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Sword Emperor/C40 Poison Jade
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C40 Poison Jade

Sun Bing looked around from a high place. He squinted his eyes because there was a desolate land not far away that was particularly eye-catching. There were even black shadows crisscrossing, but the distance was still a little far, so he could not see clearly.

Immediately, Sun Bing ran towards this place. After all, there were no plants on the cliff, and it was obvious that there were no hidden dangers. Therefore, Sun Bing didn't need to worry at all.

As the distance between Sun Bing and the desolate land got closer and closer, everything on the desolate land appeared in front of his eyes. His calm mind couldn't help but be shocked because this place was still a battlefield, but the battle on this battlefield was even more intense.

At the same time, Sun Bing also understood that this was the source of the whole incident. Although he was quite a distance away from the wasteland, he could still see clearly that there were five figures confronting each other on the wasteland. They were five kinds of poisonous creatures, but they were huge compared to the poisonous creatures in the woods.

The multi-colored snake in the forest was only one meter long and as thick as a finger. However, the multi-colored snake in front of him was like a snake king. It was a few meters long and as thick as an arm. Even its body was emitting an unusual aura.

Even Sun Bing couldn't help but be shocked by this aura. If it attacked, he wouldn't even be able to withstand a single attack. This meant that this was a Qi Refining Stage Demonic Beast, and it was much stronger than a Body Quenching Stage Demonic Beast.

On the other side of the multi-colored snake, there was a Red Blood Toad the size of a calf. From time to time, it would let out a loud cry that sounded like a huge bell. Every breath it exhaled would cause the surrounding weeds to wither. Obviously, its toxicity was very strong.

There was also a colored spiders the size of a washbasin. The color of the colored spiders's surface was even more vivid. There was actually a huge spider web woven on the ground. It stood in the middle of the web, as if waiting for the return of its prey.

As for the Black Radiance Scorpion and the centipede, they had also become a lot bigger. Although their size couldn't be compared to the multi-colored snake, they couldn't be underestimated. Under the sunlight, the dark outer shell of the Black Radiance Scorpion actually lit up a little, showing its powerful defensive strength.

The tentacles in front of the centipede's mouth were actually still waving continuously, as if it was showing something. The Black Radiance Scorpion gently moved the pincers in front of it and the tail behind it, and they strangely confronted each other.

Sun Bing could clearly feel the pressuring coming from Wudu. Even if he looked down from a cliff more than ten meters away from them, he could still feel the intense pressuring. It was obvious that these were all Qi Refining Stage Demonic Beast. They should be the leaders of their respective races. In addition, their toxicity was extremely strong. It could be said that even if three to five human experts attacked them, they would still be no match for them.

But why would they confront each other today? Sun Bing's mind was filled with doubts. Under the illumination of the sun, he could not help but feel a ray of light shining in the middle of the desolate land.

Then he discovered that there was a stone in the middle of the five poisonous creatures. The stone seemed to have a small hole in it, revealing a crystal clear jade. Under the sunlight, it was sparkling. If it wasn't for this, Sun Bing would have really overlooked this inconspicuous small stone.

Could it be that Wudu confronted it because of this stone? This thought instantly appeared in Sun Bing's mind. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that Wudu was the same distance from the rock. Whenever one side prepared to move, they would be alerted by the other side.

"This is definitely a good thing." This thought instantly appeared in Sun Bing's mind. Indeed, every time something strange happened, there must be a reason behind it. With the Qi Refining Stage Demonic Beast fighting for it with all its might, Sun Bing was sure that this stone was definitely not simple.

Judging from the flash of light just now, there should be a piece of jade hidden inside the rock. However, Sun Bing did not know what effect it had. It actually made this Qi Refining Stage Wudu fight for it. Even though he was extremely anxious right now, there was nothing he could do about it.

After all, not only was Sun Bing unable to defeat any of the poisonous creatures below, he might even be killed by a mouthful of poisonous liquid before he could even get close to them. This made him feel aggrieved. There was clearly a treasure in front of him, but he was unable to obtain it. He felt extremely uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Sun Bing's ears twitched. He heard someone talking and couldn't help but turn his head slightly. He found Qian Xing and the others hiding in the woods not far away. They were covered in smoke, but they were not in any danger. However, Sun Bing looked down from above. He could tell what was going on with just one look.

"I didn't expect them to catch up to me so quickly." Sun Bing was quite surprised. He was extremely dangerous when he walked through the dense forest filled with poisonous creatures. But from the looks of it, they seemed to be very relaxed. They were indeed disciples of large families.

Sun Bing immediately ran slowly from the cliff to the top of Qian Xing and the others. As long as he didn't expose himself, they wouldn't have thought that the enemy they were pursuing was right above them.

Sun Bing had just concealed his figure when he heard Qian Xing excitedly say, "I didn't think that I would have such an opportunity. According to the records of the family, Since the multi-colored snake and the colored spiders are here... The Black Radiance Scorpion, the centipede, and the Red Blood Toad were gathered together... Then, the one in the center should be the venomous jade.

According to the records, the birth of this venomous jade was extremely rare. It needed to be irrigated by the venom for a hundred years before it could be born. It could be said to be extremely precious. And it had an astonishing divine effect. A person only needed to wear this jade stone all year round to be able to attract the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and automatically temper their body to increase their cultivation speed. Even for Qi Refining Stage warriors, this jade stone had quite a big effect.

Moreover, if a person wore this jade stone, he wouldn't need to worry about being poisoned anymore. Even if he was poisoned, he would be able to absorb the poison. As long as the jade pendant did not turn completely black, it would always be effective. This was the fortune of Qian Family. Such a large venomous jade could be used to make a jade pendant for each of the family's higher ups. The rise of the Qian Family is just around the corner."

" So that's how it is. " Initially, Sun Bing thought that the item must be very precious, but after hearing what Qian Xing said, he finally understood. He didn't expect it to be such a precious item. Each of its effects could be said to be excellent. Especially since it could help him increase his cultivation speed. This made him want it even more.

However, even if the enemy didn't move, Sun Bing didn't move either. At this moment, he could be said to be the most hidden person. All he needed to do was to wait and see, and find a good opportunity.

"Young master, I wonder if we should continue searching for that person?" One of the big men could not help but ask softly.

"This place is extremely dangerous. I was only able to pass through safely with the help of the Demon Absorbing Incense. How can a sixth level of Body Quenching Stage be safe and sound? It's very likely that he has been corroded by the poison, and there isn't even any residue left. All of you don't have to worry about him anymore. "

Qian Xing waved his hand and paused for a moment. Then, he continued, "We'll stay here and watch. The venomous jade is equally important to the five poisonous creatures. Once a poisonous creature obtains it, it will be able to make a breakthrough. Therefore, they will surely fight with each other, and we'll wait for the best time to attack."

Sun Bing heard the conversation below. He sighed in his heart. "Qian Xing, you have really underestimated everyone. Not only have I not died in the valley, but I am also sitting on top of your head. Since you want to wait for the best opportunity, let's see who the real winner is. "

At this moment, the five poisonous creatures that had been confronting each other not far away seemed to have made a new move. Because of the long pause, the Red Blood Toad's patience had been exhausted. It let out a soft cry.

Even though Sun Bing was quite far away from the center of the battlefield, he was still stunned by this loud cry. Could this be the power of a Qi Refining Stage?

He looked at the battlefield not far away. It was like the horn of attack had been blown. Whether it was the multi-colored snake, the centipede, or the Black Radiance Scorpion, they couldn't help but move. They looked for each other and began fighting. However, the locations they chose to fight avoided the stone in the center of the wasteland.

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