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C17 beast collar

"This... This was a spirit stone. Such a large spirit stone, perhaps there wasn't even a single one in the cultivation world? I never thought that there would be such a large spirit stone here. It's truly rare! " After Jian Wuchen finished cleaning up the body of the Fire Tattooed Flower Leopard, he was shocked to see that the huge boulder that the Fire Tattooed Flower Leopard was lying on was actually a Spirit Stone.

The Soul Stone had two functions. The first was to nurture the soul, and it could nurture and preserve the soul that was damaged or on the verge of dissipating. A fist-sized Soul Stone was worth a top grade spirit artifact in the cultivation world. The second effect was that it could be used to refine a special envoy spirit weapon. As the name implied, this kind of spirit weapon could be used to control spirit beasts. The value of a beast controlling ring was comparable to an immortal weapon, so it had such a high value. This was because even immortal beasts could control beast rings. Just think about it, if you used a beast ring to control an immortal beast to become your immortal pet, then who in the cultivation world would dare to oppose you? No one would dare to oppose you. Even Mount Shu and Mount Kunlun, these top cultivation immortal sects, would treat you with respect. There was also one more point, and that was that the refining method of the beast collar was unique. It had already become lost in the world of cultivation. However, he found the method to refine the beast collar in an ancient book by Mount Shu Master Blacksmith Master. He passed this method to Jian Wuchen, hoping that Jian Wuchen would find a spirit stone and ask him to refine a beast collar for him. And Jian Wuchen's condition was that the Spirit Treasure would pass down the refining method to him, that was how Jian Wuchen learned it.

"Haha ?" Haha, the heavens sure are good to have my Jian Wuchen! " When I first arrived at the Magic Beast Mountain Range, I was able to find such a large spirit stone. "Isn't this for me to capture the Magic Beasts there as my pets?" Jian Wuchen laughed.

After Jian Wuchen placed the Spirit Stone into his own Spirit Realm Ring, he opened a cave in a nearby mountain range. He covered the cave entrance with an array formation and prepared to refine the beast collar.

The beast collar refinement method was very simple, it did not need any other materials, only a single spirit stone. The beast collar refinement method was very unique, it required a spirit imprisoning and soul-extinguishing array, it was fine if there was a missing array.

Phew, Jian Wuchen took a deep breath and thought back to the forging method of the beast collar that he was taught by the Spirit Treasure Child. Fifteen minutes later, Jian Wuchen opened his eyes. A bright light flashed as he took out the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace, activated the Samadhi True Fire, and threw a fist-sized soul stone inside.

Tss tss * After a few breaths of time, the Soul Stone had been refined into a pitch black water form by the Samadhi True Fire. Seeing that, Jian Wuchen immediately formed a seal with his hands, and the essence of the Spirit Stone slowly formed a round shape. Seeing that, Jian Wuchen's hands continued to form hand seals, one after another mysterious hand seals were formed, being engraved into the beast collar inside the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace.

An hour later, an Imperial Beast Ring that was completely pitch-black and engraved with dense and profound runes was floating in the middle of the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace.

No wonder, even immortal beasts can be controlled by it, "Jian Wuchen looked at the beast collar in his hands, and used his own spirit sense to check it. He realized that his spirit sense had actually been attracted by the profound formation on it, and he immediately retracted his spirit sense in shock, as he couldn't help but to say.

Jian Wuchen placed the refined beast collar into the Spirit Realm ring, and immediately after, he took out a large chunk of spirit stone and threw it into the Yin Yang Nine Dragon Furnace, urging the Samadhi True Fire to refine it continuously. Not long after, the spirit stone inside the Nine Dragon Furnace was melted into a puddle of water by the Samadhi True Fire, Jian Wuchen formed a seal with his hands and condensed the spirit stone essence inside the Nine Dragon Furnace into a pitch black beast collar.

Three days later, that huge Soul Stone had been completely refined by Jian Wuchen into beast collar by Jian Wuchen, for a total of 1200 soul stones. Other than refining beast rings, Jian Wuchen also refined a top quality evil soul devouring banner using the Soul Stone, one of which could devour souls, causing one to never be able to reincarnate.

The soul devouring banner was a demonic sect in the cultivation world, a unique magic treasure of the Heavenly Ghost Sect. The sect's most valuable treasure was a mid-grade immortal treasure, and it was incomparably powerful. In the past, the Heavenly Ghost Sect relied on this immortal artifact to suppress the entire cultivation world to the point that they couldn't even raise their heads. Fortunately, a senior at the peak of the tribulation realm in Mount Kunlun took out a high-grade immortal equipment, the "Yin Yang Mirror", and the remnant soul of a deity inside the soul devouring banner was destroyed. Not long after the Heavenly Ghost sect lost their immortal soul devouring banner, they were annihilated by the cultivation world's righteous path. The soul devouring banner was taken away by the sect master and then disappeared as well.

Once again, under some unexpected circumstances, Jian Wuchen found a cave. Inside the cave, Jian Wuchen found the corpse of the escaping Heaven Ghost sect master. The soul devouring banner was also found by Jian Wuchen. What shocked Jian Wuchen the most was that the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Ghost Sect actually gave up the opportunity to possess another body and refined himself into the spirit of the soul devouring banner. Using the soul devouring banner as his body, he wanted to cultivate the soul devouring banner back into an immortal equipment. The soul devouring banner was originally a middle-grade immortal equipment, but the spirit inside was shattered by the immortal equipment from Mount Kunlun and dropped to the Great Circle of the Divine level. However, its immortal equipment foundation was still there, and as long as a celestial level soul was born inside, the soul devouring banner would be able to recover to the immortal level.

This cultivation method was something the sect master of the Heavenly Ghost Sect obtained at a ruin. The only way to cultivate this method was to give up one's body and refine it into a treasure spirit. Using an immortal item as a body, the cultivator would be able to escape divine retribution and reach the celestial level. However, there was one downside to this kind of cultivation method. It was that it would be refined by other cultivators into another person's immortal equipment, and the cultivator would become a spirit that lost his freedom and life. However, there were always two sides to everything. The good side of this technique was that it allowed one to escape heavenly tribulation, and similarly allowed one to become an immortal. The bad part was that once they were captured and refined, they would lose everything.

This kind of cultivation method by the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Ghost Sect shocked Jian Wuchen. He had never heard of this cultivation method before. Jian Wuchen and the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Ghost Sect had a great battle. In the end, the Sect Master of the Heavenly Ghost Sect was no match for Jian Wuchen, as his soul was shattered by Jian Wuchen. The soul devouring banner was also taken into Jian Wuchen's hands.

"Hehe, it's about time I go out and give it a try. The beast collar is really powerful," Jian Wuchen said as he looked at the mountain of beast collar inside his spirit realm ring.

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