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C36 Back to Where He Was Before.

Sun Bing placed the extra things on the cliff and started his journey to Hengduan Mountains. This time, his goal was firm. If he couldn't break through to the seventh level of Body Quenching Stage in the Hengduan Mountains, he would never come back. Therefore, Sun Bing had made the best preparations in the long term.

Just as Sun Bing stepped out of the Falling Cloud Town, an unassuming figure flew towards the Sun family. Not long after, he entered a small room. He lowered his head and answered respectfully, "Young Master Sun Loong, I saw him leave the town. He should be heading towards Hengduan Mountains."

"Haha, I have finally waited for this day." At this moment, Sun Long's face was full of wild laughter, but he soon gritted his teeth and said, "Sun Bing... You shouldn't have survived. Since the Sun family has given you a chance to live a peaceful life, why did you challenge my bottom line again and again? You even want to compete with me for the reputation of being the number one genius of the Sun family. "

After that, he turned his head and asked Sun Yao who was not far away," Have you arranged the things I asked you to arrange? Last time, we failed. This time, I don't want any turning point. "

" Young master, please rest assured. This time, I informed the people of Qian Family. Even if the people of the Qian Family attacked, even if they failed in the end... There wouldn't be any mishaps. Furthermore, with the means of the Qian Family... I'm afraid that they will at least send eighth level of Body Quenching Stage warriors to hunt Sun Bing down." Sun Yao said with a flattering expression.

After that, Sun Long's mood suddenly became much better. Even his face was full of smiles. He once again returned to his usual gentle and refined image of a gentleman. "You did well. I didn't think that Sun Bing's team's father and son would be so talented. Their strength was formidable. They were simply the pillars of the family. But what a pity. In the end, they all died."

Although Sun Long said it was a pity, his face was full of smiles. Especially his eyes, which were shining with a cold light. This scene made the other two in the room bend even more deeply.

At this moment, Sun Bing had no idea that someone was plotting against him. He was still trying his best to rush towards Hengduan Mountains. At the same time, he couldn't help but look forward to the storage ring in his heart. Because he wanted to stay in Hengduan Mountains for a period of time, he had made sufficient preparations. He carried a huge burden on his back.

However, because he had practiced the footwork technique... With every step he took, he would unconsciously use the Floating Light. Even though he did not use his full strength, unknowingly... He could still be faster than a large number of people. Those people were not surprised when they saw Sun Bing. They only thought that Sun Bing had learned the leg technique. After all, a normal leg technique could also increase one's speed, but it was far from being as useful as a footwork technique.

A few kilometers behind Sun Bing, a group of people were also rushing forward. The first person was a youth who looked to be in his teens. Behind him were four big men. Each of them was emitting the strength of a Body Quenching Stage level 8, causing the surrounding pedestrians to keep away from them.

They raised their heads and looked at the figure in the distance that was almost invisible. One of the men couldn't help but sigh, "Young Master Qian Xing, why do I feel like he is getting further and further away from us? I did not think that his realm was not high. He ran quite fast. When the time comes, I don't know how to catch him. "

" Maybe he sensed danger and wanted to run away as soon as possible. " A man couldn't help but laugh.

"Alright, we don't have to worry about him anymore. He was just a sixth level of Body Quenching Stage, there was no way he could cause any big trouble. As long as we follow behind him, we'll definitely teach him a good lesson in the future. " Qian Xing couldn't help but speak. At the same time, he looked at the figure in the distance. In his eyes, there was a trace of hatred in his eyes.

Because Sun Bing had gained a deeper understanding of the Floating Light, his speed had increased. If he could break through to the seventh level of Body Quenching Stage now, he would be able to reach the Floating Light in an instant. This meant that he could run a hundred meters in an instant.

Even his current ability was beyond the imagination of ordinary people. In just over an hour, Sun Bing had already arrived at the outer perimeter of Hengduan Mountains. Currently, there was no danger in his surroundings. He could still see the Rogue Cultivators coming and going from time to time, but they were all on guard against each other.

When they saw Sun Bing, the corner of their mouths couldn't help but reveal a trace of ridicule, because Hengduan Mountains was too dangerous at night. But they didn't expect that there would be a young man who planned to stay in Hengduan Mountains for a long time. He was really tired of living.

Of course, even if these people found out about this, no one reminded him, because he had already arrived in Hengduan Mountains. Basically, it could be said that he didn't care about death anymore, because in this forest, sometimes humans were more dangerous than Demonic Beast.

Sun Bing ignored those people and walked into the forest alone. He had just taken a few steps when he heard a burst of faint mockery.

Not long after that, the group of people who followed closely behind Sun Bing arrived at the outer perimeter of Hengduan Mountains. Their facial expression changed drastically when they didn't find any trace of Sun Bing. So, they immediately pulled the nearest rogue cultivators over and asked. "Did you see a young man carrying a bag on his back just now?"

Originally, this man was a little angry that he was suddenly dragged over. However, when he saw four eighth level of Body Quenching Stage men, he immediately suppressed his anger. He even pretended to be kind: "I saw him. He just entered the mountain, and he was heading in this direction."

Only then did Qian Xing and the others put him down. They immediately started searching in the direction he pointed, hoping to find traces of Sun Bing today.

Due to their strength, this rogue cultivators didn't dare show his anger. When he couldn't see them, he cursed angrily. "I wish all of you to die in Hengduan Mountains."

Sun Bing had already entered the mountain for a while. The direction he was heading towards was the place where he obtained the red fruit last time. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something was wrong. He felt that this place was very strange, as if there was something hidden in it.

Actually, Sun Bing had a vague premonition at that time, but unfortunately, his strength was still too low at that time. If he went in, he didn't know what would happen, so he put this matter aside.

Today, Sun Bing's strength was as different as heaven and earth from before. When he thought of the secret hidden in it, he couldn't help but feel excited. He even had a hint of anticipation. For cultivators, the unknown wasn't scary, because there might be a great opportunity hidden within.

Furthermore, Sun Bing had discovered a thirty-year-old red fruit in the outer region. No one knew what other treasures from heaven and earth was hidden within. In general, this was more like a opportunity. Otherwise, Sun Bing would never have risked his life.

He had not even seen any signs of human activity along the way. He couldn't help but sigh in his heart. These rogue cultivators had given up on exploring because this place was too dangerous. They had given up the resources inside for nothing.

Even if they were given all kinds of divine arts and secret manuals, they wouldn't have any great achievements in the future. Because they had already lost the motivation to advance. Sun Bing sighed slightly and walked into the depths without hesitation.

Sun Bing hadn't been here for a while. The path he had entered had been blocked by weeds, and even the multi-colored snake and colored spiders that he had previously cleared had appeared. There were more of them than before, as if they were guarding against something.

However, these weren't problems for Sun Bing at all. A few months ago, Sun Bing was able to kill them with a single sword strike. Now, he walked towards the forest without any psychological burden. If the Demonic Beast attacked him, then his sharp sword would be ready to attack at any time.

Sun Bing had walked for so long, but not a single snake dared to attack him. Sun Bing could sense the cold gazes, but they didn't attack him. He couldn't help but feel a sense of regret.

Unknowingly, he had arrived at the place where he had discovered the red fruit. The fruit tree was still alive, and everything seemed to be the same as before. Suddenly, Sun Bing's ears twitched, as if he had heard something behind him.

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