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Sword Emperor/C8 The Mysterious Scabbard
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C8 The Mysterious Scabbard

Despite the fact that Sun Bing's residence was located far away from the main Sun Residence courtyard, it was enough to draw people's attention after such a long battle. Not to mention that Sun family was a wealthy and prominent family, where the Elders were powerful enough to sense the sound of swords clashing.

Not long after, a guest appeared in the previously deserted courtyard. Looking at the old man as Sun Bing heard him ask faintly, "What's going on here?"

Sun Bing recognized this man, he was the law enforcement elders in the clan, Sun Li, the one who controlled the clan's rules and penalties. It could be said that he had a high authority within the clan, and most importantly, he was extremely powerful as he had already reached the eighth tier of the Qi Refining Realm.

Even though he was usually strict, as long as they didn't violate the clan rules, he wouldn't deliberately find fault with them. It could therefore be said that he was an upright person and not afraid that someone would frame him.

"I don't know either, Elder. I was sleeping soundly in my room and out of a sudden, I noticed an intruder and got into a fight with him. The moment I've suppressed the intruder, you're already here, Elder," Sun Bing didn't feel concerned at all as he spoke out the truth.

In any case, this battle did not last too long, and what Sun Bing said was mostly true, only hiding some details from the elder. However, it was harmless doing that, as the old saying went, "It's difficult to see through a lie within many truths," Furthermore, it's true that Sun Yong broke into his house, and since he had already died, there would not be a testimony of a witness. It would be impossible for Sun Yong to come back from death to explain himself.

Towards Sun Bing's words, the elder nodded his head slowly. Due to that, the corpse was wearing a black suit, it was obvious that he wanted his identity to be hidden, which meant that he had an ulterior motive. Under such circumstances, no matter what status the intruder had, Sun Bing had the right to kill him.

Throughout all these years, there had been traitors within the clan, even if Sun Yong managed to come back to life, he would still be suspected.

Sun Li nodded his head, "You have done well, with a bit of your father's demeanor. I hope you'll continue to work hard. This is my token of authority, head to the accounting office tomorrow and take three bottles of the Body Quenching Pill as your reward."

"Thank you, Elder," Sun Bing beamed as he received the token of authority. Originally, he was anxious because he did not have any cultivation resources, not expecting this elder to be so nice and gifted him the pills directly.

At the same time, he thanked Sun Yong gratefully in his heart. Even though he didn't send fortunes, but it's better than nothing. Not only had he send himself to the door for revenge, but he had also enabled Sun Bing to earn merits and obtain three bottles of the Body Quenching Pill. Sun Yong was such a generous person.

Since he had already taken revenge, Sun Bing would not feel any psychological pressure for praising the other party.

After understanding the whole situation, Elder Sun Li left. As for the corpses, they had also been taken away by the patrolling guards.

Sun Bing, on the other hand, he sat in his room with his legs crossed, quietly reflecting the scene from before in his mind. From the first exchange of attacks to the moment his opponents died, he had all imprinted in his mind.

As the saints say, "Reflecting three times a day."

Although Sun Bing was unable to do it, he would reflect on himself after every battle. Finding out his insufficiency and mistakes, due to that all of these aspects were important. He was just fortunate to encountered Sun Yong such a small fry.

But in a true confrontation between geniuses, just a misstep would lead to complete failure. Moreover, it could cause one to lose a great opportunity and even death with just an insignificant mistake.

Everyone only had one life, thus, Sun Bing was quite serious about things that were concern to life.

After about an hour, Sun Bing had finally finished digesting his entire first battle. Though it was just a single battle, his strength had increased by two tiers compared to his previous self, and had a deeper understanding of the "Vertical Swords Arts".

Heaving out a long breath, not only did Sun Bing undergo a battle, but he had also analyzed the battle in detail, causing him to feel exhausted.

Out of a sudden, he saw a fine iron sword on the ground. It seemed to be left by Sun Yong, and wasn't taken away, thus, it could be considered as Sun Bing's spoils of war.

Although the fine iron sword looked inconspicuous, it still required fifty taels of silver to purchase. This was equivalent to Sun Bing's five months' worth of salary, it was indeed expensive.

In the past, Sun Bing basically only used his monthly salary on his daily needs, leading him to be unable to save up that much money, not to mention buying a sword. Therefore, he could only replace them with a wooden sword during his training.

In a blink of an eye, so many years had passed. Even if he had an iron sword in his hand now, Sun Bing did not have any intentions of replacing his wooden sword.

Ten years of continuous training allowed the wooden sword to accumulate Sun Bing's Qi energy. Not only was it able to compete with the fine iron sword with its toughness, but it was also handy to use. If Sun Bing continued to cultivate it, at the end of the day, the sword could even transcend.

Hence, to Sun Bing, this fine iron sword was as if a tasteless chicken rib, yet was a pity to abandon it. At the end of the day, Sun Bing decided to sell it away tomorrow, hoping to exchange it for some money and resources since they were very crucial to a cultivator.

Sun Bing immediately held onto the iron sword, wanting to put it aside.

As he casually waved the fine iron sword a few times, he accidentally bumped into the little scabbard that he kept on his chest. Instantly, something shocking happened. He saw the fine iron sword slowly fused into the scabbard and faded before his eyes.

Sun Bing took this situation seriously because ever since the day the scabbard allowed Sun Bing to cultivate, he would inspect it carefully every single day, hoping to encounter fate once again. However, he always ended up disappointing.

At most, the scabbard was only a tiny box that could not be opened, but even so, Sun Bing did not give up. He did not believe that the scabbard that could teleport him, and even give him the cultivation ability, would be that simple. Unexpectedly, it had finally revealed its true color today.

Despite that, the scabbard's size remained the same, Sun Bing had realized that its outer appearance had changed from charcoal black to onyx black. Besides, it felt even heavier in his hand, not overly heavy but almost similar to the weight of the sword previously.

All of these indicated that the scabbard was not as simple as it seemed. As for its future, Sun Bing had high hopes for it, but if it was going to devour swords all the time, it would be difficult for him to manage.

In the blink of an eye, the second day had arrived. Although there had been an intruder last night, considering the possibility that it was the effect caused by the traitor, no one knew about it. It was as if nothing had happened, thus, no one had found out that two people had been missing from the clan.

At this moment, within Sun Long's courtyard, he had completely lost his temper, "Tell me, what exactly happened? Why did Sun Yang and Sun Yong go missing while the good-for-nothing is fine?"

At first, Sun Long was not concerned about such a small matter, but he never thought that after being called over by the Law Enforcing Elder last night, he would be lectured and only be released in the morning. Although he was the direct descendant of the family and was also the number one genius, he didn't have any privileges when it came to the matter that involved traitors.

In the end, the result he heard was that Sun Yong was a traitor, and was up for a scheme. As for Sun Yang, he had fled to escape from punishment while Sun Bing had done a deed of merit. This result caused Sun Long to feel stupefied, yet he could not refute.

Hence, he could only swallow his words and evade this matter. After all, he could not possibly say, "All of this was arranged by me, I told them to go to Sun Bing's place to steal his cultivation technique scroll."

If he did say so, he would definitely be investigated regardless of his status as the direct descendant of the family. Even if they did not investigate anything out of him, the image and reputation that he had built would be ruined.

At this moment, Sun Bing had coincidentally finished washing up and was about to leave. This was when both of them ran into each other, Sun Bing was keeping a straight face while Sun Long's expression was as gentle as ever. But the fire in his eyes could not be hidden, forming a clear contrast between the two.

Especially when Sun Bing's eyes reveal a hint of innocent look, causing the anger in Sun Long's heart to grow even greater. It had even slowly turned into hatred and faint bloodthirst.

Even though Sun Bing was suspicious as to why Sun Long was so furious, ever since he knew that he had ordered Sun Yang and the others to attack him, they had become enemies. Besides, they were destined to clash against each other one day. For now, the deeper the hatred of the enemy, the happier Sun Bing felt.

At the same time, he thought to himself, "Since you were against me in the past, I'll repay you ten times or a hundred times more in the future as I promised."

But right now, he was currently still in the Sun Residence, so it was impossible for Sun Long to attack Sun Bing for no reason under the watchful eyes of the crowd. Otherwise, his disguised image would go to waste.

As for Sun Bing, it was even more impossible for him to initiate a fight. His current strength was insufficient, and he still needed sufficient time to accumulate power. Only when he was strong enough, he would be able to guarantee his own safety. No matter how many schemes the opponent had set up, with his absolute strength, he could easily take the enemies down.

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