Sword God in the Alien World/C20 basalt snake against Cyan Bull
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Sword God in the Alien World/C20 basalt snake against Cyan Bull
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C20 basalt snake against Cyan Bull

"Hmph, Big stupid cow." Today I will let you know the power of my basalt snake. "Blackrock Fissure" basalt snake bellowed, and then, using her strongest attack and defense, she swept her snake tail towards the Cyan Bull.

"Damn, did you take the wrong medicine?" When the green ox saw the basalt snake using its strongest move to greet it, it was scared, and immediately dodged to the side. The basalt snake's full strength attack was even more powerful than a mid-stage Saint realm beast's attack. After taking such a blow, even if it wasn't heavily injured, it would at least receive a serious flesh wound.

"Qing Niu, back then you relied on your newly advanced Saint level strength to bully me every day." If it wasn't for the fact that my defensive power was comparable to an early Saint realm expert, I would have already died under your feet. Today, I want to wash away my shame. "Rock cracking!" the basalt snake roared, and in an instant, the stone scales on its body shot towards the green ox.

"F * ck, you can't say that back then, I was able to get a stalk of Spirit Grass and break through Saint level." It was you little loach who lured that Fire Cloud Leopard over, causing my spirit grass to be taken away by it. It took me decades to break through to the Saint level. "If I don't bully you, who should I bully?" When the green ox heard that he was bullied by the basalt snake in advance, he told her about how the basalt snake lured the Fire Cloud Leopard to take his Spirit Grass.

However, the basalt snake had killed the Flame Cloud Leopard's son while it was preying on it, making it its lunch. This completely infuriated the Fire Cloud Leopard at the early Saint realm. In the end, the basalt snake ran to the location of the Spirit Grass that the Cyan Bull was guarding. In the end, the Spirit Grass was taken away by the Fire Cloud Leopard, and the basalt snake took the opportunity to escape from the Fire Cloud Leopard. The Cyan Bull was also injured by the Fire Cloud Leopard. However, at that time, the difference in strength was not too big, and he was also injured, so he was unable to fight against the basalt snake. Hence, he hid himself to recuperate, and 30 years later, the green ox broke through the Saint realm while the basalt snake did not, and after it found the basalt snake, it started to mistreat it every day, until the basalt snake broke through to the Saint realm. Only then did the green ox not cause trouble for the basalt snake.

Right now, the two of them were roughly equal in strength. Qing Niu's strength was slightly higher than the basalt snake, which was because Qing Niu had advanced to the Saint realm before the basalt snake. However, the defense and attack power of a basalt snake could be considered top tier amongst the Saint realm early stage Magic Beasts. Of course, the Cyan Bull's attack was not bad either, its horns were even harder than when a basalt snake transformed. However, with basalt snake attacking with all their might, it was not an easy thing for Qing Niu to defeat them. In the end, both sides would suffer.

"Big stupid cow, today I am going to fight you to the death to get revenge for my past hatred," the basalt snake said to the green ox in a stern voice.

"Do you think I'm afraid of you?" Today, I'll let you witness the power of my Green Ox Horn. The Green Ox was enraged by the basalt snake, and immediately, it released a strong Qi. Moo, the sound of a bellow rang out, and the Green Ox's hooves, which were the size of its mouth, scratched the ground a few times, then it lowered its head and aimed its horns at the basalt snake and charged towards it.

The most powerful things about the Cyan Bull was the pair of green horns on its head and its four hooves. When hit by the horns, its body would immediately be pierced, even the basalt snake s were no exception. The power of its hooves was not any weaker than the horns on a cow's head. Its hooves were as big as a pot's mouth. If it stepped on them or kicked them, they would inevitably end up as meat patties.

The basalt snake saw that the Cyan Bull wanted to block its ace attack and use its horn to pierce through its defenses. It quickly adjusted its body to reduce the damage done to its body.



A stream of fresh blood flowed out of the wound, and the basalt snake howled in pain. Following that, it used the snake type Inherent skill to coil around the green ox, and used all of its strength to wrap around the green ox.

So the basalt snake had deliberately revealed a weak point, so that the Cyan Bull could pierce through his body. It took the chance to wrap itself around the Cyan Bull, wanting to strangle it to death.

Moo ? Moo * The green ox felt as if its body was being held back by a mountain. It couldn't help but let out a cry.

"basalt snake, I admit defeat," The Cyan Bull felt extremely uncomfortable as he was being entangled by the basalt snake. His internal organs could feel that he was about to explode from being squeezed by the basalt snake, so he pleaded for mercy and admitted defeat.

"Haha, you are begging the wrong person," the basalt snake heard him and the green ox begged him, then laughed and said to him.

"What? Your master, you are being subdued by a human?" When the cyan ox heard the basalt snake's words, it instantly asked in shock. If the Cyan Cow did not arrive, the basalt snake would be subdued by the humans and take their place.

"Hmph, my master is a peerless genius who hasn't appeared in the God and Demon Continent for ten thousand years." Being able to become my master's Magic Pet is a blessing of three lives. Today, you, like me, will become my great master's companion! The basalt snake said to the cyan ox with a face full of worship.

"You're crazy, you're completely and utterly crazy!" After being subdued by a human, his face was still full of willingly and willingly, and he thought that there was nothing you could do to save his slave. When Qing Niu saw this, the basalt snake did not feel the slightest bit of shame because it had become someone else's pet.

"Green Ox, when you become master's Magic Pet, you will know how powerful my master is. I think that when the time comes, you will be the same as me, willing to be master's Magic Pet." The basalt snake ignored the Green Ox's expression and said with a face full of worship.

"Impossible, I won't become a human's Magic Pet," Qing Niu added. "A warrior can't have two Magic Pet, even if he is a Divine level expert." When Qing Niu heard that the basalt snake wanted it to become its master's Magic Pet, she rejected it immediately.

"In my master's eyes, there is nothing that is impossible." Let alone two Magic Pet, even if there were two hundred Magic Pet, my master would still be able to subdue them, the basalt snake thought disapprovingly. It had seen Jian Wuchen's methods before, so it knew that Jian Wuchen could subdue countless pets. This was because it saw that Jian Wuchen had a lot of Beast Rings that could control beasts.

"basalt snake, if you don't let go, I will self-destruct. When the time comes," You and I will perish together, "the Cyan Bull threatened, seeing that the basalt snake's brain had been completely brainwashed by its master.

"Self-destruct, hmph, in front of my master, do you have the ability to self-detonate?" "Master, you can control this stupid cow," the basalt snake said coldly. Then, it shouted at Jian Wuchen.

basalt snake, stop putting on an act, other than you and me, there is no one else here. When the Cyan Bull heard that the basalt snake had called for its master to subdue it, it sensed around a kilometer radius, and discovered that other than a few weak magical beasts, there was no one else with the aura of a stranger.

"Is that so?" Just as Qing Niu finished speaking, Jian Wuchen stood in front of him and said that.


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