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C38 The Poison Was Very Strong

"You're asking for death." Sun Bing had just attacked, but one of Qian Xing's subordinates had already died. This made Qian Xing angry and shocked. There was even a trace of fear in his eyes. Because according to what he knew, Sun Bing was only a sixth level of Body Quenching Stage warrior. He never thought that Sun Bing could kill an eighth level of Body Quenching Stage warrior.

When Qian Xing thought of this, his eyes instantly became incomparably cold. A thick killing intent was revealed in his eyes. The current Sun Bing had already revealed his potential. And there was only benefits between families. If Qian Xing let Sun Bing go, it would undoubtedly give Sun family a genius. Furthermore, his goal today was to kill Sun Bing.

If Qian Xing gave up this opportunity today, Sun Bing would certainly raise his vigilance. If Sun Bing reached the Qi Condensation in two years' time, he would be able to affect the Qian Family, and might even become a major threat to the Qian Family.

He immediately shouted out coldly, "All of you, chase after him!"

After he finished speaking, he started heading towards the valley. As the young master of the Qian Family, he naturally wouldn't lack cultivation resources. His current strength was already at the eighth level of Body Quenching Stage. Adding the cultivation techniques and secret manuals that only the direct descendants could learn, his strength was even greater than the rest of the servants.

However, it was extremely difficult for them to advance. Although their strength had already reached the eighth level of Body Quenching Stage, they still had no resistance against the poison of the multi-colored snake and colored spiders. This was because every step they took needed to be carefully examined.

Without a doubt, this greatly hindered the speed of Qian Xing and his group. Finally, Qian Xing looked at Sun Bing's back not far away. He immediately took out a sandalwood incense that had already been used and lit it.

Then he heard the sound coming from the surrounding weeds. The multi-colored snake and colored spiders that were besieging them seemed to have met their natural enemy. They quickly ran towards the outer perimeter. The effect was quite miraculous.

At this moment, Qian Xing was feeling quite depressed in his heart. This sandalwood incense was rather simple and worn-out. It had even been used halfway, but it was still very precious. This was a Demon Absorbing Incense, it could expel the Demonic Beast around him.

It was just that an ordinary Demon Absorbing Incense was far from having such an effect. At most, it could only expel some mosquitoes. But this one was given to Qian Xing by Qian Xing's grandfather. After all, he had lost his son. He couldn't help but attach more importance to this grandson's safety. Furthermore, Qian Xing was going to enter the Hengduan Mountains, so he gave the Demon Absorbing Incense to Qian Xing.

After it was ignited, the Demonic Beast, whose strength was below the Qi Refining Stage, would treat it as its natural enemy and flee at lightning speed. Even the Demonic Beast that had reached the Qi Refining Stage couldn't help but feel a sense of dread in its heart. It could be said that when this sandalwood incense was lit, Qian Xing basically wouldn't be in any danger. One could imagine the great value of this incense.

But now, this Demon Absorbing Incense was lit up because of Sun Bing. It had to be said that it was a huge waste. To be honest, Qian Xing had mixed feelings in his heart. But in an instant, his eyes turned cold. If he could kill Sun Bing this time, sort of got rid of a big enemy. However, if he failed, he would suffer a great loss.

At this moment, Sun Bing was running towards the valley. He was already more familiar with this place than anyone else, and with his amazing insight, he wouldn't encounter the multi-colored snake at all. Even if he did encounter them, he could kill them with a single slash of his sword.

Not long after, he completely disappeared from Qian Xing and the others' sight. Sun Bing could not feel the gaze coming from behind him. His body moved, and his speed suddenly increased by several times. He was using the Floating Light footwork technique.

Sun Bing knew very well that his opponent's realm was very high. If he only relied on his physical strength, he was not Qian Xing's match at all. At this time, the effect of a superb footwork technique was shown. It was not only suitable for moving in battle, it was also a good choice to travel for a long period of time.

On the other side, Qian Xing and the others cherished the time of the Demon Absorbing Incense's medicinal effect. With their fastest speed, they rushed into the valley. The vibration coming from the grass grew even louder. They could see the multi-colored snake and the colored spiders running at all times.

With such a huge number, even the calm Qian Xing could not help but panic. He sighed in his heart. If he did not have the Demon Absorbing Incense, what would their final outcome be? Obviously, they couldn't resist so many poisonous creatures. Then, how did Sun Bing avoid them?

Immediately, Qian Xing's heart was filled with doubts. At the same time, he seemed to have realized that Sun Bing had a lot of secrets. But then, he thought about it. No matter what, Sun Bing was going to die today. At that time, no matter what secrets he had, they would be exposed.

"Young master, that man ran pretty fast. We can't even catch up to him." They continued to walk forward for a while before a burly man said.

"Yeah, young master, why don't we wait outside? In any case, there are a lot of dangers inside. The person who came in has never gone out before. That person might already be dead by now." The other person couldn't help but respond.

However, when they saw Qian Xing's sharp eyes, they immediately stopped talking and lowered their heads guiltily. After all, they had selfish motives in their hearts. This place was too dangerous. They had just arrived here, but one of them had already died. No one knew what dangers awaited them.

Sun Bing slowed down his pace after realizing that he had completely escaped from the pursuit. This was because using the Floating Light for a long period of time would consume a lot of his energy. His physical strength was quickly fading away. Luckily, Sun Bing's foundation was extremely solid, which was why he was able to maintain such a huge consumption. An ordinary person would definitely have died by now.

He looked around and found that this was a completely unfamiliar forest. There were weeds everywhere, and there was no clear path at all. It was obvious that no one had stepped foot in this place for many years. It could be said that there were dangers everywhere.

In Sun Bing's senses, there were many leaves nearby. All of them were emitting dangerous auras. Suddenly, Sun Bing's eyes narrowed, because the little bugs on the leaves were actually poisonous Demonic Beast, thirty-three-centimeter long centipedes.

Sun Bing couldn't help but wipe the cold sweat off his forehead. He didn't think that Hengduan Mountains was very dangerous before, but now it seemed like there were too many dangers here. He really admired those pioneers.

Sun Bing immediately adjusted his direction and rushed to the other side. Although he was confident that he could use his sharp sword to block the centipede's attack. However, there were too many centipedes. He didn't have an advantage in terms of numbers. If he was bitten by one of the centipedes, he would die.

Therefore, for the sake of his safety, Sun Bing decided not to provoke these poisonous creatures. After a careful investigation, he found that in another direction, not only were there no birds or beasts on the trees, but there were also no signs of danger in the weeds on the ground. He immediately walked towards this place.

Of course, as he walked, he used the sharp sword in his hand to open up a small path. Not long after, he disappeared into the dense forest.

"Even though the exploration is dangerous, the gains aren't small." At this moment, Sun Bing could not help but sigh. Then he got another treasures from heaven and earth from the ground. The Green Spirit Fruit could make one's mind clear, although it wasn't considered precious. Although it was useless to Sun Bing. It was still pretty good for him to use it to sell for money.

Suddenly, the corner of Sun Bing's mouth revealed a trace of a smile. Not far away in the dense forest, there was an open space. It was like the place where the red fruit was born. Not a single blade of grass could be found within a three meter radius.

Sun Bing had been walking for a long time. He could not help but feel tired. If he rested there, he did not need to worry about the danger coming from underground. He could still find the danger in the surrounding forest at the first moment. It should be a good choice to rest there.

But before Sun Bing could move, he immediately felt a sound. Then he saw a shadow jump onto the empty ground. Just like that, the sound of weeds had not yet ended. Not long after, the empty ground became densely packed.

Only now did Sun Bing know why there had been no danger in this direction up until now. This was because there were two armies confronting each other in the open space. One of them was formed by a palm-sized Black Radiance Scorpion. Their bodies were pitch black, and the poisonous stingers on their tails flickered with a cold light. On the other side, the poisonous creatures were completely red toads. Surprisingly, it was a poisonous Red Blood Toad.

As a swordsman, Sun Bing had to remain calm at all times. His mind was filled with countless thoughts. Along the way, he had seen the multi-colored snake, the colored spiders, the centipede, as well as the Black Radiance Scorpion and the Red Blood Toad. It could be said that all five poisonous creatures had appeared. What was the secret behind this place?

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