strength for a long time. He had instilled all the spirit in his body into this skill. Even though he had already reached the sixth level of Body Quenching Stage, he still felt exhausted. It was imaginable how many spirit he had used.

Sun Bing summarized the weakness of the Sword Drawing Arts. First of all, it took him too long to accumulate energy. If he had used the Sword Drawing Arts on the battlefield, he would have died a long time ago. Secondly, the consumption of the spirit was too great. If his opponent hadn't died, he would have died.

In fact, none of these were a big problem. Sun Bing had already grasped the essence of the Sword Drawing Arts. If he made some adjustments in the following years, Sun Bing firmly believed that if he met an opponent weaker than him in the future, he would definitely kill him with a single strike.

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