Sword God in the Alien World/C6 Treasure Pavilion
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Sword God in the Alien World/C6 Treasure Pavilion
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C6 Treasure Pavilion

The next morning, Jian Wuchen woke up early. Today, he was going to refine a Destiny Soul Sword for himself. This was because Jian Wuchen was a disciple of Mount Shu, and every disciple of Mount Shu would refine their own Destiny Soul Sword to grow with him when he was successful in his Foundation Establishment stage. The sword was their second life in the hearts of the disciples of Mount Shu, and it could be said that "The sword is with the person, the sword dies and the person dies."

The Treasure Pavilion was a place where the Sky Edge Empire Palace kept its rare treasures. The Treasure Pavilion was guarded by a complete stage Sword Saint protector of the imperial family throughout the year, and all the treasures in the Treasure Pavilion were priceless. There were many things that even Sword Saint Rankers would covet, so Jian Wuchen was the first to aim his gaze at the Treasure Pavilion.

"I never thought that there would be another expert hidden in this Treasure Pavilion. It seems that I will be returning with a full haul today," Jian Wuchen said in satisfaction as he came to the Treasure Pavilion alone. He could feel a hidden powerful aura inside and spoke in his heart.

Although Jian Wuchen didn't have the same level of strength as in his previous life, his spirit energy didn't decrease. In fact, it was even stronger than when he was in his previous life by even three times. And a mere expert at the perfection-stage of the Sword Saint Realm, of course, wouldn't be able to hide his body in front of Jian Wuchen.

The strength of the Sword Sage of the Demon God Continent was equivalent to the Aurous Core stage of the cultivation world, and the Sword God stage was comparable to the Nascent Soul stage. However, when Jian Wuchen looked at the history of the God and Demon Continent, he realized that there were no experts of the Sword God or Law God level, as if someone had intentionally erased this level. Jian Wuchen didn't know if someone had done it intentionally, or if reaching this level meant that it wouldn't be recorded in the history of the God and Demon Continent.

Stop right there, the Treasure Pavilion is not a place a little kid like you can enter, quickly leave, just as Jian Wuchen stepped into the Treasure Pavilion, a Big Sword Master level guard suddenly appeared in front of him, and blocked his path.

"F * ck off."

Seeing that someone was blocking his way, a trace of displeasure appeared on Jian Wuchen's young face, and he shouted towards the Great Sword Master. If it was in his previous life, in the entire cultivation world, no one would have dared to stop him, Jian Wuchen. Even more so, no one would dare to speak to him like this.

However, now was not the time when he was strong in his previous life. He was just a three-year-old kid with the strength of an intermediate swordsman. He was not. He could only rely on his identity as the Crown Prince to scold the man who had intercepted him.

"How dare you, child from that place! How dare you be so disrespectful to me? Do you believe that I will arrest you and put you in confinement?" Hearing Jian Wuchen's rude words, the Great Sword Master immediately shouted at Jian Wuchen.

"You are the one who is brave, I am the current dynasty's crown prince. You dare to block my way and even dare to threaten me, are you still putting me in your eyes?" When Jian Wuchen heard the Guardian Elder threaten him, Jian Wuchen opened his mouth to reveal his identity as the Crown Prince and to bully others.

The Crown Prince? Are you the Crown Prince? Although he was an elder protecting the Mysterious Treasure Pavilion, he did not have much authority in the palace, which was equivalent to the commander level of the imperial palace. In front of the identity of the crown prince, he was no different from a servant, who blocked his master, and even threatened him. This was to let Jian Ye, the supreme ruler of the empire, know about this, and not remove his position as an elder. If Marshal Murong Wudi found out about this, even if he didn't die, he would still have half a life.

Immediately, he smiled apologetically at Jian Wuchen: "This subject did not know that His Highness the crown prince had arrived. I have committed many offenses earlier, I hope that Your Highness can grant me the punishment."

"Seeing that you have admitted your mistake sincerely, this prince will forgive you for your disrespect this time. Now, open the door of the Treasure Pavilion for me, and this prince will choose some items to return to," Jian Wuchen did not want to waste time on this servant, so he forgave him and allowed him to open the door of the Treasure Pavilion, allowing him to choose his own path.

"Yes, I will open the door right now and let Your Highness enter to choose your favorite treasure," the Guardian Elder said without hesitation and took out the key from within his body. He then unlocked the door of the Treasure Pavilion and respectfully welcomed Jian Wuchen into the Treasure Pavilion.

Jian Wuchen entered the Treasure Pavilion and saw many precious items. However, in Jian Wuchen's eyes, these items were no different from trash. When he reached the second floor, he saw that it was filled with weapons. All of these weapons were considered divine weapons in the God and Demon Continent, and each weapon could make any expert under the Sword Saint level go crazy, but unfortunately, they were still just a pile of scrap metal in Jian Wuchen's eyes. Jian Wuchen did not stop to watch the scrap metal. He directly walked up the stairs to look for the ingredients to refine his Destiny Soul Sword.

"Eh, this is the main spirit medicine used to refine Nascent Soul Pills, the Nine-Colored Flower. Moreover, its age has even reached a thousand years and its appearance was maintained to be so complete." Tsk tsk, it's such a pity, it's such a pity, a thousand year old elixir was placed here, protected by a simple magic array, but it didn't seal the spiritual energy in the jade box, causing the spiritual energy to dissipate, it's such a waste! " The moment Jian Wuchen stepped onto the third floor of the Treasure Pavilion, he saw a Nine-coloured Spirit Medicine and discovered that it was the main ingredient to refine the Nascent Soul Pill. He walked up and discovered that the Nine-colored Flower's spirit energy had disappeared and was no longer effective.

"This... "These are 10,000 year old Scarlet Blood Goblins, 1000 year old White Jade Vermillion Fruit, Dragon Blood Golden Ginseng, Emperor Phoenix White Jade Branch, and Nine Heavens Life Continuing Grass. Oh my god!" How could there be so many of these most expensive spiritual medicines? If these spirit medicines were to be placed in the cultivation world, not every single one of them would cause a bloodbath, which was simply too shocking. When Jian Wuchen turned around, he saw that a wooden shelf was filled with precious spirit medicines from the cultivation world.

"It's such a pity, I am only at the early Foundation Establishment stage, so I am still unable to refine those high grade pills. These precious elixirs are temporarily out of my reach." However, these thousand year White Jade Vermillion Fruit are of great help to me. When I take them back to refine some True Essence Pills, it won't take long before I break through to the Enlightenment Realm. At that time, adding the Life Spirit Sword, I would have the strength of a Sword Master to protect myself, "Jian Wuchen said as he looked at the ten thousand-year white jade fruits.

Jian Wuchen picked one of the spirit medicines on the third floor. After that, he headed towards the fourth floor of the Treasure Pavilion and specially placed some precious ores there.

The fourth floor of the Treasure Pavilion couldn't be compared to the lower three floors. The fourth floor was a messy mess of ores, darksteel, fine iron, bronze, bronze, and so on. There were piles of ores everywhere.

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