Sword God in the Alien World/C19 Mysterious Guardian of the Magic Beast Mountain Range
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Sword God in the Alien World/C19 Mysterious Guardian of the Magic Beast Mountain Range
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C19 Mysterious Guardian of the Magic Beast Mountain Range

"Master, there are a total of thirty-six Saint-level magical beasts in this area of thirty-six thousand kilometers," said one. "There are sixteen early-stage Saint-level magical beasts. Aside from the Fire-Striped Leopards which Master killed, there are fourteen more." "There are a total of thirteen mid-stage Saint-level magical beasts, and seven of them possess late stage. They are:" Golden Roc Thunder King, Purple Lion King, White Tiger of Light, Nine Tailed Moon Fox, One-horned Green Jiao, Black Dragon, Two-headed Snake, "After the basalt snake submitted to Jian Wuchen, she told him about the strength of all the Holy Beasts in this region. When Jian Wuchen received the news, he gave it a healing pill and healed its injuries.

It had to be said that the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts had more Saint-level magical beasts than any of the Saint-level combatants of the Four Great Empires! Within a circumference of ten thousand kilometers, there were thirty-six Saint-level magical beasts, of which seven were late-stage Saints. And this was only the place where the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts was located. Most likely, no one knew how many Saint-level magical beasts there were in the entire Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. Hearing the introduction of the basalt snake, Jian Wuchen could not help but exclaim.

"Master, actually, there are many Saints in the Four Great Empires as well." However, he continued, "Many Saints would venture into the Endless Sea to search for treasures, or go search for ancient treasures in the ruins." That's why you think that there aren't any Holy-ranked Rankers in the Four Great Empires. When the basalt snake heard this, Jian Wuchen sighed and explained to him.

"Are all human Saint level experts supposed to go explore the Endless Sea and ancient ruins to search for treasures?" When Jian Wuchen heard this news, the basalt snake could not help but be shocked.

"Yes, master," not only were there Saint realm experts, "Even the God level experts had gone to the Outer Realm to look for treasures," Otherwise, there would not be no lack of God level experts in the God and Demon Continent. The basalt snake gave Jian Wuchen another important piece of news.

You said, "The Divine level experts of the God and Demon Continent have all gone to the alien star fields to search for treasures?" Jian Wuchen asked.

"That's right, Divine level experts go to the Outer Realm of the Gods to search for treasures," replied the basalt snake. "There's no way the God and Demon Continent didn't record the achievements of Divine level experts in tens of thousands of years. Even the Divine level beasts in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts have gone to the Outer Realm."

"What's going on over there in the center of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts?" If my guess is not wrong, "It is a God-ranked beast," Jian Wuchen said as he pointed to the center of the mountain range.

"What? Master, you actually know of her existence?" The basalt snake looked in the direction that Jian Wuchen was pointing in, and asked with a face full of shock. On the current God and Demon Continent, no one knew about the existence of the Beast Mountain Range, even the Light Court Cult himself didn't. However, Jian Wuchen was able to instantly tell his position of Guardian and her strength, how could this not shock the basalt snake?

"What is it? Could it be that it isn't a Deity-level magical beast? " Jian Wuchen asked when he saw the shocked look on the basalt snake's face.

"Yes, she is a Divine level magical beast. She is the guardian of our Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. It is because of her that the magical beasts of our Mountain Range of Magical Beasts are able to live so peacefully," the basalt snake replied with reverence.

"Guardian God?" What kind of magical beast is it? "He actually has such powerful strength. He alone protects all the magical beasts in the Magic Beast Mountain Range?" Jian Wuchen asked curiously when he saw the reverence on the basalt snake's face.

"I don't know. There isn't a single magical beast in the Magical Beast Mountain Range that knows what type of magical beast she is." Legend has it that "Tens of thousands of years ago, she lived within the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts and never took a step out of it." Ten thousand years ago, when the ten Deities of the human race came to the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts to challenge and kill many Saint-level magical beasts, the guardian of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts couldn't stand it any longer. He killed six of the Deities, while the other four had been suppressed by her for a thousand years. It could be said that without her existence, the Beast Mountain Range couldn't even exist, the basalt snake said to Jian Wuchen.

"Living for tens of thousands of years? "That's impossible!" A Saint-level magical beast only had a lifespan of ten thousand years, while a Deity-level magical beast only had a lifespan of twenty thousand years. How could it possibly live for more than ten thousand years? Unless, it was not a Divine level beast at all, but a Divine level beast. When Jian Wuchen heard the crucial question, he asked.

"Master, I don't know about that. The guardian has never appeared and has always cultivated in her own cave." No one knows about her cultivation realm in the Magic Beast Mountain Range, the basalt snake said.

"It seems that before my strength has reached the Divine Clone Realm, I should first not provoke it." I should first subdue a few Saint-level magical beasts, in order to increase my own strength, Jian Wuchen thought to himself.

"basalt snake, you and I will go subdue the other fourteen magical beasts that possess the primary stage of the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary." After that, when we went to subdue the magical beasts of the middle and late stages of the Sanctuary, Jian Wuchen said this.

"Yes, Master." However, Master, "Let's go first subdue that early-stage Saint-level magical beast?" The basalt snake asked.

"If you have enmity with that one, we will go and subdue that one first," Jian Wuchen replied to the basalt snake.

"Then Master, let's go and subdue that green ox," that stupid cow had already reached the Saint realm before me and came here to bully me every day. Luckily, my defensive power back then was not something that could be broken through by the early Saint realm, otherwise, I would have already died under its hooves. When the basalt snake heard that Jian Wuchen had tamed the beast that had found revenge on it, it was the first to think of the Qing Niu that it had bullied everyday.

"Okay, then we will subdue the Cyan Bull first." You go and provoke it, wait for it to reveal a weak point, then I will subdue it in one go, at that time, "You can do whatever you want to destroy it," Jian Wuchen said.

Thank you, Master. When the basalt snake heard this, Jian Wuchen promised to avenge him.

"Nothing," said. "You are my pet now, if someone dares to bully you, it means that they are against me, it is only right that I avenge you. Lead the way."

Yes, master. The basalt snake heard that Jian Wuchen had asked him to lead the way to subdue the green cattle. With a swoosh, they shot towards the green cattle like arrows. Jian Wuchen followed behind the basalt snake leisurely.

"The master is the master, such a strange flying method has never been seen before in the entire God and Demon Continent, its speed is not one bit slower than a Holy-ranked expert," When the basalt snake saw Jian Wuchen flying in the air, he could not help but exclaim.

Fifteen minutes later, the basalt snake and Jian Wuchen arrived at Qing Niu's territory.

Moo ?. When the basalt snake and Jian Wuchen just arrived, a loud and clear cow cry sounded out, following that, a teasing voice sounded: "Yo, who is this? Wasn't this the little snake that I bullied everyday in the past? What, you came to my territory looking for my revenge? "

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