Sword God in the Alien World/C10 High Grade Spirit Treasure Radiance Sword
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Sword God in the Alien World/C10 High Grade Spirit Treasure Radiance Sword
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C10 High Grade Spirit Treasure Radiance Sword

The next day, early in the morning, in Jian Wuchen's room, a silver white treasure sword that was emitting a cold light floated in front of Jian Wuchen. When a ray of sunlight shone on the treasured sword, a miraculous scene appeared. The light from the sunlight actually fell off, falling off like droplets of water onto the sword's body.

"Haha ?" Haha, the Radiance Sword's refinement has succeeded, "now, she was just a step away from opening his spirit," I wonder if after opening my spirit, it will be a mid or high grade spirit weapon? " Jian Wuchen looked at the extremely familiar spirit sword in front of him, and immediately felt extremely comfortable, as he laughed and said.

The stronger the spirit power, the higher the grade of the spirit sword. Just like the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace, the spirit power would only be at a high level with a low level, so the spirit power would not be very high. This was related to the materials used to create the Pill Cauldron, so the quality and the spirit power of the Pill Cauldron would be higher.

Furthermore, he had spent a lot of time refining it, and just based on the time he had spent refining it, it was five to six times longer than the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace. Just based on the time he had spent refining it, he knew that the quality of the Radiance Sword was more than one grade better than the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace.

Jian Wuchen bit his tongue lightly, and a drop of essence blood shot out from his mouth onto the sword blade of the Radiance Sword, after that, Jian Wuchen's hands immediately formed a seal, and with a mysterious hand seal, he continuously channelled blood into the Radiance Sword.

Buzz ? Buzz buzz. Following that, the Spirit Opening mystical seals entered the Radiance Sword. The Radiance Sword released waves of buzzing sounds.

Boom, following that, the last move of Jian Wuchen's, Spirit Inject Palm, was completed. The Radiance Sword immediately erupted with an astonishing Sword Qi, the Sword Qi was dense, and the Sword Qi pierced Jian Wuchen's skin.

"Not good, the Radiance Sword has reached the upper tier spirit artifact level and is no longer suppressing its sword qi. I think everyone in the Sky Edge Imperial Capital can feel the sword qi from the Radiance Sword," Jian Wuchen felt the dense sword qi that the Radiance Sword was emitting and cried out.

After that, Jian Wuchen placed the Radiance Sword into the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace, using the concealing array inside to conceal the sword aura of the Radiance Sword. However, all of these were temporary methods. As long as Jian Wuchen could take the time to cover up the Radiance Sword's sword qi, he could completely seal the sword qi that the Radiance Sword emitted.

When the Radiance Sword was sent into the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace, the originally dense sword aura was instantly covered up by the concealing array formation inside the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace. Jian Wuchen's hands immediately formed a seal, and a set of hand seals that were even more profound than the Spirit Subduing Palm Imprint was released by Jian Wuchen, entering into the Radiance Sword s of the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace one after another.

Buzz ? Buzz buzz! When Jian Wuchen released the seals and continued to push his way into the Radiance Sword's body, the Radiance Sword kept buzzing as if it was unwilling to be sealed by Jian Wuchen. It acted like a spoiled child and begged Jian Wuchen to not seal it.

"Don't act coquettishly, your master doesn't have the ability to do so right now, and has allowed you to release your entire sword qi. I have no choice but to take advantage of the time and seal your sword qi." Jian Wuchen saw that his own Radiance Sword was buzzing non-stop and could not help but speak out to comfort the sword spirit.

Buzz ? Weng, when the Radiance Sword heard Jian Wuchen's words, it could only let Jian Wuchen seal the Sword Qi it was emitting.

A quarter of an hour later, the Radiance Sword that was initially emanating Sword Qi was sealed by Jian Wuchen, making it look like an ordinary treasure sword. Merely, it was sharper and colder than an ordinary treasure sword, and at a glance, it was obvious that it was not an ordinary treasure.

"Radiance Sword, I, Jian Wuchen, swear that in this life, I will definitely make you this world's strongest immortal equipment to make up for the oath I owed you in my previous life," Jian Wuchen took out the Radiance Sword from the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace and gently caressed it.

Buzz ? The Radiance Sword Sword Spirit seemed to understand, as if Jian Wuchen's words were true, and it emitted a buzzing sound, as if it was responding to Jian Wuchen: "Master, I believe you."

"Radiance Sword, I'm going to drip blood and refine you now," Jian Wuchen said as he caressed the body of the Radiance Sword. Following that, Jian Wuchen bit his tongue and spat out a drop of his blood essence onto the sword blade of the Radiance Sword.

Buzz ? Buzz buzz. After the Radiance Sword absorbed Jian Wuchen's lifeblood essence, it excitedly let out wave after wave of happy buzzing sounds. It was as if it really liked the feeling of being one with Jian Wuchen's mind.

"Come here."

Jian Wuchen could feel the telepathy he had with the Radiance Sword, so he kept it.

The Radiance Sword seemed to understand as Jian Wuchen's ordinary words became as thin as a silver needle. With a swoosh, it pierced into Jian Wuchen's dantian and entered its interior.

"Come out."

When Jian Wuchen saw the Radiance Sword enter his own dantian, he once again muttered in his heart and left. The Radiance Sword that had just entered his dantian heard the sound of Jian Wuchen asking his to leave. With a swoosh, it appeared in the palm of Jian Wuchen's small hand. If the people from the God and Demon Continent saw what Jian Wuchen had just done, they would have definitely cried out in shock, saying it was a miracle. In the God and Demon Continent, only the legendary Divine level experts had such a miraculous method.

Jian Wuchen muttered to himself once again, and the Radiance Sword in his hand disappeared. It entered his dantian and used his own true essence to nurture it, making it even more compatible with him, to the point where he could do whatever he wanted with it.

After Jian Wuchen put away the Radiance Sword, he started to prepare to refine the Spirit Realm Ring. Jian Wuchen knew that on top of God and Demon Continent, there was also a spatial ring called the "magic ring", it was a ring invented by a mage. When the magic ring appeared, it was immediately chased by all the warriors on God and Demon Continent, but the price of the magic ring was too expensive, not something any normal warrior could afford. However, the space inside the ring was very small. Even the largest ring on God and Demon Continent was only a hundred square meters. This was on a completely different level from the Spirit World Rings that Jian Wuchen had refined.

Jian Wuchen took out the Black Meteorite Iron and activated the Samadhi True Fire to continuously refine the starlight from the Star Iron. Two hours later, the starlight from the Black Meteorite Iron was completely refined by Jian Wuchen and the Black Meteorite Iron was also refined into a pitch black simple ring. Looking at the spirit world ring inside the Nine Dragons Nine Dragons Furnace, Jian Wuchen waved his hand and the ring appeared in Jian Wuchen's hand.

Hehe, "Spirit Realm Ring", I did not manage to obtain in my previous life, but never would have thought that in this life, I would actually refine one in my Foundation Establishment stage, and this also let Spirit Treasure know, probably causing him to vomit blood. Jian Wuchen played with the Spirit Realm ring on his hand, and laughed.

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