Sword God in the Alien World/C7 Black Meteorite Iron
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Sword God in the Alien World/C7 Black Meteorite Iron
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C7 Black Meteorite Iron

The Treasure Pavilion had a total of seven floors, and each floor had many precious treasures. From the first to third floor, it was considered a second class item, while the fourth and sixth floors were filled with precious treasures, and the seventh floor had nothing. There was only an old man living on the seventh floor, who was one of the Great Circle of Sword Saint that was one of the two great Sea Freezing Divine Needles in Sky Edge Empire.

When Jian Wuchen arrived at the fourth floor, he saw more than a thousand square meters of the fourth floor filled with large amounts of refined ores. had found a lot of top quality materials used to create Spirit Swords, "Glazed Stone, Thousand Year Dark Iron, Mysterious Silver, Purple Bronze, Heavy Silver, and so on."

"This is a red gold stone, and it's also such a large piece. Am I hallucinating?" When Jian Wuchen was among the materials, he saw a piece of equipment that was the size of a soccer ball.

"Damn, is it really that big?" Oh my god! If this could be placed in the cultivation world, why would there be so many rare treasures in God and Demon Continent? "Compared to the cultivation world, who knows how many more times this place is? This is simply heaven for cultivators!" Jian Wuchen said with a face full of shock as he looked at the scarlet gold stone in front of him.

Scarlet Gold Stone was the main material used to refine immortal artifacts. It was made from incomparably hard materials, and as long as one added a bit of Scarlet Gold Stone powder, it could increase the grade of a spirit treasure. Low grade spirit artifacts could add a medium grade spirit weapon. When Jian Wuchen forged the Innate Soul Sword in his previous life, the Radiance Sword s used to be top grade spirit artifacts, and after Jian Wuchen obtained a piece of Scarlet Gold Rock the size of a thumb, he fused it with the Radiance Sword. This made the Radiance Sword that was originally top grade spirit artifacts, become more and more mid-grade, and attracted the heavenly tribulation to temper the sword body, causing his Radiance Sword s to be second only to the Scholar Immortal Sword Zi Qing and Zi Qing.

"Hehe, with this Scarlet Gold Stone, I will be able to refine a Divine Equipment," Jian Wuchen picked out the Scarlet Gold Stone and laughed foolishly. With just the red gold stone, it was impossible for him to refine a good sword. To refine a good Immortal Sword, he would need to add a lot of rare and precious materials, but luckily, there was a mountain of rare and precious materials in the Treasure Pavilion, allowing Jian Wuchen to freely choose.

Before long, Jian Wuchen had picked out a dozen or so types of rare equipment and ingredients in the cultivation world. The materials he picked out were all based on the materials that he used to forge Radiance Sword in his previous life. However, Jian Wuchen was a little regretful. That red gold stone was not something that he could master at the Foundation Establishment stage. He would have to at least reach the Nascent Soul stage and let his Samadhi Primordial Fire be purified into Six Desire Primordial Fire before he could refine the red metal stone. Fortunately, the other materials he chose did not require the Six Concealed Primordial Fire, just the Foundation Establishment stage Samadhi Primordial Fire would be enough.

With so many rare and precious materials, I can see if there are any other rare and precious materials that I haven't discovered. Jian Wuchen looked at the rare and precious materials that he chose, intending to look around the fourth floor to see if there were any other rare and precious materials.

They are all ordinary materials, and to me, they are all useless. After Jian Wuchen inspected them once more, he realized that there were no Immortal equipment like the Scarlet Gold Stone, he was prepared to turn around and go downstairs to call the Grand Swordmaster who was waiting below to help him with his labour.

But just as Jian Wuchen turned around, he saw something that emitted specks of starlight from the corner of his eye. Jian Wuchen immediately stopped and walked towards the thing he saw from the corner of his eyes.

When Jian Wuchen came to a corner and moved away the two pieces of black iron, he saw a black rock that was covered with stars. He had looked for the location of this rock before, but he could not find the location of this rock at all.

"I seem to have seen this stone somewhere before. Where is it?" When Jian Wuchen saw the ore in front of him that was the size of a baby's head, he felt a sense of unfamiliarity and familiarity, as if he had seen it somewhere before. In that instant, Jian Wuchen lost himself in thought.

"This is a meteorite from outer space, Black Meteorite Iron, the highest quality meteorite is even rarer than Scarlet Gold Ore," the Artifact Spirit said, "This Black Meteorite Stone contains the essence of the outer space starlight, which is suitable for forging Spirit Realm Rings. The more starlight on top of the stones, the larger the area of the Spirit Realm Rings will be," Jian Wuchen thought of where he had seen this stone before.

The son of the Spirit Treasure, the most powerful Master Blacksmith in Mount Shu. Aside from the fact that he had refined his own Destiny Soul Sword, the swords of the Mount Shu Sword Sect were all created by him, and he had forged countless other Immortal weapons. He had once successfully created three low-grade Immortal weapons in one go, and in the end, successfully lured in the heavenly tribulation to refine his sword's body, creating the number one master blacksmith in the cultivation world who had succeeded in refining three Immortal weapons at the same time. The Spirit Treasure Son, Jian Wuchen and the Spirit Medicine Child were good brothers. The three of them called them the three prodigies of Mount Shu, the Spirit Treasure Son had taught Jian Wuchen how to refine Spirit Treasures, and the Spirit Medicine Child had also taught Jian Wuchen how to refine pills. Of course, Jian Wuchen's talent in refining pills was not as good as his talent in smithing. He could only refine Perfection Stage pills. On the other hand, he was actually able to refine immortal artifacts by himself. It was obvious from the comparison between the two that the talent was much stronger than the previous one. Now that things have gotten a bit out of hand, we can return to the main topic.

There were at least several hundred starlight spots on this piece of Black Meteorite Iron. This meant that I could refine into a hundred thousand square meter super spirit world ring. Jian Wuchen measured the size of the ring and the star spots on the rock with a face full of excitement.

A Spirit Realm ring was different from a storage ring. A storage ring could only hold dead things, while a spirit ring could only hold living things. As long as the starlight essence was extracted from the meteorite and used Black Meteorite Iron to refine a ring, it would be necessary to place a huge formation on the ring. The formation of the formation would form and the starlight would instantly put the starlight essence inside the ring, and the moment the starlight entered the ring, the starlight would instantly erupt and expand the space inside the huge barrier, changing the environment so that spirit beasts could be reared inside and cultivated, and so on.

In the entire cultivation world, there was not a single Spiritual Realm Ring. This was because those with Black Meteorite Iron would use the starlight on top of it to create a secret barrier. Some cultivation sects would plant elixirs inside the barrier and raise spiritual beasts. Mount Shu was even more powerful. Their ancestor was able to use the starlight inside the Black Meteorite Iron to forge a secret technique that was half the size of the cultivation world to train the disciples of Mount Shu. The secret technique was filled with danger and opportunity. In his previous life, Jian Wuchen had always wanted to have a Spirit Realm ring like this, but unfortunately, he had always been unable to get his hands on Black Meteorite Iron.

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