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Sun Bing didn't hesitate when he heard what he said. After all, he was very rich. He wouldn't give up his reputation that he had built for countless years just for a small profit. He immediately took out a martial arts technique from his pocket. It was Lee Lih's Starlight Arrow.

As for the other footwork manual, it was carefully hidden by Sun Bing. Although these two were both secret manuals, their value was different.

When Cheng Wang saw the secret manual, a look of understanding appeared on his face. He carefully looked at it and said, "This Starlight Arrow is a secret manual of the Arrow Dao. It is a secret manual of a Yellow grade top grade, and it contains a lot of deadly techniques. Plus, the cultivation method is simple, so it is pretty good among the Yellow grade top grade secret manuals."

After a pause, he continued, "Although this secret manual is not bad, there are fewer people who learn the Arrow Dao, so its value will be lower. If you need money, the Treasure Pavilion will buy this secret manual for fifty thousand silvers."

Sun Bing was expressionless. In fact, he was quite satisfied with this price. After all, this secret manual was useless in his hands. It would be great if he could use this secret manual to exchange for something.

Although Sun Bing knew that this secret manual would definitely be more valuable, Cheng Wang was a businessman, not a philanthropist. He could not waste his profits to help Sun Bing. Sun Bing nodded slowly. "I can accept this price."

After all, this was a total of fifty thousand silver. In Falling Cloud Town, a family of mortals could live for less than three taels of silver per month. According to Sun Bing's calculation of ten taels of silver per month, he needed to collect more than four hundred years. This was a huge fortune.

Seeing Sun Bing so straightforward, Cheng Wang nodded his head. In the past few days, some small figures had come to sell items. When some of them heard about the money, they were overjoyed. There were even some who were bargaining. It was rare to see someone as calm as Sun Bing. Cheng Wang could not help but nod. This person was not an ordinary person.

"Treasure Pavilion is definitely famous for its reputation in Divine Continent. Otherwise, it will not last for so long. I will definitely not let you suffer any losses. May I ask if you want to withdraw silver taels or purchase items? " Cheng Wang stroked his beard and asked softly.

Sun Bing came here to buy some cultivation resources. Money was useless to cultivation. He immediately said. "What items can increase one's combat strength? I want to buy some."

Cheng Wang said proudly, "Treasure Pavilion has a lot of treasures. As long as you have enough money, you can buy everything. Follow me upstairs to take a look." After saying that, he walked upstairs.

The second floor of Treasure Pavilion was very spacious. There were many counters on top, and different treasures were placed on them. Some treasures looked ordinary, and some treasures were extraordinary.

At this moment, Cheng Wang slowly introduced, "There are countless items in the Treasure Pavilion that can increase one's strength. We have many secret techniques and techniques. In this place, the average low grade Yellow grade cultivation technique doesn't exceed 10,000 silvers, and the Yellow grade medium grade cultivation technique doesn't exceed 30,000 silvers. As for a Yellow grade top grade cultivation technique, the highest is 80,000 silver, and we still have a Profound Level cultivation technique. Of course, the price is at least 100,000 silvers. I think you won't be able to accept this price for the time being. "

To tell the truth, even if Sun Bing could accept such a high price, he would never buy these cultivation techniques. After all, he had just finished cultivating the martial arts technique. He was just about to run out and test his sword skills, so how could he possibly stay back and practice cultivation techniques? He immediately shook his head.

Cheng Wang was not angry at all. He continued to introduce the techniques. "I have all kinds of weapons here. Ordinary people only use the most ordinary mortal weapons. We still have treasure weapon, Treasure Artifact, and spiritual artifact. As long as you possess these weapons, your strength will undoubtedly increase greatly! "

Sun Bing shook his head, because the wooden sword in his hand had a slight connection with him. It could be said that it was the weapon most suitable for him. It was absolutely impossible for him to not use it easily.

"We still have a lot of Pill. There are countless of Pill in Treasure Pavilion, and we have Body Quenching Pill. Qi Drawing Pill, Qi Refining Pill, and so on. As long as you insist on consuming these Pill, I believe you will be able to increase your strength by leaps and bounds."

Sun Bing was quite interested in these cultivation resources. He couldn't help but ask, "What do you mean by Qi Drawing Pill?"

"The Body Quenching Pill is used to temper the body, but after you reach the seventh level of Body Quenching Stage, its effect is greatly reduced, because at this time, Your body won't be able to improve anymore. At this time, you can take the Qi Drawing Pill. It could increase the Genuine Qi in your body, allowing you to break through. You should understand the Qi Refining Pill, right?" A trace of a smile appeared on Cheng Wang's face." A Pill produced by the Treasure Pavilion. It can't be a defective product."

"So that's how it is." Sun Bing nodded. Even though he was now a sixth level of Body Quenching Stage, he could feel that the effect of the Body Quenching Pill was no longer as good as before, let alone a seventh level of Body Quenching Stage. However, he didn't know anything about it before this.

After that, Sun Bing also learned about all kinds of items, such as poisons. It could kill enemies with higher cultivation levels, but it wasn't suitable for him, so he rejected this suggestion. Treasure Pavilion also had all kinds of items, and this place was worthy of its name.

Suddenly, Sun Bing found an ancient ring in the corner of his eye. He pointed at it and asked, "What is this? Is it very precious?"

Because the ring was protected very tightly, he could even see the lines of the formation nearby. It was obvious that this was to protect this ring. Even those Yellow grade secret manuals did not have such strict protection measures.

Cheng Wang laughed lightly and immediately said: "This is a low grade storage ring. It contains ten meters of space within it, and it can store items that are carried with it. It is worth millions of dollars."

Sun Bing couldn't help but feel excited. This was the legendary storage ring. Even in the entire Falling Cloud Town, there were very few people who possessed this item. Moreover, most of these items were kept by the patriarch of Three Clans.

Sun Bing didn't expect that there would be a storage ring here, but the price was just too high. Sun Bing didn't have that much money. Unless he sold the footwork manual, he would barely be able to get that much money.

In an instant, Sun Bing felt an irresistible heat in his heart, but it was quickly suppressed by his rationality. The reason was that his current strength was not enough.

Even if the Treasure Pavilion's reputation was guaranteed for countless years, there were still some vermin among them. Furthermore, in the Falling Cloud Town, a storage ring was considered a huge fortune. If it was sold, the news would definitely not be concealed.

At that time, those servants would be unreliable. They could totally rely on selling information to get a large sum of money. Even if they were expelled by the Treasure Pavilion in the end, they would still have enough wealth to live a carefree life.

Therefore, Sun Bing didn't have the ability to keep a storage ring. He could only put away the burning desire in his eyes. However, he had already decided that he would get one storage ring as soon as possible. This way, it would be much more convenient for him.

This way, his clothes and some precious wealth would be properly arranged. It was definitely safer to keep them in the storage ring than outside. Unless he died, it was impossible for others to notice them.

Furthermore, Sun Bing was sure that the core wealth of the Three Clans would be stored in the storage ring and controlled by the patriarch. Only then would they be able to ensure that they wouldn't be stolen.

Sun Bing let out a long sigh and could not help but turn around with regret. There was nothing else that he could take a fancy to next. He only bought some small items that he could use in Hengduan Mountains.

Including ten bottles of Qi Drawing Pill. After all, the Body Quenching Pill could no longer keep up with his pace. As for the remaining forty thousand silver, it was temporarily kept as banknotes. He would come back to shop after the Qi Drawing Pill was used up.

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