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Sword Emperor/C9 The Heart-aching Steward Qin
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C9 The Heart-aching Steward Qin

Just like that, the two of them calmly brushed past each other, causing the surrounding environment to be in dead silent. It seemed as if they're preparing for their next battle.

Regardless of anything else, at this moment Sun Bing slowly walked over to the accounting office, preparing to claim the promised rewards from the Law Enforcement Elder. He would not pretend to be noble and aloof, because if it meant to be his, it would definitely be given to him.

As the name implied, Body Quenching Pill was to refined one's body and was extremely suitable for cultivators in the Body Tempering Realm. By consuming the Body Quenching Pill, the time taken to break through the Realm would be shortened by half.

The pills were priceless in the market, one would need 100 taels of silver to purchase a bottle. And only someone as wealthy as the Sun family would be able to supply their disciples with a bottle of the pills every month.

This pill was even more important to Sun Bing due to that he had never consumed a Body Quenching Pill ever since he was a child. Therefore, if he was to consume it now, the result of his improvement would be more noticeable. Then, soon enough, he would be able to advance to the fourth tier of the Body Tempering Realm.

Since it was not paycheck day, there were not many people in the accounting office. Even from afar, Sun Bing could immediately see Steward Qin comfortably lying on a recliner made of Lightning Wood. Although it had contained the aura of lightning, even sitting on the recliner throughout the year would not help him in his cultivation. However, it was comfortable to sit on.

Beside the chair, there was a small table with a plate of wild fruits and a cup of tea. From time to time, Steward Qin would pick up a wild fruit to taste, or take a sip of the tea, looking as if he was leisure.

With that, Sun Bing squinted his eyes, knowing that a chair made of Lightning Wood would cost at least five hundred taels of silver, not to mention a recliner, it would cost even more. Furthermore, the wild fruit could only grow in the wilderness, just a piece of fruit would already cost one tael of silver. This was not something that a commoner could afford, but as for the tea, he was unable to tell.

Just the wild fruits alone could already show off Steward Qin's wealth and the fruits placed on the table were equivalent to Sun Bing's monthly salary. To live such a luxurious life, it's not surprising that he would be fat and round like a ball.

"Your daily life is really carefree, isn't it, Steward Qin?" Suddenly, a voice interrupted Steward Qin's peaceful and leisurely life, causing his anger to boil up. Immediately, he sat up and looked around.

With just a glimpse, he saw Sun Bing appeared before him, lifting the corners of his mouth into a cold smile, "I was wondering who is it and it turns out to be you, the good-for-nothing. Today is not the paycheck day. It's better for you to leave now."

With that, he went back lying on the recliner, enjoying his leisure time peacefully. Steward Qin's job was rather simple, the only thing he needed to do was to distribute the salary and spend the rest of the time waiting for the disciples to claim their rewards. However, he did not think that Sun Bing had the qualifications to do so.

It was just that Sun Bing was no longer the same person in the past. In the past, he could not cultivate, so he had to endure endless humiliation but now he had become a true cultivator. Not to mention he had the Law Enforcement Elder's token of authority in his hand.

The next moment, he snorted coldly, "Steward Qin, I need to claim three bottles of Body Quenching Pill, please give it to me," His voice was stern, without even the slightest trace of politeness.

This made Steward Qin feel extremely furious. The main objective of his job was to be well informed all the time and know who he shouldn't offend. In his heart, he knew that people with high status would provide him with benefits, as for those small fries, he wouldn't care less about their opinion.

Therefore, he relied on his status as the relative of the Sun Family to secure this job position. Most importantly, he knew how to behave, other than the elder's disciples, even Sun Long's underlings had treated him politely when they visited the accounting office.

However, it was obvious that Steward Qing did not see Sun Bing as someone who must not be offended. The moment when he heard that, he roared angrily, "A good-for-nothing like you want the Body Quenching Pill?"

Even so, Sun Bing did not leave and said indifferently, "Elder has rewarded me with three bottles of Body Quenching Pill, I hope Steward Qin won't misunderstand."

"Don't misunderstand? Who do you think you are? Could it be the regional elder?" Steward Qin could not take it anymore, standing up immediately, and shouted, "I gave you face yet you refuse. And since you refused to leave, then don't blame me for being merciless."

Instantly, Steward Qin swang his fist towards Sun Bing, though Steward Qin's talent was lacking, he was still an accountant. He forcefully relied on the resources to help him cultivate until the ninth tier of the Body Tempering Realm, yet he wasn't able to break through to the Qi Refining Realm.

However, his cultivation realm was still considered high among the disciples. At that moment, Steward Qin used the freezing fist technique that pierced through the air, causing Sun Bing's long hair to float backward. If he did not stop, Sun Bing would definitely be severely injured.

At that time, he saw Sun Bing took out a token of authority from his chest pocket. Instantly, Steward Qin's small eyes reveal a terrified look as he exclaimed, "How did you get the Law Enforcement Elder's token of authority?"

Then, he forcefully stopped his fist that had already been thrown out.

The fact that Steward Qin had forcefully stopped his attack, affected his Qi to be disorganized and even his gaze to become somewhat unfocused. It could be said that he had suffered from internal injuries and needed some time to recover.

But at the moment, Steward Qin did not bother about his injuries, and put on a sly smile, "Are you our little brother Sun Bing? You actually have time to visit me today. Three bottles of Body Quenching Pill, right? Just a small issue, don't mention it."

With that, he immediately took out three bottles of Body Quenching Pill. In order to please Sun Bing, he even offered a hundred taels of silver as compensation.

Surprised by the speed at which the Steward Qin changed his expression, Sun Bing's lips curled up into a smile as he said softly, "Actually, it's not a big deal, I was lucky enough to get the attention of the Law Enforcement Elder. Steward Qin, this recliner seems like to be made of Lightning Wood, the price..."

Sun Bing's words caused a slight change in Steward Qin's expression as he never thought that a good-for-nothing in the family would actually be regarded highly by the Law Enforcement Elder. It was said that fortune knocks once at least at every man's gate. Besides, there was another meaning behind Sun Bing's words, saying, "I know you're corrupted."

Steward Qin was frightened by his word because the Law Enforcing Elder hated evil, and he was rather strict. Furthermore, he was also ranked among the top in power within the family. Although greed was common, if he found out that he had corrupted that much, the outcome would be unimaginable.

Immediately, Steward Qin took out another five bottles of Body Quenching Pill, as he trembled in anxiousness, "Brother Sun Bing, you don't come often, so get a few more bottles home. Please put a good word for me."

He said it in a weak matter, however, Sun Bing was not fooled by him. Without saying a word, Sun Bing accepted the pills and said, "I do know about the matters concerning Steward Qin. You're not wrong, but…"

After saying that, Sun Bing could not help but feel interrupted. Seeing that the other party felt truly anxious, he then said indifferently, "But I have not received a bottle of Body Quenching Pill for the past ten years. I wonder what it is?"

The moment he said that, Steward Qin's face turned ashen, feeling regret as he thought to himself, "Why did I have to be so cheap back then, not to mention about the corruption, I even confiscated his Body Quenching Pills for the past ten years. It's not even a small amount, I've taken a total of 120 bottles. If he exposes me, perhaps I might be fire."

This was a cushy job, Steward Qin would never want to give up this position. But when he thought about the one hundred and twenty bottles of Body Quenching Pill, not only was his heart aching but his body too. He pleaded softly, "Brother Sun Bing, could you be slightly generous?"

Sun Bing sneered. Being generous at this moment? You're the one who had gone too extreme. He immediately replied, "Steward Qin, there's nothing I can do about it, after all, I'm just a disciple, I'll have to report this to you truthfully."

These words completely shattered Steward Qin's hope within. After hesitating for a long while, he slowly took out a bottle of pill from his bosom but remain hesitant. Sun Bing, on the other hand, was not anxious, waiting quietly for him.

After a long while after his heartache, Steward Qin slowly handed over the pill to Sun Bing while saying in a hoarse voice, "Brother Sun Bing, I don't have any more Body Quenching Pill, but there is a Qi Refining Pill in this bottle. It's a hundred times more valuable than the Body Quenching Pill, originally I had planned to use it to break through my Qi Refining Realm, but now it seems like, it's destined to be yours, little brother!

Sun Bing felt shocked by his behavior, never thought that he would actually possess such a rare item. Although Sun Bing did not have a sense of presence, he still knew some of the internal information.

Qi Refining Pill was a rare item within Falling Cloud Town. Just by taking a pill, he would be able to break through the ninth tier of the Body Tempering Realm. Moreover, his success rate in breaking through would even increase by thirty percent and it's a hundred times more valuable than the Body Quenching Pill.

After all, within the entire Falling Cloud Town only the Zhao Family could concoct such a pill. The quantity was very little, if it was not for their good relationship, it would be impossible for one to buy in the market. Hence, the price of the pill went skyrocket.

This pill could consider as Steward Qin's entire wealth. Before that, he was just feeling heartache and trembling in anxiousness. Now his face had turned ashen and his eyes were filled with reluctance as he stared at the Qi Refining Pill.

One should always leave room for maneuver. Even though Steward Qin was a detestable person, he had only stolen the money from the employees' salary but not a crime that deserved to be executed. Furthermore, this pill had completely compensated Sun Bing for his crimes, he then nodded in satisfaction, "Since Steward Qin is so courteous, guess I don't know anything about you. Thank you."

With that, he turned around and left, leaving behind Steward Qin who had a distressed expression on his face.

As he walked along the road, touching the pill in his arms, Sun Bing found it hard to believe. He had never expected to obtain such a huge gain just by exposing him, but the next second, he once again put on a straight face.

The reason why he had gained so much today was that Steward Qin was afraid of the Law Enforcement Elder, but not Sun Bing. At the end of the day, status and strength mattered, if Sun Bing was a cultivator in Qi Refining Realm, what would be the outcome?

Since he had already received so many resources today, especially the Qi Refining Pill, this made it possible for him to advance into the Qi Refining Realm without any hindrances. As long as he worked hard for his cultivation, he would definitely succeed.

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