Sword Emperor/C7 First Battle 
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Sword Emperor/C7 First Battle 
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C7 First Battle 

At that instant, Sun Yong's body was trembling. It wasn't because he's afraid or worried, but excited, as though a traveler who was about to die from thirst found an oasis. The ecstasy within his heart was uncontrollable.

It was unimaginable on how would his future be like if he could not complete the mission that Sun Long gave?

Although Sun was Sun Yong's last name, he was completely different from Sun Long. Due to the fact that Sun Long was the direct descendent, and he was merely a servant who wasn't related to the Sun's. Even his last name was gifted by the Master.

In terms of status and identity, even Sun Bing had a higher status than him because Sun Bing was still his adopted son.

After getting all excited, Sun Yong's face revealed a hint of sinister look, at the same time, he laughed wildly within him, "When one door closes, another opens. Sun Bing, I really have to thank you. Your luck is really bad, huh? Instead of choosing the way to heaven, you choose the path to hell.

Only one of us will be able to survive. Previously, you've humiliated me in front of the Cultivation Hall, adding on to my future prospects and my life, I could only make you the one who suffers. Rest in peace."

Speaking to this point, Sun Yong did not reflect on how repulsive his previous behavior were and only putting all the blame on others.

As for Sun Bing, he had already noticed Sun Yong the moment he entered the Falling Cloud Town. Seeing Sun Yong's devouring eyes, he couldn't help but smirked, "I never thought that I would taunt you. Perhaps Sun Yang is impatiently waiting for you now. You came just in time to accompany him in hell."

However, they were now in the Falling Cloud Town and there were many passersby. Sun Yong thought to himself, "If I were to forcefully steal it, there would be too many witnesses. Furthermore, I can't let Sun Bing know who is going to hide his secret scroll, so the only way is to steal it."

In fact, Sun Yong did not mind the method he would be using. After all, Sun Bing, his target had appeared, at the same time, he was also filled with confidence. So what if Sun Bing could start to cultivate? Thinking that he had already reached the fourth tier of the Body Tempering Realm and was not someone that Sun Bing, who had just stepped into the cultivation world, could withstand.

Sun Bing was also feeling conflicted right now. Even though he really wanted to kill Sun Yong, he mustn't expose himself because once he left the Sun family, there was no way for him to obtain Martial Arts Scrolls. Thus, He could only hope to find an opportunity.

The two of them glanced at each other as they brushed past their shoulder. It could be said that both of them had their own thoughts, but their objective was shockingly the same, which was to kill the other.

Unknowingly, it was already deep into the night.

The night was exceptionally desolate, and even the usual bright moonlight was obscured by the dark clouds, causing the entire Falling Cloud Town to turn pitch-black in an instant. Only the courtyard of the wealthy families was filled with lights.

"It's a great time to murder someone," In a remote room, Sun Yong changed into a set of pitch-black clothes, preparing to steal the Martial Arts Scroll.

Sun Bing's residence was rather remote which was selected by himself. His presence within the clan was rather low anyway, and it was good to stay away from the crowd. Even the patrolling guards were too lazy to come over, as long as nothing serious happened, it wouldn't attract anyone's attention.

Therefore, Sun Yong dared to act boldly. Not long later, he arrived at the shabby door, and carefully peeped inside. Before he could see clearly into the house, a deep voice passed his ears, "Do you want to have a seat inside?"

At that instant, Sun Yong was shaken up, feeling his muscles tensed up as he jumped backward. When the door opened, he saw Sun Bing sitting cross-legged with a wooden sword across his legs, as if he had been waiting for along.

The only thing that came into Sun Yong's mind was that he had been exposed, not only did he not escape, but he also put on a ruthless expression. This was because if he retreated now, it would be even harder to steal the scroll from him.

Looking at the cold light that flashed past his eyes, Sun Bing didn't feel a slight worry, instead, he felt extremely excited. Previously when he killed Sun Yang, his first attack had played a major role, containing too much Qi energy. It was just like a powerful and irresistible attack, killing him in just a slash, causing him to not gain any battle experience.

Coincidentally, today, he had an opponent that could assist him in training. Holding the black wooden sword in his hand, he began to fight with Sun Yong.

When the wooden sword and the iron sword clashed, all that could be heard was a muffled sound, but there wasn't a trace of crack on it. This caused Sun Yong's eyes to flicker with deep astonishment because within his heart, Sun Bing had just started cultivating, as for himself, he had already reached the fourth tier of the Body Tempering Realm.

Although his attack was blocked, Sun Yong did not have a hint of worry, because this was just a casual attack, being able to withstand it was no big deal. With that, he had become slightly more serious, "I didn't expect you to be able to block my casual attack, I must be careful next time."

Saying that, he immediately used the basic Swords Arts as he wielded his sword. But Sun Bing looked at the shallow Swords Arts and burst into laughter, every strike was able to precisely hit the opponent's weak points, no matter how powerful he was, it was useless.

Just in a blink of an eye, the two had already exchanged several blows, and the only sound that could be heard was the sound of a sword clashing in the courtyard.

As time passed, fear had gradually emerged in Sun Yong's heart. He truly did not expect that just a few days of not seeing Sun Bing, he could become so strong. At the same time, his heart was filled with jealousy and viciousness.

At first, Sun Yong only wanted to steal the Martial Arts Scroll to frame him, but now he no longer wanted to do such a redundant move. Instead, he planned to kill Sun Bing tonight, even if there was the risk of him being exposed, he did not bother.

This was because if this continued, Sun Bing would be able to surpass him before long. The moment he thought about how he used to bully Sun Bing, he could not help but panic.

Immediately, Sun Bing realized his change in attitude. Although he could still find flaws in the Swords Arts, he could no longer keep up with it with the speed, and the gap in strength between them was getting bigger, causing him to feel pressured.

With that, Sun Bing frowned slightly as he sighed, "In this world, although martial arts techniques are important, the most important thing is still the realm tier. Facing one who has absolute strength, any scheme would be useless regardless of how subtle it could be.

Just that, when Sun Yong saw that Sun Bing was still barely able to block his attack, he felt furious and thought, "It seems like I have to see you as a threat, I can't hide anymore," He then chanted, "Gust of Wind"

The fine Steel Sword instantly transformed into a resplendent, cold light and thrusted out. It was swift and graceful, moving along with the wind. It could be seen that it was obviously the "Zephyr Swords Arts" from the Cultivation Hall. Sun Bing still had some impression of the technique, because this was the first move of the "Zephyr Swords Arts".

After all, there were only two types of Swords Arts in Sun family and basically, no one would want to cultivate the "Overrun Sword Arts". Thus, the "Zephyr Swords Arts" was the only one left.

"Come at me!" Sensing the threat of this strike, Sun Bing's eyes twinkled in surprise, feeling goosebumps all over his skin, as well as the power that was about to burst out his body.

"No wonder everyone says that lingering between life and death is the best time to temper oneself. With that strike, I could feel myself breaking through another realm," Sun Bing sighed within him.

Instead of feeling fear, he was filled with eagerness. Before his battle with Sun Yong, he had only been using the basic Swords Arts, now, he finally had the opportunity to test out the result of his cultivation.

With a twist of his body, Sun Bing slightly rotate his right hand, the wooden sword followed his movements and exerted the second form of "Overrun Sword Arts" — Wipeout.

This time, Sun Yong's eyes were filled with astonishment, he never expected Sun Bing to successfully cultivate the Lower-Yellow Tier's Martial Arts Technique. However, he did not recognize this technique due to that no one in the clan had ever successfully cultivated the "Overrun Swords Arts".

In that split-second, he could only hastily dodge the attacks. The clashing of the wooden and steel swords had even emitted some sparks.

Under his attack, a wound had actually appeared on Sun Yong's left arm. If he had moved a little slower, he might not even be able to protect his entire arm.

This was also the first time Sun Bing had formally fought with an enemy. Though he was proficient in martial arts, he did not have experience in battles, causing him to be likely to make mistakes. It was because of this that Sun Bing had been wrangling with the opponent.

Otherwise, he would have killed him immediately. Sun Yong had underestimated his opponent in the early stage, adding the fact that his Swords Arts had such an obvious flaw. If he were to make a move at that time, he would definitely be able to kill him with just a strike.

Sun Yong could not delve into Sun Bing's mind, not admitting that he's merely a whetstone. Instead, his scalp went numb, "When did Sun Bing this brat become so strong and his sword skill has become so impressive?

However, his gaze was vicious. At this point, they had already at the stage of either life or death, instead of going easy on him, he lifted his steel sword.

"Howling Tempest."

This was the strongest technique from the "Zephyr Swords Arts", and it was also its main unique form. In just a blink of an eye, he trusted out the "Howling Tempest", causing the enemy unable to react on time.

It could be said that this move Sun Yong had used, contained countless flaws in Sun Bing's eyes, and simply did not show the full extent of its essence. In fact, he did not even use the "Overrun Sword Arts", with a gentle stab, he stopped Sun Yong's hand forcefully.

Unless he had the intention to perish together with him, otherwise if he continued, he would definitely die.

"Seems like it's time for you to leave. You can no longer pressure me and Sun Yang is still waiting for you in hell!" Feeling that the technique Sun Yong had used was repeating, making Sun Bing feel a little bored. After all, he wanted to improve himself, yet this did not bring him pressure at all.

With that, Sun Yong squinted his eyes, "What? Impossible! You can't be that strong."

But the reality was always cruel. After Sun Bing finished speaking, he sped up his move and a dazzling light flashed in the dark night.

"First form of the Vertical Swords Arts, Soul Stealer!"

When he looked again, Sun Yong had fallen into complete silence, and the only thing that remained was Sun Bing's cold figure, looking exceptionally cold under the silvery moonlight.

After a long time, a faint voice passed his ears, "You're the second one."

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