Sword God in the Alien World/C15 Descending Demon Beast Mountain Range
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Sword God in the Alien World/C15 Descending Demon Beast Mountain Range
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C15 Descending Demon Beast Mountain Range

"What?" Master An, you said that it would take the crown prince three years to go out and gain experience by himself? " When Jian Ye heard it, An Da told him that Jian Wuchen had left the Imperial Palace alone to gain experience, and immediately shouted with a face full of shock. The dignified crown prince of the Tianfeng Empire, one of the Four Great Empires, had actually left the Imperial Palace to train by himself. Furthermore, he didn't even bring a guard with him, he had left for three years straight.

"That's right, it was His Highness that allowed me to report to you after he left. It was to you that he left the Imperial Palace to gain experience," An Da said honestly. There was no other reason why he would unconditionally obey Jian Wuchen's orders. It was because Jian Wuchen had allowed him to breakthrough to the Sword Saint Realm, a realm that he would struggle to reach in his entire life. Jian Wuchen had allowed him to easily reach this realm.

How can he leave the palace alone? Also, I did not hear the report from the guards at the city gate that the crown prince had slipped out of the palace. Master An, please tell me honestly, what exactly is the crown prince doing? "Why did he let you deceive me?" Jian Ye still did not believe what An Da said. He thought that An Da and Jian Wuchen had colluded to lie to him, so he asked An Da this question.

"Your Majesty, there's no need for me to lie to you. As for how Your Highness left the Imperial Palace, I'm sorry to be unable to tell you. After three years, when Your Highness returns, Your Highness can ask the crown prince yourself," An Da replied.

"Master An, you go back and rest first," We now know how to handle this matter, "said to An Da." If the empress asks what the crown prince is doing, she hopes that Master An can hide this matter from us. We are afraid that she might worry about the crown prince's safety, "Jian Ye said.

"Yes, I know how to answer the Empress," An Da replied, after hearing Jian Ye's warning. With that, An Da turned and left, returning to the crown prince's quarters to continue protecting his crown prince's palace on Jian Wuchen's behalf.

"Shadow, send my orders, search for traces of the crown prince at all the intelligence outlets in the empire. Once they discover him, immediately bring him back to the Imperial Palace," after An Da left, Jian Ye said to the stars in the sky, with his back facing Jian Ye.

"Yes, Your Majesty," A figure, whose entire body was wrapped in black clothing and was hidden in the darkness, appeared behind Jian Ye and knelt down to receive the decree.

If An Da had seen this scene, he would definitely have been shocked, because when he had met Jian Ye just now, he had not noticed the presence of a third person at all. However, when Jian Ye gave the order, a person immediately appeared in the room. This person could not even detect his middle stage Sword Saint's strength, from this, it could be seen that this person called Shadow's strength was not weaker than An Da's. He was also a middle stage Sword Saint or a late stage expert.

The Umbra was the head of an intelligence agency that Jian Ye himself had created. It was mainly responsible for collecting intelligence on the various cities and three great empires in the empire.

Jian Wuchen stayed in Star City for the night, and early the next morning, he rode his sword and flew out of Sky Star City. Not long after he left, the person in the shadow found the traces of Jian Wuchen's activities in Heavenly Star City. Only, this situation made them a little unbelievable, Jian Wuchen actually appeared in Under Heaven City, one must know, Heavenly Star City was five thousand miles away from the capital, how could the crown prince appear inside Heavenly Star City in one day?

But when they found the hotel where Jian Wuchen was staying, found the waiter that was taking care of Jian Wuchen, and showed Jian Wuchen's profile picture to the waiter, the waiter immediately recognized Jian Wuchen, and told the person in the shadows that Jian Wuchen had left this morning, and thus they passed this information onto Jian Ye's hands.

When Jian Ye saw the piece of news sent from the shadow, he said, "Your Highness the crown prince has appeared in Heavenly Star City, and left this morning, no one knows where he went." This made Jian Ye very suspicious, and he couldn't understand why Jian Wuchen would appear in Heavenly Star City. An Da had told him before that Jian Wuchen would need to travel five thousand kilometers by himself to reach the place where he would need to travel for more than ten days on horseback. Jian Wuchen arrived there in a single day and this mystery had been bothering him for a long time.

Jian Ye rode on his flying sword and admired the scenery of the Sky Edge Empire in the air. He could not help but exclaim: This world's scenery is even better than the cultivation world's, and the spirit energy of heaven and earth is also denser than the cultivation world's. There are also a lot more rare spirit herbs, materials, and treasures.

"This is the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts?" When Jian Wuchen arrived at the Demon Beast Mountain Range, he could not see the end of it. The scenery was filled with clouds and spirit energy, and he could not see through it. He could not help but exclaim in shock.

Roar ? Roar! Roar!

When Jian Wuchen arrived in the air above the Mountain Range of Demonic Beasts, observing the scenery, the beasts inside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts noticed Jian Wuchen who was flying on the back, and immediately issued a warning to him.

"I never expected that in the Magic Beast Mountain Range, there would actually be God-ranked beasts. It looks like the records of the God and Demon Continent are not very true!" Jian Wuchen used his Spiritual Sense to check the strength of the demon beasts in the Demon Beast Mountain Range. He realized that there was a demon god that was even stronger than a Nascent Soul Stage demon god here, and couldn't help but to be shocked.

With just a thought, he was able to scan the entire Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. A mere Nascent Soul stage beast obviously wouldn't be able to escape his divine sense, but his divine sense wasn't strong enough to let Jian Wuchen defeat the Nascent Soul stage beast. He could only let Jian Wuchen find out its position and strength.

Sigh, being weak is a form of grievance! If this was in his previous life, a mere Nascent Soul stage demon beast would be annihilated with a wave of his hand and not even have the thought of taking it as a mount. Jian Wuchen could not help but sigh in his heart. Following which, Jian Wuchen flew towards the center of the Demon Beast Mountain Range.

This was because the center was filled with the most spiritual energy, and there were many Saint level magical beasts. This also meant that there were many rare spiritual medicines and treasures inside.

When Jian Wuchen landed on an ancient tree, a Level 8 Phantom Serpent Demon Beast hiding on top of it sneaked over to Jian Wuchen, and with a speed that left no time for one to cover one's ears, it bit towards Jian Wuchen's neck.

The moment Jian Wuchen landed on the ancient tree, he discovered that there was a Class 8 Magical Beast hiding on top of it. He was waiting for that moment when the Class 8 Magical Beast sneaked an attack on him, so he would immediately make a move and pierce the Phantom Serpent's head with his sword. The Phantom Serpent died on the spot.

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