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C12 kinship

"If you dare say another word, I'll kill you right now," An Da heard the guard's threatening words.

"Sword..." "Sword Saint Expert, please spare me, this one does not know your status, please spare this one's life," The Great Sword Master's guard felt the Sword Saint's aura exploding from An Da's body, and immediately cried out towards An Da.

"Stay at the side for me, don't disturb the crown prince's mood," An Da coldly snorted. With that, An Da went to the entrance of the Treasure Pavilion and stood there, not allowing anyone to disturb his mood.

Yes, yes, I will roll to the side right now. When the guard heard An Da's words, he immediately hid to the side while clutching his chest.

Right at this moment, the matter of Jian Wuchen bringing An Da to the Treasure Pavilion was quickly reported to Jian Ye. Without saying a word, Jian Ye dropped the imperial report in his hand and walked towards the Treasure Pavilion. Because, he really missed his son whom he had not seen once in ten years. Now, hearing that Jian Wuchen had come out, how could he not be anxious to meet Jian Wuchen?

The empress Murong Ling heard from the Imperial Garden that a palace maid below had said, "His Highness the crown prince has finally left his sleeping quarters to go to the Treasure Pavilion." Like Jian Ye, she hurriedly ran towards the Treasure Pavilion. She hadn't seen her son for ten years and Murong Ling didn't know how many nights he had cried.

In order to prevent Murong Ling from missing Jian Wuchen, the couple started to create a new pair of human beings. In the third year of Jian Wuchen's closed door cultivation, Empress Murong Ling gave birth to a pair of dragons and phoenixes, and the boy was named Swordless Sword. The girl was Jian Wuxin.

However, even if Murong Ling had a pair of children, she was still worried about Jian Wuchen. After all, Jian Wuchen was her first son, and his position in her heart was a little more important than Jian Wu Hen and Jian Wuxin.

When Jian Wuchen entered the Treasure Pavilion, he did not even glance at the first and second floors before he headed straight for the third and fourth floors.

The third floor was where the Treasure Pavilion kept their spirit medicines. When Jian Wuchen arrived at the third floor, he scanned it with his mind consciousness, but didn't find anything particularly precious.

Jian Wuchen did not linger, and directly walked towards the fourth floor. When he reached the fourth floor, he discovered a few top quality materials that could be added into the Radiance Sword s. After which, he turned and walked down. Jian Wuchen had no interest whatsoever to look at the things on the fifth and sixth floors. In his eyes, those things were nothing more than trash.

Greeting Your Majesty, when Jian Ye arrived at the Treasure Pavilion, the Great Sword Master who was guarding the Treasure Pavilion knelt down and greeted Jian Ye while clutching his chest.

"How did you get injured?" Jian Ye saw that the guard of the Treasure Pavilion was holding onto his chest, with blood still dripping from the corner of his mouth, he frowned and asked.

Cough ? Cough, replied the guard with a bitter smile. Your subordinate asked for it.

In reply to Your Majesty, he was rude to His Highness, so this subordinate taught him a lesson. Then, An Da, who was waiting at the Treasure Pavilion, spoke out.

"Your majesty, your subject is guilty, your subject is rude to your highness, please punish this humble servant," the guard said after hearing An Da's words. He immediately kneeled on the ground and apologized to Jian Ye.

"Get up, it's not your fault," pleaded as he went back to recuperate. Jian Ye saw that the guard at the Treasure Pavilion did not blame him at all, and told him to go back and recuperate.

When the guard heard that Jian Ye did not blame him, and even told him to go down and recuperate, he thanked Jian Ye emotionally. After that, he stood up, turned around and left the Treasure Pavilion, and returned to his room to recuperate.

"Master An, how long has the crown prince been up for?" Jian Ye asked An Da with a peaceful and happy expression, he did not have the dignity of a Great Emperor at all. A Sword Saint level expert was the true foundation of an empire. Furthermore, An Da was also a Sword Saint middle stage Ranker, how could Jian Ye dare to display the aura of an emperor to him? He could only converse with An Da on an equal footing.

In reply to his majesty, his highness the crown prince had already gone up for a quarter of an hour. He would probably have to wait a while before coming out, so An Da did not dare to use an equal tone with Jian Ye, as he knew that had given him this very day. If he did not understand, he would have relied on his identity as the Sword Saint to be on equal footing with Jian Ye. An Da still answered Jian Ye with the tone and identity of a servant.

"Your Majesty, where is Chen'er?" "Chenqie wants to see Chen'er," At this time, the Empress Murong Ling came to the Treasure Pavilion and saw Jian Ye and An Da. She immediately went forward to ask Jian Ye where Jian Wuchen was.

replied to the Empress, "His Highness the Crown Prince is still in the Treasure Pavilion. He hasn't come out yet,"

"Master An, you're here too?" When Queen Murong heard's reply to her, she realized that An Da was present as well.

Replying to the Empress, I am accompanying the Crown Prince Palace in coming to the Mysterious Treasure Pavilion to pick out some things. His Highness the Crown Prince has already been in the Mysterious Treasure Pavilion for a while, and should be arriving soon, An Da said respectfully.

"Chen'er, Mother has seen you and has missed you to death," After hearing An Da's words, Empress Murong said as she stared at the front door of the Treasure Pavilion. Suddenly, he saw a young man walk out from inside. Instantly, he ran over excitedly and hugged the young man as he cried.

"Your son is unfilial and made you worry, mother," Jian Wuchen had never seen his parents in his previous life and heard his master say that he was an orphan. In this life, the heavens had given him a pair of beloved parents, Jian Wuchen felt extremely grateful in his heart. However, the cultivation of his previous life had made his personality like a sword, merciless and cold, causing him to not know how to accept the affection of his parents in this life.

"Hmph, you stinking brat. Lock yourself in the palace for ten years and don't even come out. Don't you know that your mother is worried about you?" Murong Ling said as she hugged Jian Wuchen, her face full of concern and blame.

Mother is your child's fault, your son will never be like this ever again. Jian Wuchen felt that Murong Ling truly cared and cared for him from the bottom of her heart, and apologized to Murong Ling.

Actually, Jian Wuchen was a little resistant in his heart. In his previous life, he was still over a hundred years old, but his current parents were only half his age in his previous life. How could he call someone younger than him "Father, Mother?"

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