Sword Emperor/C39 The Five Poisons War.
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Sword Emperor/C39 The Five Poisons War.
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C39 The Five Poisons War.

Even if there were many mysteries hidden in this place, this wasn't a place Sun Bing could come into contact with. In such an environment, if he was careless, he would be in danger of dying. Sun Bing even saw a tall tree wilting instantly after being infected by the poison of the Red Blood Toad.

This was the first time Sun Bing had seen such a fierce poison. When it seeped into the ground, it even brought with it waves of smoke. The only thing left on the ground was a barren land, just like the empty land just now.

Only now did Sun Bing realize how this empty land was formed. He was shocked and immediately turned around to leave. If he stayed here, the poisonous liquid would splash onto his body. Then he might die.

Sun Bing turned his head and looked at the tragic battlefield. He was even more afraid of these poisonous creatures. The relaxed feeling he had when he killed them had disappeared without a trace.

But now, if he went back the same way he came, it was very likely that he would run into Qian Xing and the others. He couldn't make a choice. After some consideration, he could only avoid the battlefield in front of him and continue forward.

This was something that others couldn't do, but Sun Bing had already mastered the Floating Light. Even if the meridians in his body had not been opened yet, he could still move quickly. He had no problem shuttling through the forest.

Besides, although this battlefield was dangerous and tragic, it wasn't very large. As long as Sun Bing carefully passed through the trees beside him, he would basically not be in any danger.

Sun Bing saw that the battle between the Black Radiance Scorpion and the Red Blood Toad was getting more and more intense, and knew that he didn't have time to delay any longer. He jumped onto the treetop. As the tree branches swayed, he could not help but stagger.

Sun Bing knew that his physical strength was limited, so he ran as fast as he could towards the left. He looked around and saw the intense battle below the trees. The intense battle between the Black Radiance Scorpion and the Red Blood Toad could be said to be quite tragic.

However, these Demonic Beast were all poisonous creatures with strong poison. The confrontation between them was mostly a competition of toxicity. The Black Radiance Scorpion only needed to pierce the Red Blood Toad once, and the Red Blood Toad would die.

At the same time, along with the Red Blood Toad's venom spraying out, the tough outer shell of the Black Radiance Scorpion melted like tofu. The plants on the ground became fewer and fewer, and the yellowish wasteland became more and more.

Sun Bing looked at this scene and did not have any fluctuations in his heart. He only sighed slightly, 'Natural selection, survival of the strong.' If a person did not have enough strength, then he could only die in the end.

Because Sun Bing's running speed was quite fast, he soon crossed the entire battlefield. However, when he looked at everything in front of him, he couldn't help but frown. The reality was not optimistic, and he was caught in a dilemma.

"I did not expect this to be another battlefield. What exactly happened in this valley?" Sun Bing, who was frowning, couldn't help but mutter to himself. His eyes were filled with doubt. Everything in front of him was completely different from what he had imagined.

Although Sun Bing had broken away from the battle between the Black Radiance Scorpion and the Red Blood Toad, he had now appeared in another battlefield. He found that although the forest here was dense, the ground was barren.

There were many spider webs on the trees. These spider webs were very tough. If Sun Bing collected them, he could sell them for a lot of money.

There were many struggling centipedes on the spider webs, and even multi-colored snake were trapped on them. It was obvious that this was the battlefield between multi-colored snake, colored spiders, and centipedes.

Although the forest in front of him looked very calm, Sun Bing could feel the hidden danger in the forest. Even if he walked in, he could not guarantee that he could come out unharmed. If he was not careful, the multi-colored snake, colored spiders, and centipede hiding on the tree would attack him.

No matter how strong the enemy was, Sun Bing had the courage to stand up. He was confident that he could kill even an eighth level of Body Quenching Stage warrior, but facing such a huge poisonous creature, he suddenly felt powerless. Although he was very strong, he couldn't kill such a huge group of poisonous creatures. After that, Sun Bing fell into deep thought.

If the fight between the Black Radiance Scorpion and the Red Blood Toad was just a fight for territory, then what was the reason for the fight between the multi-colored snake, colored spiders, and centipede?

Sun Bing was in a dilemma. If he moved forward, he would not be able to avoid the spider web of the colored spiders, as well as the multi-colored snake and centipede hidden under the tree leaves. If he moved back, he would encounter the highly toxic Black Radiance Scorpion and the Red Blood Toad.

Even if he jumped back from the tree, after such a long time, the tree that was full of vitality had already withered due to the poison. Those tree branches broke with a light touch. It was simply impossible to withstand a person's weight.

At this time, Sun Bing had no way out. His brain began to operate rapidly, and he wanted to understand the reason why the multi-colored snake, colored spiders, and centipede were fighting.

In the next moment, his eyes sparkled as he looked in front of him.

He thought to himself, he could only fight on the path of cultivation. It would be a pity if he didn't fight for this opportunity to grow.

One should know that Sun Bing's talent was lower than others. The reason he was able to reach this stage was because of his extraordinary perseverance. In the eyes of the people of Sun family, Sun Bing was just an outsider. Although the resources of Sun family were huge, they couldn't provide him with any resources. Even the cultivation resources that Sun Bing had obtained during this period of time were all earned by him.

Sometimes, a good opportunity could instantly raise one's cultivation base by a few years. Now, such an opportunity was placed in front of Sun Bing.

In the next moment, Sun Bing made up his mind. He would put his life at the top of the list and investigate the reason for their conflict. After that, his wooden sword flew across the sky and instantly cut off the five-colored spider web in front of him.

This spider web was very tough. Ordinary people wouldn't be able to do anything to it even if they had sharp swords in their hands. No wonder the price of the colored spiders silk was so high.

Sun Bing walked through the woods that were filled with danger. His expression was tense. He was afraid of bumping into the hidden multi-colored snake and centipede. If he was accidentally bitten, he wouldn't be able to cure it.

Sun Bing shuttled through the forest for an hour. Everything was safe and sound, but Sun Bing's forehead was covered with sweat. His heart tightened. Suddenly, he saw a tall tree not far away. It was growing close to the cliff.

As Sun Bing went deeper, he arrived at a valley. The mountain walls on both sides were extremely tall. They were dozens of meters tall. If he could stay on top of the mountain walls, he wouldn't have to worry about all the dangers. But Sun Bing's Genuine Qi couldn't be used, so even if he had comprehended the Floating Light to a certain extent... However, there was no way for him to go up.

This big tree was a perfect opportunity. Sun Bing's face immediately lit up, but he didn't let down his guard. This was because danger usually came when people saw hope. He looked around with a serious expression.

After confirming that there was no danger, he circulated the footwork technique and arrived at the top of the tree. There was a bare cliff three meters away from him. There was no danger at all on the cliff.

This distance was not difficult for Sun Bing. With a tap of his toes, he arrived at the cliff from the top of the tree. At this moment, he finally felt relieved.

He lowered his head to look. He could see the scenery of the entire valley. With his extraordinary eyesight, he could clearly see what was happening below. He was very glad in his heart because the entire valley was covered by poisonous animals that were fighting against each other.

At this moment, there was no safe place in the valley. If he stayed down there all the time, even if he was not in danger for the time being, it would not be a long-term solution.

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