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C3 Testing talent

This was a tradition that had never changed throughout the ages. Children with good talent would be nurtured with the full strength of the clan, and those with bad talent would not be nurtured. When they reached adulthood, they could only become ordinary members of the clan, take care of the clan's business, or go out and fight for their own business. However, most people would not choose the latter, because it was very difficult to start a business, and it was possible to lose their lives. Therefore, most people would choose to work in the family, marry and have children, and place their hopes on their son to have a good talent.

However, the royal family's test of innate talent was much more generous than the family's test of innate talent. The royal family valued the prince's innate talent because he didn't have the talent to govern the country.

Of course, if there was a talented prince, the royal family would also do their best to nurture him. Once he reached the Saint realm, the empire would give him two choices, one was to inherit the position of Emperor, and the other was to become an Imperial Guardian, giving him the authority to cripple Emperors. Of course, if the Guardian wanted to enforce this right, then all of the Royal families would have to directly vote for it.

But how could there be a Saint who would linger in the Demon God Continent for too long? What they desired the most was to be able to break through to the Sword God level, which all Saints wanted to break through to.

"The Guang Ming Empire's Prince Si Rui has arrived, the Beastman Empire's Prince McCus has arrived, and the leader of the Holy Dragon Cavalry of the Divine Dragon Empire, Prince Ashur, has arrived," a steward of the palace shouted loudly when he saw the three Great Empire's Princes bringing their congratulatory gifts over to the Sky Edge Empire to observe the ceremony.

"What kind of wind brought the three of you here?" When Jian Wuchen's grandfather, Murong Wudi heard that the three Great Empire's Princes had come to watch the ceremony together with a present, he could not help but step forward and say this.

"Haha, Marshal Murong is joking, today is the big day of Marshal Murong's grandson, His Highness Crown Prince's test of talent," When our Emperor heard this, he immediately gave the order to have this duke bring a present as a congratulatory gift. Hearing what Murong Wudi said, Prince Si Rui of the Light Empire chuckled and said.

Marshal Murong, my Emperor is the same. Let us bring a generous gift as a congratulatory gift. In passing, we would like to discuss the trade between the two countries, "Divine Dragon Empire's Holy Dragon Knight Prince Ashur said.

My Emperor also asked me to bring a present to celebrate, and while he was at it, he said to Murong Wudi, "The matter of the wintertime food," Prince of the Beastman Empire, Marcus, said.

"Hehe, you two have found the wrong person, you should be looking for the Prime Minister Churchill," I am in charge of fighting instead of looking for a general like myself. If, "Your two empires want to invade an empire and look for me to form an alliance with them, I would definitely ally the Emperor with both of your empires," Murong Wudi said to Prince Si Rui of the Guang Ming Empire.

Marshal Murong, don't look at me when you speak. Although my Guang Ming Empire is stronger than all three of your empires, but, "Our Guang Ming Empire never casually uses force against any country, we only hope that the glory of the Divine Radiant Cult will shine on the entire God and Demon Continent, and let the citizens enjoy the glory of the God of Light." When Prince Si Rui saw the provocation in Marshal Murong's words, he did not get angry, and spoke with a face full of piety.

Prince Si Rui, don't make it sound so nice. My Sky Edge Empire is not part of your Guang Ming Empire, so there's no need to believe in some God of Light. "Your Light Court Cult can forget about opening a church in my Sky Edge Empire," Murong Wudi said after hearing Prince Si Rui's words.

Other than being the uncle of the Great Emperor of the Light Empire, he was also the Twelve Great Cardinals of the Light Court Cult and was also a strong competitor of the next Pope. His strength was at the same realm as Murong Wudi, but he was a Law Saint and not a Sword Saint.

"General Murong, as long as your Sky Edge Empire agrees to let us Light Court Cult build ten churches in your Sky Edge Empire, we can give you three cities in your Sky Edge Empire. What do you think, General Murong?" Prince Si Rui said.

"Hehe, when did your Light Court Cult become so generous? For three cities to open their mouths, it is like a pie falling from the sky! " However, are you guys that generous? At this time, Divine Dragon Empire Prince Ashur stood out and laughed.

"Archbishop Si Rui, stop your thoughts!" Don't think that we don't know what you are thinking, "You want to open up the Sky Edge Empire to the prohibition of the Church of Light, so that you can contribute in Light Court Cult and increase your chances of seizing the position of Pope. Prince Marcus stepped forward. He was 2.5 meters tall and had the strength of an early Sword Saint. He was the life and death brother of the Great Emperor of the Beastman Empire.

"Hmph, this is a national affair of the Guang Ming Empire and the Sky Edge Empire, it is your turn to interrupt?" Si Rui coldly harrumphed and said to the two princes.

Archbishop Si Rui, the temptation of your Light Court Cult is too great, it is not something I can decide. You should go and discuss it with Great Emperor Jian Ye, Churchill and the others, this old man will be in charge of the army and war, not the affairs of the country, Murong Wudi replied Si Rui.

"Your Majesty! Empress, Crown Prince, Your Highness!" A sharp voice called out.

Your Majesty, ten thousand years of life. Empress, thousand years of life, thousand years of life, thousand years of life, Your Highness, Crown Prince, thousand years of life, the ministers of civil and military of the Sky Edge Empire, saw that Jian Ye, Empress and his family had all arrived. They all knelt on one knee on the ground as they greeted, but the few Princes and Murong Wudi did not need to kneel, because they were all Saint Rulers.

All the loved ones stood up, and Jian Ye said.

His Majesty the Emperor, the Empress, the Crown Prince, and all the ministers of the Sky Edge Empire kowtowed in thanks.

"The auspicious hour has arrived, the ceremony for the Crown Prince's examination has begun," at this moment, a eunuch announced loudly.

Not long after, an old man from the Sacred Domain carried a crystal ball onto the altar and said, "Please come up for your test, Your Highness."

"This is the crystal ball that can detect talent?" Jian Wuchen walked to the altar, and asked in his heart while staring at the crystal ball.

had seen this test crystal ball in the history of the God and Demon Continent before. This crystal ball was created by a genius mage tens of thousands of years ago and had been around the God and Demon Continent for tens of thousands of years. It was very famous and accurate.

"Let's see if it's really that magical. I'll first restrain my spiritual energy and see if it can test my innate talent," Jian Wuchen thought. Thus, he restrained the spiritual energy in his body and placed his hand on the crystal ball.

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