Sword God in the Alien World/C11 Ten years later
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Sword God in the Alien World/C11 Ten years later
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C11 Ten years later

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, ten years of winter and summer had passed. Ten years of time could change many things, but it could also make a person forget about the past. This was the miraculous effect of time.

It had been thirteen years since Jian Wuchen came to the God and Demon Continent. Ever since he successfully reached the Foundation Establishment ten years ago, Jian Wuchen had been training in his own chamber every day, without seeing anyone. This also led to the appearance of many unfavorable rumors and rumors about him. For example, his highness the crown prince had gone mad from the shock. Otherwise, he wouldn't have locked himself up in his bedroom for ten years without coming out. There were even rumors saying, "Crown Prince Jian Wuchen was born to be an idiot. It was only because Great Emperor Jian Ye had to continue being the Crown Prince because of the Queen's family's strength in the empire's military that he was forced to."

Jian Ye could not help but to smile bitterly when he heard the rumors regarding Jian Wuchen and himself. Every time he and the empress went to look for Jian Wuchen, they were stopped by An Da, preventing them from taking even half a step into Jian Wuchen's chambers.

Six years ago, Jian Wuchen's grandfather, the marshal Murong Wudi, had wanted to meet his grandson but was also stopped by An Da. Murong Wudi could not hold back his anger anymore and wanted to barge into Jian Wuchen's palace. In the end, An Da and Murong Wudi had a huge fight. What was shocking was that Murong Wudi, who was in the middle stage of the Sword Saint Realm, could actually fight An Da to a standstill.

No one would have thought that in just six short years, a great sword master would suddenly reach the Sword Saint's intermediate stage. This shocked all the reverends in the palace. They never could have imagined that An Da would suddenly have the strength of a Sword Saint in his middle stage. Even they did not know when An Da had advanced into the Sword Saint Realm. The two Sword Saints in the palace had also questioned An Da, but they had not asked him anything. An Da had only replied that he had comprehended it himself and had reached the middle stage of the Sword Saint Realm. This kind of situation had happened several times in the history of God and Demon Continent. When the two perfect Sword Saint ministers heard this, An Da could only say that his luck was good.

Only he himself knew what was going on. The reason why he could achieve what he had today was all because of the bestowed to him by the Crown Prince of Sky Edge Empire, Jian Wuchen. An Da was very clear in his heart that this life of his no longer belonged to him. It belonged to the youth who had not stepped out of his room for ten years already.

Jian Wuchen had been in closed door cultivation for ten years, and the current him had already reached the Heart of Tranquil Water. The Heart of Tranquil Water was the first dangerous stage of cultivating true qi, causing the heart to throb. Easily tempted by the secular world, but as long as one passes through the temptation of this realm and reaches the state of being as still as water, one would realize that the life of every cultivator in this period of life is a book that depicts the joy of the human world. This is the realm of life, which is also the catharsis of emotions, which is the heart!

Furthermore, Jian Wuchen, who had reincarnated, was only at the Heart of Tranquil Water, and to him, it was nothing special. As long as he could cultivate to the peak of perfection, he would be able to form a Great Way of the Golden Core and become a Golden Core ranker. In other words, he would be at the Sword Saint level of the God and Demon Continent, and would have the strength to protect himself.

Creak, the palace door that Jian Wuchen had sealed for a long time suddenly opened, and a young man with a sword in his forehead walked out. The young man was dressed in white, and his eyes were shining like stars, and a sharp Sword Qi could faintly be seen in his eyes, making people not dare to look directly at him.

An Da paid his respects to the Crown Prince. When An Da saw that he had come out of seclusion, he immediately knelt down in front of Jian Wuchen and greeted him.

Arise, Jian Wuchen said as he saw An Da kneeling in front of him.

Thank you, Your Highness, An Da stood up immediately and thanked Jian Wuchen.

An Da, have you added any other ingredients or medicine recently in the Treasure Pavilion? Jian Wuchen asked An Da.

Reporting to Your Highness, ever since Your Highness took dozens of rare materials and spirit herbs, An Da replied to Jian Wuchen.

"Let's go, let's go to the Treasure Pavilion and see if there are any materials I need. Hopefully, they won't disappoint me," Jian Wuchen said as his eyes brightened up.

Yes, Your Highness. When An Da heard that Jian Wuchen wanted to go to the Treasure Pavilion, he immediately responded.

Not long after, Jian Wuchen and An Da arrived at the Treasure Pavilion, and without saying a word, Jian Wuchen headed back to the Treasure Pavilion.

Standing still, the Treasure Pavilion was a important place to the royal family, so no one was allowed to enter. Just as Jian Wuchen and An Da stepped into the Treasure Pavilion, a person suddenly stood out and shouted towards Jian Wuchen and An Da.

An Da, I will leave it to you. Jian Wuchen did not even look at the other party as he walked towards the Treasure Pavilion.

Yes, Your Highness. When An Da heard this, he immediately responded.

"How dare you trespass into the Treasure Pavilion, you're courting death," When he saw that Jian Wuchen did not care about his own existence, he immediately shouted at Jian Wuchen and An Da. After that, he unsheathed his treasure sword and slashed towards Jian Wuchen.

saw the guard pull out his sword towards Jian Wuchen, wanting to attack Jian Wuchen, so he immediately moved and appeared behind Jian Wuchen. With a wave of his hand, the Big Sword Master level guard, immediately flew out, and with a pfft sound, he couldn't help but spurt out a mouthful of blood.

"You ? "You guys actually dare to make a move in the Treasure Pavilion? Today, don't even think about leaving this place alive," the guard who was injured by An Da said as he pointed at An Da. What kind of place was the Treasure Pavilion? This was the Tianfeng Empire's forbidden zone. Even princes and princes wouldn't dare to behave so atrociously here. Today, there was actually someone who didn't know his limits and dared to make a move in the Treasure Pavilion, even injuring him. How could this not anger the guards?

If you dare say another word, I'll kill you right now. When An Da heard the guard's threatening words, a Sword Saint Middle Stage aura burst forth from the guard's mouth.

"Sword..." "Sword Saint Expert, please spare me, this one does not know your status, please spare this one's life," The Great Sword Master's guard felt the Sword Saint's aura exploding from An Da's body, and immediately cried out towards An Da.

Stay by the side, don't disturb the crown prince's mood, An Da said as he coldly snorted. With that, An Da went to the entrance of the Treasure Pavilion and stood there, not allowing anyone to disturb his mood.

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