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Sword God in the Alien World/C5 successful foundation
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C5 successful foundation

Before a Qi Cultivator reaches the Foundation Establishment stage, they need to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth into their body to form a cyclone in their dantian. Once the cyclone reaches 10%, they will succeed; before the cyclone is formed, they will fail.

A Qi Cultivator had three chances to reach Foundation Establishment. If he failed to do so three times, then he would never have the chance to enter the Immortal Dao in his lifetime. Of course, if you are not confident in your own foundation, you can choose to take the Foundation Establishment Pill. The Foundation Establishment Pill can increase the chances of Qi Cultivator reaching Foundation Establishment by 20%.

However, for cultivators who have successfully taken the Foundation Establishment Pill, they wouldn't go very far on their path of cultivation. At most, they would only reach the Nascent Soul stage, and some Aurous Core stage cultivators would be their final destination. Thus, ordinary cultivators would not choose to use Foundation Establishment Pills. They would be cutting off their own future path of cultivation unless they met with heaven-defying spiritual medicines to change their own talent in the future.

Who is Jian Wuchen? In his previous life, he was the first peerless evildoer in the cultivation world to go through tribulation at the age of a hundred in the past ten thousand years. In the entire cultivation world, there is no one who can withstand his sword attack. "

The reason why Jian Wuchen was able to be unrivalled in the cultivation world and become the first expert of the cultivation world was because he had obtained a powerful cultivation technique called the "Primordius Limitless Technique" from an ancient ruin. This was also the reason why Jian Wuchen had to undergo tribulation to ascend to the Immortal World when he was a hundred years old. He just wanted to go to the Immortal World to continue cultivating this Ancient God Art, but unfortunately, Jian Wuchen was struck by the final bolt of lightning and his soul was teleported to the God and Demon Continent to become the crown prince of Sky Edge Empire.

"Qi flows into the Dantian, Spiritual Light converges at the top, Calm and Revolving Radiance, Aura does not dissipate, Primordius, Infinity is limitless, Revolve." Jian Wuchen circulated the mental cultivation method of the Limitless Dispersal Technique Foundation Board and summed up all the spirit energy in his body into his Dantian, spinning non-stop, in order to form a cyclone that would not stop spinning. As long as the cyclone could spin itself, it meant that he had succeeded in establishing his foundation, and if the cyclone dispersed, it meant that Jian Wuchen had failed in building his foundation.

At this moment, Jian Wuchen's dantian was like a tornado, the spirit energy in his body was constantly being sucked in little by little, and slowly, before long, the whirlpool became stronger and stronger, like a super strong level 12 tornado, constantly attracting the spirit energy in Jian Wuchen's body. Even the spirit energy of heaven and earth outside his body started to converge crazily into Jian Wuchen's body, and after that, all of it was sucked into the whirlpool in his dantian, increasing the force of the whirlpool.

"Whether or not it works depends on now." Jian Wuchen felt the strong attraction of the Qi Vortex in his Dantian, and thought that he did not need to control the Qi Vortex to spin. Following that, Jian Wuchen stopped his mental cultivation method and allowed the Qi whirlpool to spin on its own.

When the cyclone lost the support of Jian Wuchen's mental cultivation method, it instantly weakened by five to six levels from the originally strong level 12 super strong tornado. Not good, it did not disappear in a moment, but slowly started to spin to absorb the Heaven and Earth aura into Jian Wuchen's body. Of course, at the moment, Jian Wuchen had yet to successfully enter Foundation Establishment, because the Spirit Qi Vortex in his body was still slowly shrinking. Only when it kept up with its rotation rate would it be able to prove that Jian Wuchen had succeeded in reaching Foundation Establishment.

Time slowly passed, and the Qi tornado in Jian Wuchen's body continued to slow down. At this point, the speed of the Qi tornado had decreased to around thirty percent of its original speed, which meant that since Jian Wuchen's critical moment had failed, he could only choose to take another year to reach Foundation Establishment. If he kept going like this for a long time, then it would mean that Jian Wuchen had successfully reached Foundation Establishment and he would once again step onto the road of cultivation.

"Stop, stop right now!" Jian Wuchen shouted angrily when he felt that he was about to fail his Foundation Establishment attempt. In his previous life, Jian Wuchen had been able to reach Foundation Establishment on his first try, and this had never happened before.

At this moment, the Qi tornado seemed to have understood Jian Wuchen's words. It was as if it was no longer weakening the rotation speed, and instead increased the rotation speed by a few degrees, to 50% of the original. This meant that Jian Wuchen had succeeded in establishing his foundation, and he had stepped into the realm of cultivators once again, becoming the only cultivator in this world.

Finally, he was able to reach Foundation Establishment, "Now, I can use the Samadhi True Fire to refine a life sword for myself," said as he used his True Origin to catalyze the Three-colored True Fire in his palm. He could also refine some strength enhancing pills, some healing pills, and some spirit medicine to recover his True Origin.

The Samadhi True Fire was something only Foundation Establishment cultivators could use their own true essence to catalyze. Qi Condensation cultivators did not have this ability. This was because the true essence within their bodies didn't need to live forever. Refining their Destiny Soul Sword required a tremendous amount of true essence to continuously refine it. This was something that Qi Cultivators couldn't do.

Jian Wuchen was a sword cultivator from Mount Shu. Every disciple in Mount Shu would use some materials to create their own Destiny Soul Sword when their Foundation Establishment was successful, and their Destiny Soul Sword would slowly evolve into a top-grade sword as their master's strength increased. If they met some immortal grade materials and added them into their Destiny Soul Sword, then their Destiny Soul Sword would likely evolve into an Immortal Sword and become even more powerful. Jian Wuchen's Innate Spirit Sword from his previous life was a celestial sword, its power was extremely strong, its name was Radiance Sword, and now, he had successfully reached the Foundation Establishment. As a sword cultivator, how could he not refine a Intrinsic Spirit Sword?

At this time, Jian Wuchen did not know that in order to change his talent, his father, Jian Ye, had already thought of an agreement with the Light Court Cult. Just as he thought about it, he was stopped by a group of officials from the imperial court.

The Prime Minister Churchill was even more so, he pointed at Jian Ye's nose and scolded him angrily, saying that he was the unconscious ruler. For his own son, he ignored the carelessness of the country, and allowed the Light Court Cult's power to enter the Sky Edge Empire to teach, enticing the people of the empire.

Jian Ye saw that Prime Minister Churchill had pointed at his nose and scolded him angrily, saying that he was the unconscious ruler. He did not even dare to breathe loudly, much less retort, and could only admit his wrongs to Churchill. There was nothing he could do, Churchill was Jian Ye's second grandfather, his biological brother, a third generation elder brother. The reason he was able to reach the position of the Sky Edge Empire's Great Emperor was all thanks to Churchill's support, otherwise, he would have been able to successfully ascend to the throne.

Jian Ran was Jian Ye's older brother, and was better at handling matters decisively. He had a good understanding of the affairs of the country and had a good eye, just that it was not good, Jian Ran had a violent personality, the moment he gets angry, he would kill someone and vent his anger. Churchill felt that if the Sky Edge Empire were to be handed over to Jian Ran, it was very likely that it would be destroyed by him.

Thus, Churchill joined hands with Murong Wudi and embraced Jian Ye as their great emperor. The Sword Ran was conferred with him as a prince and returned to his feudal fiefdom.

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