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C6 Overrun Swords Arts

That night, Sun Long was sitting alone in his room. As the direct descendent and the number one genius of the family, he had always received relatively good treatment. Having a small and secluded courtyard filled with flowers all by himself to enjoy.

At this moment in this room, Sun Yao, as a servant, was not as arrogant and proud as he was in front of Steward Qin. He bent down and reported all the information he had gathered, "Young Master, I have been following your instructions and kept an eye on that good-for-nothing. Perhaps his power has suddenly awakened, enabling him to cultivate. It wouln't be a threat, so there's no need to worry. I've confirmed that he has chosen the "Overrun Swords Arts."

Sun Long, who had always been gentle in everyone's eyes, turned gloomy as he stood as where he was, "If this good-for-nothing remained obedient things would be fine. However, he actually wants to turn the sky upside down and have things that don't belong to him. Let's see how he's going to end with this Arts."

But very quickly, Sun Long walked back and forth as he muttered to himself, "Cultivating the Swords Arts would at most cripple him, but he'll still be alive. If he lost the Swords Arts, what would be the outcome?" As he said this, he couldn't help but gave off a smirk. Due to the fact that his appearance was quite gentle, it was impossible to tell that he was scheming against others.

After considering the entire plan, he said to Sun Yao, who was beside him, "Oh right, go look for Sun Yang, Sun Yong, and Sun Ce. I think you should know what to do now."

"Yes, yes, I understood," Sun Yao then walked out of the small courtyard with respect.

Sun Bing at this time had completely no idea that Sun Long had actually set up a conspiracy against him so quickly. Instead, he went to the back of the mountain in excitement. Sure enough, he had already abandoned the dense forest, which was a place where he dumped and destroyed the corpse.

Though the land in the rear mountain was huge, with Sun Bing's familiarity, he was able to find a cliff in just a short period of time. The terrain was rather flat and spacious, thus, it was more than enough for him to cultivate.

Most importantly, no one would come all the way here to disturb him, making Sun Bing feel satisfied with the good confidentiality.

The entire cliff covered an area of ten feet, and because it was located in a dusky area, it was rather cool. Looking down from the cliff, one could see the entirety of the Falling Cloud Town in the distance, as well as the mountain ranges.

"In the future, I would want to soar to the peak the mountain and look down upon the surrounding small mountains."

Only when one stood at the peak could one truly enjoy the scenery. This kind of breathtaking scenery made Sun Bing feel extremely heroic. Falling Cloud Town was merely a small part of the Divine Land, and yet its scenery was that beautiful. Then how about the whole Devine Land?

Instantly, Sun Bing's eyes revealed a hint of determination, knowing that if he wanted to climb the mountain and overlook everything below his feet, the only way was to have sufficient strength. However, his current self was too weak and still require to cultivate much harder.

Other than him, many other outstanding geniuses out there were also working hard too. If he was satisfied with just the small achievement, then what qualifications did he have to advance his progress? Only with unswerving perseverance and able to withstand loneliness could one be called a master.

Those who believed that only people who had secret Martial Arts Scrolls could become masters were nothing more than a bunch of clowns. Each and every true master who could be praised had experienced endless hardships and battles.

The moment he thought of this, Sun Bing immediately cut off all the distracting thoughts within him and earnestly began to cultivate the "Overrun Sword Arts" that he had just retrieved today.

Every Martial Arts Scrolls that was passed down had its own unique features, and each of them was filled with the wisdom of the past generations' elders. As for those elders, Sun Bing was extremely respectful to them.

Opening the Swords Arts that emitted an ancient aura, he could already feel a dense majestic aura within.

The "Overrun Sword Arts" could see the way of Heaven and Earth and was divided into Vertical and Horizontal Sword Art. Horizontal Sword Art was an overwhelming Technical Arts that gave you an advantage and created an opening during the battle, while Vertical Sword Art was an overwhelming Power Arts that gave you the opportunity to deal fatal damage on the enemy and close their path of escaping. The one who could achieve this state would be the one who controlled Heaven and Earth.

Such imposing and majestic words made Sun Bing yearn for it, seeing a master cultivating the Swords Arts under the sun and moon in his mind. Each every move contained various mysteries.

But soon, Sun Bing was startled from his dream. Looking at the ordinary Swords Arts in his hands, while recalling the scene in his mind. His first thought was that this Swords Arts was not simple, and he began to delve into it even more seriously.

Raising the spirit, wielding the sword, turning the body, lifting the sword...

Due to that Sun Bing did not have the guidance of a master, he could only rely on himself to understand everything. Therefore, the process of cultivating Swords Arts was rather boring, repeating the movement again and again. Besides, he still needed to refer back to the scroll to seek his insufficiency.

However, cultivating the "Overrun Sword Arts" was far more difficult than he had imagined. Despite that he had already mastered the basic Swords Arts, he was still lacking in many aspects, and could only slowly figure out during the process of cultivation.

This caused Sun Bing to be quite shocked. As for the "Zephyr Sword Arts" which was placed in the Cultivation Hall, Sun Bing could already imitate a few steps in his mind after flipping through the scroll casually. If he could obtain the scroll, it would take less than five days to cultivate it.

Just the first move alone had already used up the entire afternoon. It could be imagined how difficult it was.

However, Sun Bing's eyes twinkled brightly and filled with surprise, due to that the difficulty of comprehending it was enough to prove that the Swords Arts was overpowered. Sun Bing was even more certain that by utilizing this technique, no one in the same realm would be able to withstand it.

With this, he could even withstand the attack from a cultivator with a higher realm and search for the opponent's weak point.

In a blink of an eye, half a month had quietly passed by.

The sunset blossoms upon the horizon and gently shone onto the Falling Cloud Town as if the town was emitting a warming aura. On the cliff, Sun Bing stood there alone with a sword in his hand.

His hand was still holding onto the wooden sword that had been with him for ten years. Yet, this wooden sword seemed to be even more sturdy than an iron sword, as Sun Bing wielded it around, it released waves of humming sound.

After some time, when the set of Swords Arts's cultivation had been completed, Sun Bing exhaled a long heave. Withdrawing his sword and gazing afar as he sighed softly, "No wonder no one had succeeded in cultivating this Swords Arts. With my perfected basic Swords Art, I'm actually only at the beginning stages of learning how to comprehend the Swords Arts after half a month of cultivation."

Throughout half a month of assiduous cultivation, Sun Bing had discovered that this Swords Arts was incomplete. The scroll only contained the Vertical Swords Arts, and lacking the Horizontal Sword Art, thus, it could only be called "Vertical Sword Arts". If the Swords Arts were complete, its power would be unimaginable.

Although the Swords Arts were incomplete, it was still not a mere Lower-Yellow Tier Swords Arts. Perhaps due to the fact that no one had successfully cultivated it for such a long period of time, and then scroll being incomplete, it had gradually been neglected. Therefore, it was fortunate for Sun Bing to obtain the scroll.

The current Sun Bing was actually rather grateful to Sun Long. If it's not for his words, Sun Bing would not have chosen the "Overrun Sword Arts ". What's the point of bringing back the "Zephyr Swords Arts"? He could master it within a few days, after all, it would be too petty. By that time, it would be too late for him to regret if he wanted to switch back the scroll.

Moreover, good things came in pairs. With his perseverance in cultivating the Swords Arts, adding in the fact of his ten years of training, he had broken through to the third tier of the Body Tempering Realm in one go. Without a doubt, his foundation was solid, as long as he put in more hard work, he would be able to detect the Qi on his next advancement.

This made Sun Bing feel excited, at the same time, a cold glint flashed across his eyes, "Sun Long, I've never thought that you would actually gift me such a great opportunity. Don't worry, at that time, I'll definitely use this Swords Arts to repay your kindness over the years."

Realizing that the sky was getting dark, it was indeed time to leave. Under the afterglow of the sunset, Sun Bing slowly embarked on his journey back home.

On the other side, Sun Yong had almost gone insane, at that time, Sun Yao had instantly distributed the mission. However, Sun Yang was already dead, considering as missing, while Sun Ce was away. Adding the fact that the bounty was high, thus, Sun Yong could not help but be greedy and accepted the mission alone.

Then, he began to patiently search for Sun Bing, hoping to find an opportunity to steal the Swords Arts from him.

Although the Lower-Yellow Tier scroll was nothing to the Sun family, one would still be severely punished if it was lost.

The direct descendant of the family would only receive slight reprimand while the branch family would be confined. None of these were a big deal.

The most crucial part was the servants. If they lost the scrolls, the family would break their limbs and be expelled from the clan. Besides, they would be restricted from cultivating for the rest of their life, and if they did, they would be instantly executed.

As for Sun Bing, although he was the adopted son of the family in name, no one really took him seriously. By that time, if Sun Long was to make a move on him, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Unfortunately, Sun Bing had been too engrossed with the "Overrun Sword Arts" during this period of time. He basically did not return to the Sun Residence, and only stayed at the rear mountain. After all, he was an unimportant person, it wouldn't matter if he did not return.

Things like this had actually happened quite often last time, but Sun Yong had suffered greatly from it. Even after searching through the entire Sun Residence, he couldn't find any trace of Sun Bing. Moreover, he even went to Sun Bing's favorite spot which was the forest at the back of the mountain, yet he was nowhere to be seen.

Although he had been guarding in front of Sun Bing's residence every day, he regretfully realized that Sun Bing had no intentions of returning to the residence. It was only now that he suddenly recalled that in the past ten years, he basically could only see Sun Bing during the paycheck day.

This made him feel despair. If he forcefully delayed the mission for a month, it would take too long and he would consider failing his mission. By that time, how would Sun Long treat him? This was simply unimaginable.

As time passed, the regret Sun Yong felt within him for earning the bounty, had all turned into hatred. In his mind, this was all Sun Bing's fault, why didn't he come back so he could steal the scroll? Did Sun Bing want him dead?

If a servant were to be targeted by a Young Master of the clan, the consequences would be tragic.

Therefore, Sun Yong felt completely downhearted, roaming within the Falling Cloud Town and quietly waiting for his trial.

Suddenly, Sun Yong's eyes twinkled, eyes brimming with tears of excitement. Finally, he had found Sun Bing, whom he had been missing for half a month.

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