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The Sky Edge Empire was one of the Four Great Empires of the God and Demon Continent, the Empire's military might and area was only second to the Guang Ming Empire. The other two Empires were not much weaker than the Sky Edge Empire either, they were the Beastman Empire and the Divine Dragon Empire respectively.

At this moment, in the Sky Edge Empire's Imperial Palace, the entire staff was extremely nervous. It was because the Empress Murong Ling was in the midst of production and was producing the first son of Emperor Tianfeng, the future Crown Prince of the Sky Edge Empire, and the future Emperor of the Tianfeng Palace. How could the whole palace not be in a state of chaos and nervousness?

Sky Edge Great Emperor Jian Ye had inherited the throne at the age of sixteen and became the Great Emperor of Sky Edge Empire. At the age of twenty, he married the Great Marshal of the Sky Edge Empire, Murong Wudi's only daughter.

"Empress, use your strength, the prince is about to come out," Inside the Rising Sun Hall, a beautiful lady with a pale face and drenched in sweat shouted towards Murong Ling as she struggled to hold onto the pillow tightly.


At this time, in the Sky Edge Empire's Imperial Palace, dense black clouds covered the sky. A purple bolt of lightning struck towards the interior of the Rising Sun Hall, immediately followed by a loud and clear infant's cry.

Your Majesty, "the Empress gave birth to a prince. Congratulations to Your Majesty, a maid who served the empress saw the empress giving birth to a prince, and immediately ran over to congratulate Jian Ye."

Haha ?. "Haha, we have a son, we have a son," the person said. "Reward, everyone has their reward," When Jian Ye heard the palace maid say that the empress had given him a prince, he raised his head and laughed happily. Following that, Jian Ye walked into the Rising Sun Hall to visit Empress Murong.

"Empress, it's been hard on you," Jian Ye said as he came to the bedside and gently held onto Empress Murong's hand.

It's not hard, it's my pleasure to be able to give birth to Lin'er, Murong Ling said weakly.

"Your Majesty, Empress, Your Highness has arrived," At this time, the midwife brought the prince, who had just washed herself, to Jian Ye and Murong Ling.

Empress, look, "How much do I look like you, especially my eyes, they look like they were carved out from the same mold as the Empress's," Jian Ye said as he placed his son on Murong Ling's pillow.

Your Majesty, your son's nose and mouth are the same as your Majesty's. "He's so handsome and dashing," Empress Murong said as she looked at her son by her pillow.

Jian Ye and Murong Ling did not notice that at this moment, their only son was completely focused on observing his surroundings. There was a sharp and cautious look in his eyes, completely unlike a baby's expression.

The baby in Jian Ye's arms was none other than the Jian Wuchen who was struck by the lightning tribulation. So it turned out that when Jian Wuchen's body was smashed by the last purple lightning tribulation, his soul was brought over to God and Demon Continent by this purple lightning tribulation, and coincidentally became the son of the Sky Edge Empire's Great Emperor.

Our son is naturally like us now, when my son grows up, he will definitely be a "prince who has bewitched ten thousand people", Jian Ye said happily.

"Yes, he is as handsome and dashing as His Majesty." "Oh, that's right. Your Majesty, you haven't given your son a name yet," Murong Ling said with a blissful expression.

If you hadn't said it, we would have forgotten. Jian Ye heard the empress's reminder and spoke up.

I saw that my son's entire body was like a flawless white jade, like the white clouds in the sky that were not contaminated, so I gave him the name "Wu Chen". Jian Ye looked at his son who was in his arms, and said.

A good name. When Murong Ling heard the name Jian Ye gave his son, she couldn't help but praise him.

The news of the empress giving birth to a prince quickly spread throughout the entire imperial city. In an instant, the Sky Edge Empire was decorated with lanterns and decorations, celebrating the fact that the empire had an heir.

The news that Jian Ye had a prince was quickly made known to the other three great empires. They sent their envoys to the Sky Edge Empire to celebrate as well.

Time passed in a flash, and in the blink of an eye, Jian Wuchen had already been in the God and Demon Continent for three years. In these three years, Jian Wuchen had read all the historical information recorded in this continent and knew that the continent he was reincarnated in was called God and Demon Continent.

The people who cultivate magic are called mages, the realm of mages are separated, "Magic Apprentice, Elementary Mage, Intermediate Mage, Advanced Mage, Magister, Intermediate Magister, Great Magister, Mage Sage, Mage Deities, and so on," Mages have a very high position in the God and Demon Continent. This was because mages were scarce, and even among ten thousand people, it was rare for one to become a noble mages.

The people who practiced battle qi were called Swordsmen. Swordsmen were divided into the following realms: "Swordsman, Basic Swordsman, Intermediate Swordsman, Advanced Swordsman, Swordmaster, Intermediate Swordmaster, Great Swordmaster, Swordsaint, and so on." The number of Swordsmen was many times more than the number of mages. This was because as long as a swordsman could cultivate battle qi, they could become a swordsman.

The Sky Edge Empire was dominated by combat power, and the empire had nine Sword Saints guarding it, namely: General Murong Wudi of the Empire, Sword Saint intermediate stage, two Sword Saints at the pinnacle of the Imperial Palace, two Sword Saints at the middle stage, General Kong Zhan Sword Saint at the north, General Zhennan at the early stage, Great General Zhenxi at the early stage, and General Lu Xiao at the early stage, "The nine great Sword Saints guarded the Sky Edge Empire, and the two experts at the peak of the Sword Sage prevented the other three empires from invading even half a step into the Sky Edge Empire.

As for the other three empires, the Radiant Empire had the most Saint level experts, numbering twelve. Four of them were Magic Saints, eight were Sword Saints, and these were even Saint realm experts from the Light Court Cult behind the Radiant Empire. The Beastman Empire had a total of ten Saints, the Divine Dragon Empire had eight Saints, of which three were Saint Beasts of the early Saint rank, one was a Peak Saint realm expert, two were late-Saint realm warriors, and two were early Saint realm experts.

"I wonder how powerful are the Sword Gods and Dharma Gods of this world?" Jian Wuchen couldn't help but ask as he was in his own room.

Once he successfully reached the Foundation Establishment stage, Jian Wuchen would be able to once again step into the threshold of a cultivator. Jian Wuchen was very confident that it wouldn't be long before he would be able to recover the strength of his previous life.

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