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C5 Choose a Cultivation Technique

Although the Sun family was considered insignificant in the entire continent, it was still one of the strongest in Falling Cloud Town. The Cultivation Hall wasn't too spacious, but the platform inside was filled with the ancient cultivation techniques scrolls. Just at a glance, Sun Bing could see at least twenty of them, as if a feast for his eyes.

According to Sun Bing's understanding, the Arts Scrolls was divided into four tiers, from highest to lowest — Heaven, Earth, Profound, and Yellow.

As for basic Swords Arts, it was widely spread across the entire continent. Even if it was an ordinary person, they would be able to play around with it slightly, so it was not considered as secret scrolls.

The place Sun Bing was waiting at could only be considered the first level of the Cultivation Hall, which only contained scrolls that were at Yellow Tier and below, yet it was already an eye-opener. To ordinary people, such a scroll could even be passed on as a family heirloom for generations.

It was obvious that others had seen the belongings of the Sun Family as treasures. In the Sun family, everyone would have the opportunity to study here for free. However, what they had to pay attention to was, they absolutely could not pass the cultivation techniques to others, otherwise Sun Family would hunt them down.

Sun Bing had also heard that the most profound technique scroll contained a high-grade Profound Level cultivation technique, but that required the purest of blood to cultivate. Even the branch family might not have the opportunity to study it, not to mention the ordinary servants.

Sure enough, Sun Bing did not demand to cultivate that unique technique. His main purpose for coming here was to find a Swords Arts to learn, since his basic Swords Arts had already reached a bottleneck, and needed a Master to learn from.

Moreover, even though his foundation of the Swords Arts was solid, but if one were to talk about its power, it was still slightly lacking. Learning a new Swords Arts would not only increase one's strength, but it would also provide an additional method to deal with enemies.

At that moment, Sun Bing could only search carefully, glancing through each of the scrolls.

Qi Accumulation Art, Heaven and Earth Breathing Technique, and Natural Qi Accumulation Technique...

One after another cultivation techniques were neglected by Sun Bing. In the Divine Land, there were two types of Arts — Qi Cultivation Technique and Martial Arts Techniques. Regardless of either one, they were all treasures that people yearned for day and night.

Most of the cultivation methods were Qi Cultivation Techniques. Not only it had recorded the human body's meridians and veins, but it also broke down the information on the teaching of absorbing the spirit energy of heaven and earth. Thereby it would assist one to strengthen the body, and raise one's realm. If anyone at the peak of the Body Tempering Realm wanted to break through to the Qi Refining Realm, they would need a set of specific cultivation techniques.

Only a few of them utilized the Body Tempering Techniques. This kind of cultivation technique would constantly temper the body and use the body as a weapon. Although the body would also contain Qi, it was not their main attacking skill. It was said that no one could lay a finger on the Master of Body Tempering even if the Master was just standing still.

As for Martial Arts Techniques, they consisted of various techniques. Though they didn't seem as important as the Qi cultivation techniques, they still determined your strategy towards your enemies. Moreover, only Martial Arts Techniques could fully unleash all your strength.

As for Sun Bing, his target was surely Martial Arts Techniques. All the following Qi Cultivation Techniques were ignored, leaving the remaining half were all Martial Arts Techniques. However, Martial Arts Techniques had been categorized into different classifications, including Fist techniques, Foot Techniques, Body Techniques, Blade Arts, Swords Arts, and so on. All the offensive techniques were all classified as Martial Arts Techniques.

After another round of selection, there were only two Swords Arts left before Sun Bing's eyes, and that was because swords had a high pervasiveness. As for a spear or staff technique scroll, Sun Family did not even own one.

"Zephyr Swords Arts" and "Overrun Sword Arts", looking at the two Swords Arts' scrolls in front of him, Sun Bing could not help but hesitate for a moment.

The main characteristic of the "Zephyr Swords Arts" was that it had high agility, requiring one to have enough perception to sense the direction of the wind between heaven and earth to fight against the opponent. Although the attack power was not strong, the advantage one would have during the battle would be agility. If one was proficient in it, the opponent would not get a chance to lay a finger on the user before getting defeated.

"Overrun Swords Arts" emphasized heads on's battle. The Swords Arts were brutal and every move was filled with killing intent. If a disciple who had learnt the Swords Arts did not have sufficient control over their own body, they would even possibly ended up hurting themselves before they could harm their enemies.

Both of the Swords Arts had their benefits and drawbacks. Frankly speaking, Sun Bing wanted to learn both of the Swords Arts, after all, he had perfected his basic Swords Arts. Thus, cultivating it would give him twice the results with half the effort, believing that it wouldn't be long before he could truly be a part of the clan.

Sun Bing was merely an ordinary person in the clan, though, he was the adopted son of the clan leader in name, he could still be considered a Young Master!

However, after all these years, he deeply understood that this level of status was useless and completely have no privileges. Being able to learn a technique was already rare and hard to come by, even if the Sun Family did not bother a Yellow Tier technique, other disciples would still gossip about it.

Sun Bing heaved a long sigh, thinking that what worried the people was the inequality rather than the scarcity. This was the nature of humans, everything would require rules and regulations.

At this moment, the sound of footsteps sounded within the Cultivation Hall. A young man dressed in white, with his hair and clothes fluttering in the wind, slowly walked down the stairs. Regardless of how picky a person was, they would still need to address him as the Noble Master when they saw him.

It was just that when Sun Bing saw this person, his pupils contracted. He was none others but Sun Long. Sun Bing did not expect that he would actually come to Cultivation Hall today and was coming down from the second floor. One should know that the second floor was filled with scrolls that were Yellow Tier and above, it might be the Profound tier too.

In the past ten years, Sun Bing had thought that he wouldn't have anything to do with Sun Long, yet it was unexpected that Sun Long would actually order his underlings to harm him. It was truly impossible to judge a person by their appearance. Sun Long was a modest man who showed consideration for others within the family, behaving like a noble and adored by the elders as well as the disciples.

At the same time, within the Cultivation Hall, there were two other young ladies whispering to each other, "So this is Sun Long, the number one genius of the clan? He's truly charming."

"Right, Young Master Sun Long is indeed a gentleman, I believe along with his leadership, the Sun family will definitely become even stronger."

Sun Long's behaviors were fairly appropriate, putting on a gentle smile. He did not seem overly close, nor did he appear to be aloof. It caused others to feel comfortable with the distance as if he was an approachable person.

It could be said that, up till now, only Sun Bing knew that he was just a two-faced hypocrite. This kind of person was usually most ruthless. At that instant, he could not help but feel disgusted within.

Yet, Sun Bing did not reveal any flaws. The current him was still too weak and helpless, if he was targeted by Sun Long, things wouldn't go smoothly for him. Hence, he continued to quietly look through the secret scrolls while pondering deeply about it.

Sun Long's pace was not fast, and after a short while, he arrived behind Sun Bing. He then stopped and gently said, "Isn't this Brother Sun Bing? It's so good to see you here! After ten years, you're finally able to cultivate, I hope you could inherit your father's fame.

As your senior, I can still share with you some of my experience. Although the "Overrun Sword Arts" is only a Lower-Yellow Tier's Swords Arts, once you mastered it, it would be comparable to the Mid-Yellow Tier. I hope that Brother could also properly help out with the Sun family."

After hearing this, Sun Bing's eyes turned slightly cold, he really was a hypocrite. Although all his words sounded as if he was showing his consideration, yet it also exposed Sun Bing's poor talent ⁠— only able to cultivate after ten years.

With that, the two young ladies who were already whispering to each other stared at Sun Bing with contempt. In contrast, this made them admire Sun Long even more. It's indeed a fine strategy.

Since Sun Long was talking to him, Sun Bing did not ignore him. Instead, he responded with a smile, "Thank you, senior. It just so happens that I'm still hesitating, since that is the case, I'll go with this technique."

The two of them seemed to be speaking calmly, yet no one knew that at this moment, Sun Long was feeling quite surprised, "How did this good-for-nothing start cultivate? Didn't all his Body Quenching Pill get confiscated? And that trash Sun Yang, did he not kill him?" A cold light twinkled in his eyes.

Sun Bing had always been observing Sun Long's actions and noticed the cold light twinkled in his eyes. He couldn't help but feel certain within him, "Looks like it's really his arrangement. I've never expected him to be so ruthless. I must take my revenge on him."

In such a short period of time, both of them had already confronted each other several times, and after they casually conversed for a while, Sun Long directly left the Cultivation Hall. As for Sun Bing, he picked up the "Overrun Swords Arts" scroll and headed out.

"Is this the Overrun Swords Arts?" Elder Sun Wei could not help but frown, "This Swords Arts has already been placed in the Cultivation Hall for decades, and countless people chose it due to their desire for its power. But not only did they fail to cultivate it, they even crippled their own arms from the swords skills. Are you sure you want to cultivate this? Once you step out of the Cultivation Hall, you can no longer change it."

"Oh!" Sun Bing suddenly felt astonished, not expecting such a thing to happen. He then nodded slightly at the same time, thinking to himself, "So that's how it is. I was wondering how could Sun Long be that kind, it turns out to be a scheme. If it wasn't for Elder Sun Wei's advice, I wouldn't have realized."

Putting that aside, Sun Bing had already roughly studied it and realized that the Overrun Sword Arts was extremely murderous. Only people who had trust in their own swords could cultivate it. If their foundation was not solid, it would only harm themselves by obtaining it.

It could be seen that the previous disciples did not bother about the roots of the scroll, only blindly believing in the power of the technique. Due to the mistakes they had made, the Swords Arts had been neglected by the future generation.

However, to Sun Bing, all these requirements were not an issue at all. He had already perfected the basic Swords Arts, his sword was like his own arms, nothing unexpected would happen. The "Overrun Swords Arts" was extremely suitable for Sun Bing.

Immediately, Sun Bing firmly nodded his head, "Elder, I have confidence in myself," At the same time, he started to think, although this Swords Arts was suitable for himself, it was still a scheme of another person. He would definitely take revenge on Sun Long.

Since Sun Bing insisted on choosing the Swords Arts, the elder could only agree. After all, he could only give advice, and the final decision would be made by the disciple himself. During the registration, the elder warned, "The borrowed cultivation technique scroll must be returned within a month, and you must not copy it privately. And you must not lose it, or else you'll receive a severe punishment."

He shook his head while talking. Sun Wei had already found out that the person before him was the famous good-for-nothing in the family. He didn't expect him to be so ambitious after obtaining the opportunity to cultivate. To think that he had such a great ambition, it's such a pity.

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