Sword God in the Alien World/C16 Battle Sacred Beast Flaming Leopard
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Sword God in the Alien World/C16 Battle Sacred Beast Flaming Leopard
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C16 Battle Sacred Beast Flaming Leopard

"Hmph, courting death, Lingxi Sword," The moment the Phantom Snake attacked towards Jian Wuchen, with a thought from Jian Wuchen, the high grade Spirit Beast immediately appeared in his hands. With a flash of his sword, the Phantom Snake was cut into two halves by Jian Wuchen, a transparent rhombus-shaped crystal dropped down from the inside of its head.

"This is, the Magic Core of the Phantom Serpent?" Jian Wuchen saw a rhombus-shaped crystal that fell from the Phantom Serpent's head. Recalling the description in the book, the strongest part of the Beast's body was the rhombus-shaped crystal in its brain, because it grew inside the head of a Beast, it was the source of the Beast's power. It was like a warrior's dantian, hence it was called the Monster Core.

"The Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth contained in this Magic Core is comparable to several low rank soul stones, and is a good thing. Since that's the case, don't blame me for opening the killing ring," Jian Wuchen laughed cruelly as he sensed that the Magic Core of the Phantom Serpent Core was even more powerful than several low rank soul stones.

A magical beast was a Class 10 Magical Beast. A Class 8 Magical Beast, Phantom Snake, was equivalent to a Great Sword Master. A Class 9 magical beast was a Saint Beast, while a Class 10 divine beast was a God Beast.

After Jian Wuchen stored the Phantom Serpent's Monster Core into his Spirit Realm Ring, he headed towards his next target. A Flaming Leopard that had just advanced into the Holy-ranked flew over a hundred miles away.

The Fire Patterned Leopard, a fire attribute Holy Beast, was completely golden in color, and its body had a pattern that resembled fire. The Fire Pattern on its body was not an ordinary pattern of a magical beast, the Fire Pattern on the body of the Fire Pattern Leopard could provide fire attribute energy, and in other words, the pattern on its body was like a game where a player had died, automatically healing a player.

At this moment, the Fire Tattooed Leopard had yet to realize that it was about to face a calamity. It was still lying leisurely on top of a big rock, basking in the sun, absorbing the sun's heat to improve its strength.

"This beast is really relaxed, even basking in the sun," Jian Wuchen said as he arrived a few hundred meters away from the Fire Pattern Leopard. He restrained his aura and looked at the Fire Pattern Leopard, who was dozing off and had a leisurely look on its face.

"Lingxi Sword," Jian Wuchen suddenly attacked. With the high grade spirit beast Radiance Sword in hand, he thrusted the sword towards the head of the Fire Pattern Leopard.

"You're courting death."

The Fire Pattern Leopard that was dozing off suddenly felt a dangerous aura approaching. It immediately opened its eyes and saw a ray of sword light heading towards its head. Then, he raised his front paw and swiped at the sword light.

Bang! A loud sound was heard as a strong wave swept across the area. All the trees within a thousand meters radius were cut in half by the wave.

"This beast's reaction is not bad. It actually blocked my Lingxi Sword in the nick of time." But, even if we block it, the taste should not be too good! " Jian Wuchen sneered in his heart as he saw the Fire Pattern Leopard block his sword at a critical moment.

"Aww ?" "Damn it!" The Fire Tattooed Flower Leopard cried out in pain and could not help but curse.

"Little kitty, you reacted pretty well! "You actually managed to make me react at the last moment." Jian Wuchen appeared in front of the Fire Pattern Leopard and said.

"Damned human, if you dare injure me, today, I will make you my meal," When the Fire Pattern Leopard saw Jian Wuchen teasing it and even addressing it as little kitty while sneaking an attack on it, it shouted at Jian Wuchen furiously.

"Fire Claw," the Fire Pattern Leopard bellowed as it furiously swiped its scorching hundreds of feet paw at Jian Wuchen.

Just a mere insignificant skill, yet he still dared to take it out and throw it at others. "Cloud Breaking Art", "Cloud Breaking Sword Art", "Wind Breaking Sword Art", "Jian Wuchen performed Mount Shu Unparalleled Sword Art", thrusting towards the Fire Striped Flower Leopard's scorching claws.

Boom! A sword image that was a thousand feet long collided with the claws of the Fire Pattern Leopard. A loud sound was heard as the two collided. The collision resulted in a backlash.

"That's right, I have eighty percent of my strength," Jian Wuchen said as he saw that the Fire Pattern Leopard's attack had the power of eight levels of cultivation.

"Hmph, shameless brat, this Saint Beast only used the sixth layer's strength, yet you used the eighth layer. Now, this Saint Beast is using the tenth layer's strength to attack you, let's see how you defend against it," when the Fire Striped Flower Leopard heard Jian Wuchen's words, he coldly snorted and said angrily. Following that, the Fire Tattooed Flower Leopard roared: Fire condensed, roaring flame, roar. A scorching fireball the size of a soccer ball condensed from the Fire Tattooed Flower Leopard's mouth, shooting towards Jian Wuchen.

"I never thought that this little kitten would still be hiding its strength," Jian Wuchen said as he saw the fireball shooting out from the Fire Pattern Leopard's mouth.

Jian Wuchen circulated his True Essence and shouted out with the Radiance Sword in his hand.

A sword shadow over a hundred feet long chopped at the fireball with a sharp force.

BOOM * Boom! The sword shadows collided with the fireballs, creating a loud explosion. The surrounding thousands of meters were completely destroyed by a man and a beast. Flames continued to burn through the surrounding trees.

Humph, Jian Wuchen groaned, and a drop of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. Even though Jian Wuchen blocked the full force of the Fire Pattern Leopard, he was still injured by it.

Jian Wuchen had used a high grade spirit beast, Radiance Sword, and its power was even stronger than the strongest weapon in God and Demon Continent. A twenty centimeter sword scar, from the forehead of the Fire Pattern Leopard to the corner of its mouth, continuously flowed with blood. In the blink of an eye, the face of the Fire Pattern Flower Leopard was covered with blood.

"Ah ?" "Dammit, how dare you injure me!" The Fire Pattern Leopard saw that Jian Wuchen had stabbed its face and it was dripping with blood. With that, it leapt, and with a fierce tiger pouncing on its prey, it opened its mouth wide and pounced towards Jian Wuchen.

"Consonance Sword."

Jian Wuchen saw that Fire Tattooed Flower Leopard was pouncing towards him, so he used his own [Spirit Consonance Sword] and thrusted it towards the head of the Fire Tattooed Flower Leopard.

The Consonance Blade was a strange sword technique, it was impossible to guard against, it was Jian Wuchen's killing move, the sword was not dead nor injured, no one could escape the might of Jian Wuchen's sword.

Pfft, Jian Wuchen's sword slashed across the Fire Pattern Leopard's stomach, instantly, fresh blood sprayed out, his internal organs flowed all over the ground, and his body was slashed into two by Jian Wuchen, instantly dying.

Killing a Primary Holy Beast would take a long time. It looks like I have to break through to the Aurous Core stage as soon as possible, if not, I would be the one to die when I meet a Middle Saint Beast. Jian Wuchen picked up the Flaming Leopard's corpse and thought to himself.

"This... This is a spirit stone. Such a large spirit stone, I'm afraid there isn't even a single one in the cultivation world. To think that there would be such a large spirit stone in this world, how rare! " After Jian Wuchen finished cleaning up the body of the Fire Tattooed Flower Leopard, he was shocked to see that the huge boulder that the Fire Tattooed Flower Leopard was lying on was actually a Spirit Stone.

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