Sword God in the Alien World/C4 Trash Crown Prince Jian Wuchen
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Sword God in the Alien World/C4 Trash Crown Prince Jian Wuchen
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C4 Trash Crown Prince Jian Wuchen

Inside the palace of the Sky Edge Empire, Jian Ye held a grand ceremony for the examination of his only son, Jian Wuchen.

When Jian Wuchen walked towards the altar, Emperor Jian Ye and his Empress stared fixedly at the small body on the altar and all the officials below the altar. They held their breaths as they watched Jian Wuchen, who was on the altar.

"Let's see if you're really that miraculous. I'll first restrain the spirit energy in my body and see if it can test my innate talent," Jian Wuchen thought. Thus, he restrained the spiritual energy in his body and placed his hand on the crystal ball.

After a few breaths of time, the crystal ball on top of the altar lit up. A weak light ray could be seen, indicating that the person on the altar didn't have any talent for magic.

"This testing crystal ball is really interesting, it actually contains a weak aura that can instantly scan my entire body. It looks like, the mage who designed this probing crystal ball is really a genius," The moment Jian Wuchen placed his hand on the crystal ball, he felt that there was an aura inside the crystal ball that flowed around his body, and then returned into the crystal ball. Following that, the crystal ball started to shine with a weak light. Jian Wuchen knew that the weaker the light the crystal ball shone, the weaker the talent of the scout. On the other hand, the stronger the light, the better the talent of the scout. Just then, Jian Wuchen

"Sigh." When the officers and officials present saw the weak light emitted by the crystal ball, they couldn't help but sigh, a look of disappointment on their faces.

"This ?" "How is that possible?" The Queen asked in disbelief as she saw the faint light radiating from the crystal ball.

Empress, our royal family doesn't care about Chen'er's cultivation talent, so what if her talent is weak? "As long as Chen'er is smart, he can take over our position," Jian Ye comforted Murong Ling when he saw his disappointed and anxious look.

Your majesty, when Murong Ling heard this, she looked at Jian Ye emotionally.

"Haha, Marshal Murong, your grandson's talent is not as good as your Murong Family's. Archbishop Si Rui saw the result of Jian Wuchen's test." He came in front of Murong Wudi and smiled.

"Archbishop Si Rui, my grandson's talent is poor and he's talented." Archbishop Si Rui, my grandson's talent is bad and my grandson's talent is good. When Murong Wudi saw the smile on Archbishop Si Rui's face, he said with a stern tone.

Marshal Murong, you must misunderstand, my court has a secret method that can change a person's talent. As long as Emperor Tian Feng agrees to let us teach him how to build a Church of Light in the Sky Edge Empire, I will immediately have the three Radiant Saint Saints change his physique and allow his grandson to cultivate battle qi or magic. What do you think? Si Rui reported an astonishing temptation to tempt Murong Wudi.

Marshal Murong, Light Court Cult is best at deceiving people and controlling their minds, you must not agree. If they do anything in secret, then Sky Edge Empire will be in danger after ten years. Hearing the enticement of Si Rui, Prince of Divine Dragon Empire, Ashur, hurriedly stood out and said.

Prince Ashur is right, Light Court Cult is best at controlling people's minds and enticing others. General Murong, you better not believe his words! Prince Marcus said.

"General Murong, my Divine Dragon Empire has the blood essence of a Saint-level dragon. Everyone on the Demon God Continent knows that dragon blood can change a human's physique and talent, so as long as you can give me two extra layers of profit in your business, I will immediately offer a drop of dragon blood to change His Highness' physique and talent. What do you think?" Ashur said to Murong Wudi.

Xiu'er, don't forget, the blood essence of a Saint-level dragon isn't something that just anyone can handle. "What's more, the Crown Prince is only three years old this year. Even a great swordsman might not be able to stand the violence of the dragon blood and explode. Seeing that Ashur wanted to use the dragon's blood to rope Murong Wudi in, Si Rui couldn't help but reveal the weakness of the dragon's blood.

At this time, Jian Wuchen still did not know that his lack of talent had already caused the three empires to seek benefits from each other.

"Is the test ceremony over?" Jian Wuchen had discovered the secret of the crystal ball. He had lost all interest and spoke to the Sword Saint who was in charge of the test.

Hm? Hearing Jian Wuchen's question, the Guardian looked at him and frowned, a trace of displeasure flashed past his heart, the feeling Jian Wuchen gave him was like a servant being ordered by a senior, even Jian Ye did not dare to speak to him like that, he was extremely courteous to him. However, Jian Wuchen was only a three year old child and did not know about the matters of the world. Thus, he put aside the displeasure in his heart and answered: "The test is already over."

"The test is over, I've returned to my room." After he finished speaking, Jian Wuchen ignored the thousands of people present and walked towards his room alone. This scene caused everyone present to be stunned. They had never seen such a prince with such a personality.

"His Highness the Crown Prince probably couldn't bear the shock and left alone, right?"

"What a pity."

Seeing Jian Wuchen's back that was walking away alone, everyone present could not help but discuss about it.

Woo woo ? * Wuuu, when Murong Ling saw this scene, she was even more hurt to the point of tears, crying until her heart shattered.

Queen, rest assured, would I let Chen'er suffer any grievances? Jian Ye did not feel good when he saw Jian Wuchen leaving, but as the emperor of a country and a man, he should comfort his wife at this time.

After Jian Wuchen returned to his room, he ordered everyone to not disturb him. It was the same even if Jian Ye and his had come, they were not allowed to come in. felt that he was about to break through and reach Foundation Establishment.

Foundation Establishment is the first stage of a cultivator's path of entry. If you were to use Qi Cultivation as an analogy and build a foundation, then the Foundation Establishment stage would build a tall building on the foundation you built. If you want to build a high building, then the foundation must be solid. The current Jian Wuchen had already built a solid foundation, allowing him to start constructing a majestic high-rise.

As for the palace maids who served Jian Wuchen, they all knew that their Crown Prince had terrible talent, and now that Jian Wuchen had locked them all in his room, they all complied with Jian Wuchen's orders, not allowing anyone to disturb him.

What Jian Wuchen did not know was that the matter of his poor talent in cultivation had instantly spread throughout the entire Sky Edge Empire. Even the people from the other four great empires knew that the Crown Prince of the Sky Edge Empire was a trash that could not cultivate. From then on, Jian Wuchen's reputation as a good-for-nothing crown prince spread far and wide.

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