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C34 Treasure Pavilion

Although Sun Bing had mastered a little bit of the essence of Sword Drawing Arts, he didn't feel arrogant at all. There was even a strong sense of respect in his heart.

Although this sword technique wasn't valued in the Falling Cloud Town, the Falling Cloud Town was just a corner of the entire Shen State. Sun Bing was only learning the sword techniques of his predecessors. The outside world was very vast and contained countless dangers.

Not to mention, not to mention the outside world, even the Falling Cloud Town was a dangerous place for Sun Bing. There were too many people who could kill him. Those Qi Refining Stage elders didn't even need to think about how ingenious Sun Bing's sword technique was. They could defeat him with just their cultivation base.

Therefore, in the next half month, Sun Bing worked even harder. However, he strangely discovered that he didn't succeed even once after using the Sword Drawing Arts ten times. In fact, the power of the Sword Drawing Arts had even decreased. This was completely different from the Sword Drawing Arts in his mind.

Sun Bing immediately began to reflect on his question. He remembered that the first chapter of the Sword Drawing Arts had already been explained clearly. When a sword was unsheathed, this man would die. This sentence instantly made him understand it, because after such a long period of time... He had never had a scabbard, so he wanted to understand the secrets of the Sword Drawing Arts better. He specially added a scabbard to the wooden sword.

As the saying goes, a sword is like a person.

Usually, because the wooden sword did not have a sword sheath blocking its path, when others looked at Sun Bing for the first time, they would usually be attracted by the wooden sword. At the same time, their first impression of Sun Bing would also be very sharp.

However, after the wooden sword was combined with the scabbard, Sun Bing's temperament became normal. It was as if he had put on a level 1 scabbard, and he became even more mysterious.

Because the sword could be seen clearly in front of everyone's eyes, everyone knew how sharp it was. However, after the sword was hidden by the scabbard, outsiders could only see the hilt of sword, but they did not know if the sword had rusted or become sharper.

Sun Bing practiced with the wooden sword with the scabbard. Only then did he realize that he had indeed made a mistake. The reason why he could release such a powerful attack was because of his extraordinary perception. In the early stages of practice, one had to use the scabbard to practice. Otherwise, it would be almost useless.

However, it was obvious that Sun Bing's initial comprehension had not been wasted. It was even because he had experienced the essence of the Sword Drawing Arts in that move. When the wooden sword was combined with the scabbard, his comprehension of the profoundness within had improved by leaps and bounds like a rocket.

If he did not consider the time requirement, Sun Bing would be able to release his most powerful move 100%. Unfortunately, his opponent would not allow him to make sufficient preparations, so he still needed to practice hard.

After Sun Bing understood his weakness, he recalled how he should use his sword and practiced it to his heart's content. Although the process was quite boring and tasteless, it was very important. After all, in the past ten years, Sun Bing had never come into contact with a scabbard, and these were necessary.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed. The world wouldn't stop spinning because one person was missing. Previously, no matter how much the disciples of Outer Sect admired Sun Bing, they hadn't seen him for two whole months. The excitement in their hearts had already calmed down, and they were doing their own things.

The number one genius of Outer Sect Competition, Sun Bing, seemed to have been forgotten by everyone. He was only mentioned a few times, but because he hadn't shown himself for a long time, everyone changed the topic.

On the cliff, Sun Bing faced the mountain wall once again. After two months of torture, the mountain wall in front of him had basically become useless. It had even been ground out of level 1 skin. One could imagine how hard Sun Bing had worked.

Now, he had finally integrated the scabbard with his comprehension of Sword Drawing Arts. With a flash of sword light, the sharp sword returned to its sheath. A huge mark suddenly appeared on the mountain wall.

Sun Bing was very satisfied with his masterpiece. He had already reached the peak of his ability to improve, and ordinary people wouldn't be able to sense his attack in such a short period of time.

Because Sun Bing had summarized his learning experience, he had also mastered the Sword Controlling Spell to the Great Completion. Now, his combat strength had improved tremendously. Even though his cultivation base hadn't changed, if he wanted to participate in the Outer Sect Competition once again, he would have to participate in it. He could kill Qin Ming with one strike.

"Next, I'll enter the Hengduan Mountains to test my sword skills. It just so happens that I haven't practiced during this period of time." Sun Bing muttered to himself, although he was satisfied with the mastery of the Swords Arts. However, he still needed to figure out how to use it in battle. He needed to enter the mountain to find a way to fight. It was a good idea.

Sun Bing immediately left the mountain. If it wasn't for his strong will, he would have gone crazy after two months of cultivation. Ordinary disciples would never be able to do this.

This was the reason why Sun Bing was so much stronger than them. In the end, one must be able to endure enough loneliness while cultivating.

Sun Bing walked on the streets of Falling Cloud Town and felt a sense of familiarity. Suddenly, a splendid shop appeared beside him. On the signboard were three big golden words, "Treasure Pavilion."

Sun Bing stopped in his tracks. After such a long period of time, he finally understood what was going on. Even though he had obtained a lot of Body Quenching Pill, he had used up almost all of them. However, his result was pretty good. He had already reached the pinnacle level of the sixth level of Body Quenching Stage. He only needed an opportunity to break through to the Late Body Quenching Stage.

Now that Sun Bing had seen the Treasure Pavilion all of a sudden, he could go in and have a look. According to Sun Bing's knowledge, the Treasure Pavilion could be considered as one of the major powers in the Shen State. They even had branches in small towns, and they had countless treasures. As long as you can afford it, everything can be discussed.

Of course, Sun Bing didn't have such a high demand. His goal was only to obtain some cultivation resources. Perfect timing! He also had a useless archery secret manual. It would be best if he could use it to increase his strength. After all, the price of a secret manual was quite high.

Without any hesitation, Sun Bing immediately walked into the Treasure Pavilion. The decoration inside was not as luxurious as the outside. The interior was filled with exquisite wooden furniture, and the environment was very beautiful.

If you were to observe carefully, you would be able to feel a faint fragrance in the air. This caused your heart to calm down. Take a look at the furniture again. Without a doubt, those furniture were all made from precious materials. Otherwise, they wouldn't have such a magical effect.

"They're so rich." Sun Bing sighed in his heart. Just from this alone, he could tell that they were much more powerful than the Sun family. After all, they were a famous force in the Shen State. However, they insisted on the concept of peace and prosperity, which was why they didn't have any conflicts with the local forces.

If you look down on them because of this, and you want to rob them, then you are undoubtedly seeking your own death. Because the experts of Treasure Pavilion are far beyond your imagination. Otherwise, they wouldn't be qualified to become a famous force in the continent.

Of course, these weren't things that Sun Bing needed to pay attention to. Right now, he was too weak. He had no right to pay attention to these things. When he had just entered the Treasure Pavilion, an old man had already brought him into a small room at the side.

The surrounding environment had been specially handled. It could be said that no one in the outside world could hear what was happening inside. Whether it was confidentiality or safety, this was definitely the best choice. The Treasure Pavilion wholeheartedly considered their guests.

After all, some customers themselves did not have the ability. Or perhaps, they suddenly had a treasure. If they took out precious items in public, it would easily attract other people's attention. Therefore, in order to protect the safety of their customers, Treasure Pavilion had to take some measures. This was also the reason why the Treasure Pavilion could do such a big thing.

This old man didn't look down on Sun Bing because he was a young man. Instead, he said in an amiable manner, "I am appraiser Cheng Wang of the Treasure Pavilion. I don't know what you need. Do you need to sell or purchase items?"

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