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C4 In Front of the Cultivation Hall

Sun Bing had once imagined how he would take revenge when he was able to cultivate. Wondering whether he should torture the other party for a longer time.

However, after Sun Bing had killed someone, only then did he realized that it was meaningless. Simply because he was just a small fry, it would be better to kill him right away. If he were to torture him, it would be a waste of time and even lowered his own status.

But coming back to it, this person who had tortured him for ten years had perished under his own sword. Without a doubt, Sun Bing felt a unique satisfaction, yet just a glimpse of an eye, emptiness filled his heart.

Instantly, Sun Bing regained his senses, thinking that now was not the time to be careless. So what if Sun Yang died?

Sun Long was the main culprit, not to mention, there were so many people in the clan who mocked him. How could he lower his guard now?

After cleaning up the corpse and confirming that no one would find it, Sun Bing moved to another place to continue his cultivation. It was probably because a part of the shackles within him had been unlocked, causing him to be unable to focus.

Even though the basic Swords Arts was only a foundation, it contained all the sword techniques. Even the most powerful sword art was evolved from the basics, not to mention that only when one's foundation was solid, would one have the qualifications to cultivate the remaining Swords Arts.

It was just that a majority of the people were too anxious, feeling that the power of the basic Swords Arts was too weak. Once they had just become proficient in it, they immediately started to cultivate those flashy and powerful Swords Arts. In Sun Bing's eyes, they had already given up on the basics.

As long as one had a solid foundation, learning the rest of the Swords Arts would lead to twice the effect with only half the effort. Initially, it would take ten days to learn the Swords Arts, but now, it only took five days. The improvement would amaze everyone.

Even though some people knew it was effective, yet they did not have the intention to do so. After all, Swords Arts were too tedious, although there were many moves, they were extremely complicated. This led others to feel demotivated to train hard.

Those people who simply swatting the sword were just for show. Only by putting all one's attention into it would one be able to improve.

Surely, this was not an issue for Sun Bing. In the past ten years — three thousand and six hundred days, there wasn't a single day he thought of giving up. Regardless of how weak his body was, as long as he could still move, he would definitely keep his cultivation going.

Right now, his basic Swords Arts had already reached the level of perfection which was quite rare for someone who's at the Body Tempering Realm. With this perfectly cultivated Swords Arts, none of the cultivators who were in the same realm as him would have a match for him. If the opponent was careless, killing the opponent beyond his cultivation realm would not be a problem too.

Without mentioning anything else, Sun Bing, who had his eyes close, was still extremely familiar with his wooden sword, the basic Swords Arts as well as his surroundings. He wouldn't have problems with doing his usual things and started wielding his sword.

Suddenly, Sun Bing frowned as if another shackle had been unlocked inside his body. He then broke through to the second tier of the Body Tempering Realm in a flash, and even the strength in his arms increased drastically.

In just a single night, Sun Bing had already made a breakthrough to another tier. Even though the deceased, Sun Yang, was around the same age, he was merely at the third tier of the Body Tempering Realm. Most importantly, Sun Yang had already cultivated for a decade while Sun Bing only needed a night to break through the tier.

If others were to know of his speed of improvement, they would definitely be shocked! It would be impossible for them to imagine that the good-for-nothing would actually turn out to be such a genius.

Regarding his breakthrough, Sun Bing was not surprised at all due to that his ten years of training were unimaginable. However, the hand holding the sword was slightly trembling, as though it was adapting to the energy that had just broken through. After a while, it recovered to its original state.

Sun Bing could already perfectly controlled the power he had just obtained, and this was all thanks to the seemingly ordinary Swords Arts, causing Sun Bing to feel extremely fortunate. Fortunately he did not give up on himself, otherwise, even if he had such a fortuitous encounter, without any perseverance, he would still end up with nothing.

The morning passed in just a blink of an eye during his cultivation. Although it was a little tedious, he was still satisfied, because, with every set he cultivated, he could feel himself getting stronger. Sun Bing who was once weak liked the feeling of becoming stronger.

After casually ate his meal, Sun Bing headed towards the clan's Cultivation Hall.

Without a doubt, the basic Swords Arts was quite important, however, Sun Bing had already reached the level of perfection. Thus, there was simply no way to improve it any further.

At this moment, cultivating other martial techniques and sword techniques would not only double the result with half the effort, but it would also have the effect of broadening one's horizons.

Sun Bing actually understood that no one could be the strongest in the world and there would always be someone stronger. To the vast majority of people, perfection was already considered to be the limit of improvement, but that was because their horizons were not wide enough. As long as they were strong enough, they would definitely be able to advance to a higher tier once again.

Compared to the Accounting Office, the Cultivation Hall looked much more majestic. After all, the Cultivation Hall of a family was their foundation, also known as the most important place. Not only must it be solemn and dignified, it also had to be strictly guarded, preventing problems such as the leakage of cultivation techniques.

Honestly speaking, it was also the first time Sun Bing had come to the Sun's Cultivation Hall. Since he was previously a good-for-nothing who could not cultivate, even if he came to the Cultivation Hall, he was basically not allowed to enter. Besides, he would just embarrass himself for coming to the hall.

Furthermore, other than the first few years in the past ten years, Sun Bing would only appear in the public during the paycheck day. Most of the time he was cultivating the Swords Arts all alone.

Looking at the solemn large doors before him, Sun Bing walked straight in, but before he could enter the doors, an old man blocked his path out of a sudden.

Immediately, he came to a sudden stop. Sun Bing did not recognize the person who was blocking his path nor he had ever seen him before. His face was rather old, having pale white hair and beard while hunching his back as if a candle flickering in the wind.

Sure enough, Sun Bing would not look down on him just because of his appearance. The clan's Cultivation Hall was the most important place, therefore, to be able to guard this place, it was sufficient enough to prove his capability.

Moreover, in this world, there were many elderly martial artists who had their own unique hobbies, such as role-playing a cripple, a blind person, and a fortune-teller. In short, they were all extremely strange and seemingly ordinary on the outside. But once provoked, they would instantly burst with power.

The surroundings was filled instantly with gossips.

"Look, that good-for-nothing, Sun Bing actually came to the Cultivation Hall and was even stopped by Elder Sun Wei. Haha, he's dead for sure now."

"Right, although Elder Sun Wei isn't well-known, he has been guarding the clan's Cultivation Hall for decades now. During this period of time, no accident has ever happened, and his strength could be said to be unfathomable. What is this good-for-nothing Sun Bing doing here? Could it be that he wants to cultivate?"

"It's just a pipe dream. He might have lost his mind today. If he could cultivate, he would have come here ten years ago. If he's allowed to enter, I'll swallow this pillar."

The chattering voice did not affect Sun Bing's state of mind in the slightest, knowing that he had nothing to do with them. However, after hearing one of their words, he slightly tilted his head.

He did not expect it to be Sun Yong. His cultivation realm was actually slightly higher than Sun Yang's, as he had fully reached the fourth tier of Body Tempering Realm. Even though they were only different by a single tier, the gap was extremely huge.

The first three-tier of the Body Tempering Realm was just to temper the body. Breaking through the next level would increase one's strength and agility, but in short, it was still in the same realm. As long as one was skillful enough, it would not be an issue for that person to challenge someone in another tier.

However, the fourth tier was different. Breaking through the third tier of the Qi Refining Realm required one to have a sense of Qi within their body. Although it was only a trace of Qi, it was still much stronger than the complete physical strength.

"Such a coincidence to meet you here!" Sun Bing could not help but mutter within himself, but he quickly gave a cold smirk, "Don't worry, you will be accompanying Sun Yang very soon."

However, since the other party had a unique fetish, Sun Bing should also mercifully satisfied him. Immediately, Sun Bing cupped his hands, "Elder Sun Wei, I am the foster son of the Patriarch, Sun Bing. Please allow me to enter the Cultivation Hall."

Hearing this, Elder Sun Wei carefully sized up Sun Bing a few times, and after confirming that there was no mistake, he then said indifferently, "Since you have already reached the Second tier of Body Tempering Realm, then you have the right to enter and choose a cultivation technique. But remember, you can only choose one."

With that, he stepped aside and continued to rest with his eyes closed.

"Thank you very much," Although those juniors have been humiliating Sun Bing for the past ten years, the majority of the seniors still turn a deaf ear to it. They gave out the monthly salary to him as usual, treating it as raising an idle person. After all, Sun Family was one of the great families, such a small amount of money was nothing in their eyes.

But at the moment, Sun Bing did not directly enter the Cultivation Hall. Instead, he looked at Sun Yong provocatively, as if he was saying, "Didn't you say that I'm not allowed to enter? Now that I'm inside, it's time for you to swallow the pillar!"

In fact, there was no need for Sun Bing to further say it, there was no lack of spectators. Yet he teased, "Sun Yong, didn't you say that you want to swallow the pillar? Swallow it now. Haha."

The ear-piercing laughter passed his ears, instantly crimson streaks stroke through his eyes like lightning. When had he ever received such an insult? Most importantly, he was unable to take revenge on these people, and it was precisely because of this that Sun Yong's eyes turned bloodshot and his heart filled with rage. On the contrary, he blamed it all on Sun Bing, thinking that he was the culprit.

"Impossible! You're just a good-for-nothing! How did you cultivate it? It's definitely impossible," He looked as if he had gone insane, completely ignoring the fact that he had been the one who provoked Sun Bing all along and instead he blamed it on everyone else.

"Get lost," Elder Sun Wei, who was resting at the side, immediately spoke a word that stopped Sun Yong from speaking. His face was flushed red but was unable to speak.

Questioning the elder would be equivalent to continue to refute the elder. This was not a consequence he could bear, thus, he could only leave with his tail between his legs.

However, before leaving, he glared at Sun Bing with eyes filled with resentment.

Sun Bing couldn't care less about that, "You know how is it feel to be humiliated? Who would have known all the humiliations I've suffered for the past ten years? It's right to hold grudge against me, it'd be better if you could find a place to take revenge as soon as possible. With that, I'll only be able to send you to King of Hell!"

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