Sword God in the Alien World/C13 Younger brother and younger sister
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Sword God in the Alien World/C13 Younger brother and younger sister
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C13 Younger brother and younger sister

When Empress Murong saw her son that she hadn't seen for ten years, her excited feelings couldn't be described with words. She pulled Jian Wuchen to her room, wanting him to take a good look at her precious son.

"Are you the big brother, the crown prince, who was in his own palace for ten years?" Jian Wuchen was brought to the empress's chambers, where he was entangled by two children about five or six years old.

"That's right, I am the Big Brother Crown Prince who stayed in my own palace for ten years," Jian Wuchen said as he held the two little fellows in each hand. Jian Wuchen never thought that there would also be a day where he would hug his younger brother and sister.

"Big Brother Crown Prince, are you being naughty? Is it because you're not obedient that you're not allowed to come out from royal father's palace?" Jian Wuchen's brother, Jian Wuhen, curiously asked Jian Wuchen. In Jian Wuhen's memories, he had never known that he had such a big brother. If he saw him today, he would definitely ask, why didn't he come out to play with him? Did he not obediently get punished by royal father.

"No, it's because Big Brother is reading in his bedroom, and because Big Brother doesn't want to be disturbed, he doesn't want to come out," Jian Wuchen explained.

"Wow, so Big Brother Crown Prince is actually so hardworking?" I don't like reading books, I just want to sleep right away, "Jian Wuxin said with a face full of worship when she heard her brother Jian Wuchen's explanation.

"Wu Xin, you are a girl, it doesn't matter if you read or not, as long as you understand, the principle of filial piety is enough," Jian Wuchen consoled his sister.

"Mhmm, I got it," he said, thanking the Crown Prince. Big Brother Crown Prince, in fact, "I like magic, but royal father did not allow me to go to the Mage Academy to learn magic, and told me to study in the imperial palace. However, the strength of the mages in our Sky Edge Empire is very weak, not bad at all," Jian Wuxin complained to Jian Wuchen with a wronged expression.

The two academies, the Mage God Academy and the War God Academy, were above the four empires. However, the location of the Mage God Academy and the War God Academy weren't within the borders of the four empires. The Mage God Academy was located on an island in the Endless Sea, and the geographical area of this island wasn't any smaller than the area of any of the four empires.

The War God Academy was located in the center of the Sahara Desert northwest of the Demon God Continent. That was the only oasis in the Sahara Desert, and its geographical area was not less than the area of any of the four empires. However, the living environment of the War God Academy is very harsh, and they also lack materials. It's not as good as the War God Academy, but just in this kind of environment, the War God Academy came out. Many experts, including Sword Saint level experts, are here, and it's said that the two academies are guarded by Divine level experts.

Soulless, my brother read in the book, "Entering the Mage Academy requires a very high talent in magic. Your talent in magic has reached the standard for entering the academy, has it?" Jian Wuchen asked when he heard that his sister wanted to go to the False God Academy for lessons.

Big Brother Crown Prince, a few years ago, my sister and I tested her magic. "Her magic talent has reached the requirement of the Mage God Academy," Wu Hen said to Jian Wuchen.

"Soulless, you're really amazing." Wu Hen, then have you reached the entry criteria for the God of Law or the War God Academy? Jian Wuchen praised Jian Wuxin, and turned to ask Jian Wu Hen.

"Reporting to Big Brother Crown Prince, my talent is weaker than Little Sister's. However, I have also reached the requirements to enter War God Academy." But Father also didn't allow me to study at War God Academy, so he asked the Empire's reverend elder brother to teach me. Jian Wuhen spoke with a wronged expression.

royal father was worried that the two of you would travel thousands of miles to study in two foreign places, and was afraid that you wouldn't get used to it. However, seeing how you two little fellows are thinking about it, then I promise you that when you are ten years old, I will send you two back. The previous topic was that you cannot be lazy, you must study hard, and only after that will I send you two to become Intermediate Swordsmen (Intermediate Mages) as soon as possible, Jian Wuchen said.

"Thank you big brother, we will not disappoint you," When Jian Wu Hen and Jian Wuxin heard this, Jian Wuchen promised them that when they were ten years old enough to become Intermediate Swordsmen and Intermediate Mages, they would send them to the War God Academy and the God Realm Academy.

"Alright, alright, you two brats stop pestering your Big Brother Crown Prince," the Queen Mother had something to say to your Big Brother Crown Prince. At this time, the Queen Murong Ling, who was sitting at the side, spoke up.

"Don't worry, it's the first time the two little fellows have seen me. Of course they can kiss me and let them play with me," Jian Wuchen said after hearing Queen Murong Ling's words.

Big Brother Crown Prince was the best. Wu Hen and Wu Xin heard Jian Wuchen's words and wrapped their arms around Jian Wuchen's neck and asked.

Wu Chen, you just promised these two brats that you would send them to the War God Academy and the God of Law Academy for cultivation when they were ten years old. Murong Ling asked Jian Wuchen.

"Of course it's true! How could I lie to them!" Jian Wuchen replied.

"Going to the two great institutions to cultivate is life-threatening, the two great institutions will hold an exam every semester, and there will be students dying in the exam in every exam. The death rate will reach over thirty-five percent, and not to mention that your royal father will not agree to it, even I will not allow him/her to study in the two great academies," Murong Ling said to Jian Wuchen.

The Queen Mother did not need to go through the experience of death, "Humans will never learn how to face and deal with danger when danger approaches, even if they do not die in the academy's tests in the future, they will still die in other crises. The flowers in the greenhouse, they cannot withstand the test of nature and they want to become strong, the first condition is not to be afraid of death, just like the flowers and trees in nature.

"What you said does make sense." "But the two ancestors already said that Scar'er and Cores are not allowed to study in the two great academies," Murong Ling replied.

The two ancestors Murong Ling spoke of were the two perfect Sword Saint Rankers from the Sky Edge Empire. The two of them were members of the royal family from the Sky Edge Empire, former princes. Originally, they had a chance to inherit the throne, but in their eyes, it was just a martial art. The throne was just a passing cloud, so the two of them devoted their time to cultivation and became the Empire's ministers. Their words were even more effective than Jian Ye's imperial edict. They could abolish the position of Jian Ye the Great with a single sentence, but they were unwilling to rule over this mundane world anymore. Only when there were no problems in the empire, would they peacefully concentrate on cultivation in the empire, striving to break through to the Sword God realm as soon as possible.

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