Sword God in the Alien World/C1 The Fall of the Genius Sword God
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Sword God in the Alien World/C1 The Fall of the Genius Sword God
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C1 The Fall of the Genius Sword God

Boom... BOOM * Boom.

At this moment on Mount Kunlun, it was like the apocalypse in the movies. The sky was covered by dark clouds, and lightning as thick as an adult's thigh constantly flashed from the dark clouds. This scene was even more terrifying and real than the apocalypse in the movies.

On top of Mount Kunlun, a young man in his twenties wielded a sharp sword as he stared at the apocalyptic scene in the sky with his head held high and his chest puffed out.

This young man was the genius sword immortal Jian Wuchen, known only once in ten thousand years for cultivating the sword in Mount Shu.

Jian Wuchen had reached the Aurous Core Stage at the age of twenty-three, the Nascent Soul Stage at the age of thirty, the Awakening Realm at the age of forty, the Soul Division Realm at the age of forty, the Spirit Realm at the age of sixty, and the Body Fusion Stage at the age of seventy, becoming a first-rate expert in the cultivation world. He had reached the level of the Great Circle at the age of ninety, becoming the number one sword immortal in the cultivation world, reaching the age of ninety, reaching the age of tribulation at the age of a hundred, and was also the first demon genius in the cultivation world to pass through tribulation after hundred years of cultivation.

"Is this my heavenly tribulation? Sure enough, it was exactly as I expected, and it had even exceeded my expectations. But, no matter what, the heavenly tribulation will still shatter under my Radiance Sword. Let me experience the power of the heavenly tribulation, "Jian Wuchen said sternly as he pointed his sword at the sky.

The lightning tribulation in the sky seemed to have understood what he had just said, as if Jian Wuchen had provoked him.

"Break for me."

With Radiance Sword in hand, Jian Wuchen slashed towards the first heavenly tribulation.

BOOM! A three hundred meter long sword-shadow chopped towards the tribulation lightning. The two clashed, and the tribulation lightning and the sword-shadow both dissipated.

"Could it be that it only has this much power? I didn't even use a tenth of my spiritual power, which was really disappointing, "Jian Wuchen said in disappointment, when he saw how easily he could disperse the first bolt of heavenly tribulation.

If Jian Wuchen's words were heard by other cultivators, they would probably be angered to the point of spitting out blood. They all wished that the weaker the heavenly tribulation was, the better it was for them, and at the same time, also wanted to prepare a large number of heavenly tribulation's props to withstand the power of the heavenly tribulation. However, Jian Wuchen disdained that his heavenly tribulation was weak, so a stronger heavenly tribulation was better.

BOOM * Boom.

As if angered by Jian Wuchen's words, two consecutive lightning tribulations that were twice as thick as the first one came down. The first was also twice as powerful.

Jian Wuchen stood in the air and slashed his sword towards the two lightning tribulations in anger.

Bang ? Bang.

Two lightning tribulations were once again shattered by Jian Wuchen's sword attack. At this moment, Jian Wuchen was like an invincible war god, standing in the air and defending against the might of the heavens.

At this time, the two experts, who were at the master level of late stage, restrained their own auras and came to the place where Jian Wuchen was undergoing his tribulation.

These two were the two Supreme Elders of the cultivation world, Bloody Demon Cult. The Bloody Demon Cult was the number one Devil Sect in the cultivation world, and they specialized in killing cultivators and absorbing their blood essence to practice their Blood Refinement Divine Art.

Once, the Bloody Demon Cult caught hold of an inner disciple of Mount Shu and killed him to cultivate the Blood Refinement Divine Art. However, this inner disciple was a disciple who specially attended to Jian Wuchen. By the time Jian Wuchen had rushed over, the disciple had already lost all the blood and essence in his body, and became a dried corpse. He did not even manage to escape with his soul, nor did he have the chance to be reincarnated.

This time, Bloody Demon Cult was completely enraged by Jian Wuchen. He went alone to kill the Bloody Demon Cult, exterminated a hundred thousand members of the Church and even fought a great battle against the Heavenly Blood Demon Ancestor (Bloody Demon Cult's Hierarch) and the four protector elders of the Void Profound Realm. All five of them had their swords chopped off by Jian Wuchen, leaving behind the two Grand Elder who were only at the Master level.

When they found out that had single-handedly annihilated the Bloody Demon Cult, the two of them hid in the darkness and endured until they found out that Jian Wuchen was about to undergo his tribulation. When they discussed with each other, they decided to sneak an attack on him during his tribulation and use the power of the heavenly tribulation to kill Jian Wuchen.

Was heavenly tribulation only this powerful? After Jian Wuchen shattered the heavenly tribulation with his sword, he disdained towards the tribulation clouds with his sword.

Brother, this Jian Wuchen is truly arrogant, others would only wish for the lightning tribulation to become weaker, but he disdains the fact that the tribulation clouds are weak. Just based on the power of the lightning tribulation that struck down just now, he was able to cause our souls to scatter, never to reincarnate. He is worthy of being Mount Shu's number one genius in the past ten thousand years, the publicly acknowledged number one sword immortal in the cultivation world, the second great elder of Bloody Demon Cult.

Hmph, so what if he is the number one sword immortal of the cultivation world? The more talented a character was, the more formidable the power of the Nine-Nine Heavenly Tribulation would be. Especially the final heavenly tribulation; it would come from the combined power of the eighty heavenly tribulations. Look at the lightning tribulation that he is facing. Each lightning tribulation is several times stronger than the last. The Grand Elder viciously said as he waited to see how he would die.

Big brother's words make sense, but big brother, when are we going to ambush him? The Second Elder asked.

When he can't take it anymore, we will sneak attack him. At that time, I want to see if Jian Wuchen still has the ability to withstand it, the Great Master Elder said with killing intent.

What a good idea! When the Second Elder heard his big brother's words, his eyes lit up.

"Haha ?" "Haha, that's more like it. If it's like the previous lightning tribulations, then I won't have any energy left to undergo this lightning tribulation," Jian Wuchen laughed out loud as he felt the pressure from the lightning tribulation increase after going through forty-nine lightning tribulations.

No one in the entire cultivation world was a match for Jian Wuchen in a single move. Because he had been standing at the peak of the cultivation world for a long time, his heart felt lonely. Hence, he came alone to Mount Kunlun to direct his heavenly tribulation. Firstly, he wanted to compete with the heavenly tribulation, and secondly, he wanted to ascend to the Immortal World to challenge a stronger opponent.

"Consonance Sword."

When the sixty-eight heavenly tribulations descended, Jian Wuchen felt a sense of danger. Immediately, he used the sword move he had created ? the Consonance Blade. This was one of the moves that came to mind when Jian Wuchen was training in the sword arts. The Consonance Sword Technique only had one sword art, the sword art was strange and powerful, making people unable to dodge it.

"Rumble ?"

Although Jian Wuchen's move was powerful, he had expended a lot of true essence earlier, and this had resulted in the power of the Consonance Sword being weakened by a lot. When the two clashed, Jian Wuchen's move was instantly dispersed by the lightning tribulation, and only thirty to forty percent of the lightning tribulation's power remained as it continued to strike furiously at Jian Wuchen.

"Hmph, scatter for me," Jian Wuchen coldly snorted when he saw that his Consonance Sword did not block the divine tribulation. He slashed out with the Radiance Sword he held in his hand, dispersing the rest of the thunder tribulation.

"The power of this lightning tribulation is getting stronger and stronger, and my primeval essence is almost exhausted. It's time to take this Spirit Gathering Pill and recover my spirit energy," Jian Wuchen felt that the power of this heavenly tribulation was getting stronger and stronger, and he couldn't calmly face it either. Immediately after, Jian Wuchen took out a deep green pellet and consumed it. Instantly, his originally dried up true essence was replenished, and in less than three breaths, Jian Wuchen's dried up true essence was restored to its peak state.

"Come, continue," Jian Wuchen stood up and called out to Lei Yun.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Heaven Smiting Cloud seemed to be filled with intelligence. After hearing Jian Wuchen's words, a terrifying lightning dragon shot towards Jian Wuchen like a meteor, instantly surrounding him.

"Haha, even if you don't die this time, you will at least be severely injured," the two great elders of the Bloody Demon Cult said complacently as they saw this scene.

Wan ? Sword ? Decide.

In the lightning sea, Jian Wuchen's shout suddenly sounded out, following that, waves after waves of terrifying sharp sword qi erupted, slashing towards the lightning dragons.

Bang bang ? Bang bang.

Tens of thousands of sword energies continued to cut down the thunder tribulation. In the span of a dozen breaths, the thunder tribulation dissipated, returning to the cloud in the sky. At this moment, his face was pale white, with a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. The True Essence in his body had already dried up, but he was still standing proudly facing the thunder tribulation in the sky, his entire body was filled with a terrifying sword intent, as though he was a divine sword that could cut through the heavens.

"Too terrifying, is Jian Wuchen still human?" With so many lightning tribulations descending together, yet not only was he not hacked to death, he was even crushed to smithereens. Most likely, he already possessed the strength of an immortal. The Second Grand Elder who was hiding in the shadows said.

"So what if he has the power of an Immortal?" He was soon going to face the final heavenly tribulation. Not even Celestial Immortals could withstand the power of this tribulation, let alone the fact that he was injured, the Grand Elder said with a cold snort.

At this time, Jian Wuchen took out a white pellet and swallowed it.

He actually had a top-grade immortal pellet. When the two great elders of Bloody Demon Cult saw that Jian Wuchen had swallowed a top-grade immortal pellet, they couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

Not good, let's go.

At this time, the two great elders of the Bloody Demon Cult realized that their previous actions had alarmed Jian Wuchen and they couldn't help but cry out. After which, the two of them turned and fled into the distance.

"Hmph, two rats from the Bloody Demon Cult, you want to sneak attack me, then go die," Jian Wuchen bellowed as he stabbed the Radiance Sword towards the two of them.

Blood Shield, when the two great elders saw Jian Wuchen's terrifying sword thrusting towards them, they immediately used their strongest defensive moves to resist. Unfortunately, the disparity in their strength was too great, the blood shield could not endure for a moment and was split into two by Jian Wuchen's sword.

"Hmph, you think you can sneak an attack me with the two Bloody Demon Cult's fish that escaped the net? Jian Wuchen looked at the two Great Elders of the Bloody Demon Cult who were cut into pieces by him, and snorted coldly.

The two great elders of Bloody Demon Cult had originally wanted to sneak attack Jian Wuchen, but who knew, when they saw Jian Wuchen taking a pellet to heal his wounds, they were stunned. They leaked their Qi and were discovered by Jian Wuchen in the blink of an eye.

BOOM! At this time, a purple colored lightning tribulation descended from the tribulation cloud and angrily struck towards Jian Wuchen. Jian Wuchen had just recovered from his shock, and wanted to slash at the purple lightning tribulation.

Ah ?!

Jian Wuchen screamed miserably as his entire body turned into dust from the lightning tribulation, disappearing from the world and leaving behind a mess.

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